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air bag light on

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R34s can be reset by:

Turning key to the on position in the ignition barrel

Press button inside divers side door seal 7 times within 10 seconds (the button that compresses when the door shuts)

Remove key from the ignition barrel

Put key back in the ignition barrel and see if it worked. This may work in your 33 but can't guarantee

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I have the same issue with my R33. I'll try the interior light trick and see what happens. But I suspect the issue relates to the airbag module. If anyone has experience with an R33 with this issue please let me know.

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Do as above, you may need to do it a few times to get the rhythm right, practice makes perfect they say.

You need to press the drivers side door light switch button evenly and can't rush, but 7 times before it starts to flash, will be on to start with, but not flashing.

Also need to turn the ignition off before it starts flashing as well -  so turn on, press 7 times, turn off - edit.

Works on R33's, do a search, it has been mentioned several times, other threads will have more info.

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