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RB20 - Starting Help

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Having issues with my rb20det. I'm struggling to even get it to crank. So far i've replaced the battery + starter, but when i go to try crank it struggles, similar to like what a dead battery would do

Checked the voltage on battery 13.4v, all the grounds are there. Is there something that could be draining the starter?


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"New" or "another" ie second hand?

(had a similar problem with my Pathfinder - got second hand starter, and it failed same way in four weeks!)

Does it start easier once you get it started and the engine warms up? What is the battery voltage when the engine is running?

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Another thing that will cause this is a seized alternator, ac compressor or p/s pump. It will make the engine turn over much slower causing it not to start. 

I see this often on Suzuki's with seized alternators. 

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New, I managed to get a brand new forklift one that i've read people are running.

Doesn't start, just everytime i switch the ignition key, attempts to crank and then nothing. I'll see if i can find another alternator to try it with. 


I'm able to crank it by hand, and putting 12v directly to starter doesn't make any difference 

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