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Hks 2540 - $1500... Should I?

Refurb hks 2540 for 1500 shmucks... ?  

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Ok, so i have been offered a freshly refurbed hks 2540 for 1500 bucks.

i'm chasing around 250rwkw

car has:

power fc

555cc injectors

nismo fuel pump



turbo back

single plate clutch

bleed valve

z32 afm

splitfire coils

basically its a street car and i want the most streetable turbo possible.

I.e. I'd rather have a small lag 230kw than a big lag 250kw.

i know the 2540 is a little laggy, but is this only compared to the 2535 or is it compared to all other options?

basically, for 1500 would you do it? Or can i find a better route for that cash?

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who rebuilt it, and do they offer any kind of workmanship warranty?

genuine HKS turbs are very nice- hopefully this one has been remanufactured to the same standard

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im guessing your using it on an RB25det???? I was just using this turbo on a RB20det on my previous set up and my god it was laggy!!!!! but hit huge power top end. I am now going to use this turbo on my RB25det and ive been told i should be seeing full boost by 3500rpm ??? either way an RB25 should be able to spool that turbo easy enough and would make a powerful streeter!!!

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Voted 'No'

Apparently laggy on the RB25 too.

Sydneykid has bagged these turbos saying they are a mistake in the HKS lineup due to the lag.

And looking at your 3rd option, search, most people are baging it out.

There's a 2535 in the forsale section for $1250 which is much better option.

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2530 won't make 250 for sure but will better response and still go hard

Search for 2530 and Robo someone has some good things to say. he got into the 12secs using that

2535 would be the better option though IMO

Got my HKS2535 thru Slidewize Imports on these forums ...

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The facts about Garretts "GT2540 and GT2540R" .

The one known as the HKS option GT2540 is real flop . In todays Garret speak it would be called a GT2876R because it used the high performance GT28 NS111 turbine (same as GT2530/GT2860RS/GT-RS/GT2871R's) and a 76mm compressor . The unusual feature is that its 76mm OD compressor is 6/12 blade but its not a GT (Garrett Technology) series compressor . What they used is a T04E compressor in I think 46 trim . The problem is that they have way too much compressor capacity for the turbine to drive so the turbine is struggling to motorvate the porky comp . Its all bad really because the turbine can't spin up very easily and so you get slip losses through the turbine housing . By this I mean the engines trying its best to force the exhaust gasses through but the slow turning turbine blades cause exhaust restriction/reversion etc etc . They always seem lazy to get going and they will be restrictive on the turbine side even when they get some turbine revs up .

The "GT2540R" is a Garrett marketed option and even worse that the HKS spec version . Its basically the same thing cartridge wise BUT its compressor is a 76mm 48 trim 7/14 blade T04S series compressor . This wheel has more blades and a slightly larger trim than the HKS version does so its stepping further in the wrong direction .

Unlike HKS Garrett don't have a T3 flanged integral wastegate GT28 exhaust housing so they won't bolt up to an RB20/25 .

The bottom line is that both versions give poor results and you can do better , HKS eventually got the message and opted for the GT-RS which is a GT2871R 52 trim cartridge with housings to suit specific apps ie RB20/25 or SR20 .

I wouldn't personally pay 1500 for either version and the only thing thats of any use in a good set up is the HKS T3 flanged T28 exhaust housing . The rest can go out with the John West rejects IMO .

I guess if you have the dough a GT-RS kit is good because they throw in everything except the mechanic , the GCG Hi Flow is good because its effectively a std turbo as far as bolting it in goes . Another option is using a GT2871R 48T cartridge to Hi Flow the std RB25 turbo housings but this would mean plumbing alterations (oil/water) to suit the Garrett cartridge .

Your call .

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he mentions nothing of using them as designed for a single application

but i have driven my friends 34 GTt which apparently has an older version, and it definately has slower response than the standard turb- although the car makes much more power too

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Sorry, i mis-read your post.

There's another thread that SK had which linked to this thread and he mentioned there that even though it's about twin setup, it's still relevant to the single setup.

So yeah, heaps laggy but alot of punch up high.

..and considering the original post (in this thread) mentions a 'streetable' turbo application, lag certainly does not equal streetable.

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