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  1. I'm still using the DE and blades I bought years ago, still an awesome shave and very economical.
  2. You can get a new GTI for near the same money and would shit all over an 86.
  3. Cheap solution using a Nissan Quest 110amp alternator. 8th post. http://forums.nicoclub.com/quest-alternator-upgrade-t260788.html
  4. I know of at least 8 GTRs with 500awkw+ 3 GTRs with over 600awkw 3 GTSTs with over 500rwkw All with Splitfires and NGK copper plugs. Plug gap is critical and all plugs must be spot. The difference between a .6 and a .65 gap is noticeable when you start going cranking the boost.
  5. Is it HKS branded or Garrett? Is it KAI or 1000hp? Specs would help too.
  6. I concur. Small turbocharged cars are f**king unreal! I get as much of a smile on my face driving the Starlet than I do from an 800hp Skyline. The Starlet is the Natio King!
  7. When I can afford to break it again
  8. 15inch 255/60 ET Streets. I was taking it easy, I trapped only 133mph at Motive Drag Battle but I know the car is faster. I just to took it out to crack 140mph. Runs were: 11.6 139mph 11.5 141mph 11.4 144mph All were 2.3/4 60's.
  9. ^^^^Im selling these and similar kits if anyone is interested.
  10. First time back at Wed drags in years. 2.3 '60 11.4sec at 144mph lol
  11. You need an alternator with a higher output. I have a similar issue, 3 fuel pumps, thermo etc etc
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