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I beleive Greg entered today or will be tomorrow.

I was hoping to but havent touched the GTR and have to fix the exhaust and lack off boost issue.

Plus couldnt afford the day off work but now Greg's going probably could have.

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apparently we would have run in a muslce car class which is for modified cars. Or so Im told.

Ahk cool, I had a qucik squiz but from what I could tell there was no classes for modded imports,

The touring Car class will be interesting to watch I reckon

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Saw on natsoft, the mx5 guys had a good few races and good times, would have put me in last with my times!! LOL

AFAIK you can still run at this Irace event with a CAMS PC or higher/equivalent.

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Didn't expect them to run MX-5's + the Rocket Sports together, altho not many Rockets turned up it seems.

I'll head out tomorrow before lunch and take a look.

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You can get an IRACE circuit licence or they will accept your CAMS or AASA circuit licence.

They are great to deal with, will bend over backwards to help you get out there and have some fun... not at all the obstructionalists like some another... un-named motor sporting body has become.

They will do you a logbook on the day if needed, but would prefer to do in advance. They will even do your OLT for you... all you have to do is get your medical.

Stuart Inwood ran his R33 GTR yesterday and blitzed the field, even with the reverse grid handicap... and he had a LOT of cars to get around. He was fantastic to watch in action.

Caught up with Jess for a hi and a hug... I believe she has some photos to put up :)

It will be televised on Speekweek and Inside Speed and will be using some of my incar footage.

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sounds like a wicked weekend of racing!!

How often are the Irace events held?

I take it just @ wakefield for 2010?

Well from my very limited understanding... I don't think AASA or CAMS appreciate what IRACE are doing. Things may change in future, but I don't know if AASA will "accommodate" IRACE running at Wakefield at this time... lets hope Im wrong and this will be something of the future.

They are back at OP at the end of the year, they have another event pencilled in between with venue tba - rumour could be EC? Lets hope this is the case :)

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What a jammed pack weekend!!!

Was nice to see you Michelle..Looked fantastic out there as always!

How cool was it that Speedweek came out...So excited! :D

A few of my SSCC Members were entered in this series - Greg Tasker in a MX5, Terry Mayfield, Greg Boyle in RB26 Powered S15 and Steve Berry in his Escort..

Was cool to see the Mossley going for sheepstations too!









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