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Changed Injectors And Now Car Seems To Be In Limp Mode?

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This weekend I changed out the injectors to other stocks one since I was having leak by causing misfire and high EGT. I swapped out the injectors and also while under I double checked all connections.

I went to start the car and it wouldn't start, but it did turned over, dumbfounded I found that the CAS sensor had come unplugged even though I didn't touch it (Damn elves...) anyways I put it in and it started up but I instantly noticed the misfiring and the lack of power. Could this be the main issue?

Car will not boost and it feels like I am driving an NA, I looked over all the hoses for a leak checked the PCV system and cannot find anything. I have a power FC and checked the sensors and the AFMs are showing roughly the same Volts and did a check on those, TPS is sitting at .5V and I'm pulling 20 deg at idle, checked injectors

I check everything and still scratching head, but all help is needed. Right now I need my car on Sat night/Sun Morning but let me know if you can help.

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Copy all. That was the thing I was looking at the TPS. Now how would I go about reseting it? I know that the idle voltage should be .5V, but is there anything else I should look at with the TPS.

For the CAS, with my Power FC I'm sitting at +20 deg at idle, but I can advance the timing to 25 and it will smooth it out, I had checked the plugs and they were gapped correctly so I think it might be the CAS as the engine cranked but the CAS was unplugged...damn engine elves...

I'm at work but I will check it out today.

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They were second hand out of a running GTR my friend has. He upgraded his and I was there when he pulled them. The car ran fine with them and we just switched them over.

Tried to start it again today and it was still misfiring. Pulled the injector harness for each one to ensuring firing and all cylinders are firing...

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Okay, after one cigarette (I don't smoke) and a redbull I cracked into it...and I found that number two injector was dead, like whitney houston dead. Swapped that out and I am still getting misfires, but ran better. Tomorrow I'm going to check the coilpacks and see if one popped on me. Also the sparkies too. Got to love this though. I'm driving around my car sounds like a boxster... :(

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