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R33 Gtst Liquids?


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depends how much you want to spend, if you've ever done a change before, if it had it;s 100,000 km service. I would recomend to bleed both and replace with fresh oil its pretty easy you mite find a diy thread on here

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Before you top up the brake fluid, check the brake pads. As they wear down, the fluid level will drop, but you will get it back when you fit new pads.

P/S fluid - just top it up.

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safe to top up.

make sure ur using the same brake fluid tho... dot 4 or dot 3.. when i imported mine i wasnt sure what was in there so i changed it. I did this with every single fluid in the car. So now i know exactly what fluids are in there and how long they have been in there for.

With the power steering just top it up. Castol power steering fluid should do the trick.

Just so you know the fluids i used for my car are as follows:

Coolant: Techoly Performance 100

Oil: Mobil 1 0- 40 ( about to change over to Royal Purple 10-40)

Brakes: Castrol Dot 4

Diff: Castrol LSX 90

Powersteering: Castrol Power steering Fluid

Gearbox: Red line light shock proof.

Clutch: Castrol Clutch Fluid.

I think thats all the fluids from memory...

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before you top up the powersteering fluid just check that you are looking at the right side of the dipstick. it will have a cold measurement and a hot measurement as it changes volume when hot.

but both are safe to just top up without doing a bleed

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