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Headlight Switch.


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Hello all.

I installed a set of Xenons on my Series 1 260 today and while I was buggering around with the headlights I noticed another switch on the headlight stem I hadnt taken any notice of before.

Its on the headlight stem next to the headlight switch. It has an off position and two others.

One has a pic of a headlight and the other has a pic of two headlights.

Im assuming one is for fog lights (which dont seem to work). What does the other one do? When I turn it to the second position it brings up a little orange headlight symbol next to the tacho. Does it make it so your high low beams stay on when you turn to high beam?

Just curious is all.

Also what kind of bulbs should I use to replace the fog lights if theyre blown?

Cheers guys.

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I think ur fog lights would have been disconnected when it came into Aus, Whether they just pulled the fuse or cut wires?

So check ur fuse first...

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Second switch should be for foglights. Head lamp has a setting for daylight switch on top of dash to control headlights so they come on by themselves when it gets dark. It should be written on the stalk: first position off, second automatic, third sidelights, fourth headlights.

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Got pics of the Xenon lights install?

I can take some if you like. What do you want photos of? The light they put out or the actual install themselves?

Yeah thats it the light with the two lines. So its a rear fog light. I wonder if they put a reverse light in for me. Cheers for that Ill check it out.

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