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  1. I'm still using the DE and blades I bought years ago, still an awesome shave and very economical.
  2. You can get a new GTI for near the same money and would shit all over an 86.
  3. Cheap solution using a Nissan Quest 110amp alternator. 8th post. http://forums.nicoclub.com/quest-alternator-upgrade-t260788.html
  4. I know of at least 8 GTRs with 500awkw+ 3 GTRs with over 600awkw 3 GTSTs with over 500rwkw All with Splitfires and NGK copper plugs. Plug gap is critical and all plugs must be spot. The difference between a .6 and a .65 gap is noticeable when you start going cranking the boost.
  5. Is it HKS branded or Garrett? Is it KAI or 1000hp? Specs would help too.
  6. R32 isnt available.
  7. I concur. Small turbocharged cars are f**king unreal! I get as much of a smile on my face driving the Starlet than I do from an 800hp Skyline. The Starlet is the Natio King!
  8. When I can afford to break it again
  9. 15inch 255/60 ET Streets. I was taking it easy, I trapped only 133mph at Motive Drag Battle but I know the car is faster. I just to took it out to crack 140mph. Runs were: 11.6 139mph 11.5 141mph 11.4 144mph All were 2.3/4 60's.
  10. ^^^^Im selling these and similar kits if anyone is interested.
  11. First time back at Wed drags in years. 2.3 '60 11.4sec at 144mph lol
  12. You need an alternator with a higher output. I have a similar issue, 3 fuel pumps, thermo etc etc
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