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R34 wont start , after a few years sitting around!!

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Hi guys

now with this lockdown in melbourne, bored at home, i thought i work on the skyline.

the car used to start about 2-3 years ago, i havent start it since,

today i went to start it, it wont start,

now i put a new battery in,

the car crank, its trying to start but just wont turn over.

my 1st thought is fuel, so i fuel up about 7litres of fuel and try start but it wont.

so i try a fuel starter, sprayed it into my air filter and try start but nothing it just crank....


now im thinking maybe my spark is no good?? if thats the case how can i check it? before i go ahead and change it, as its not a small job changing a spark on an rb25.


other thing im thinking is maybe fuel filter is clog? if thats the case is it hard to change 1?

i dont think its the fuel pump because when i try to start it it cranks afew times then i went back to open the fuel cap and there was pressure.


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Try not to be intimidated working on the car, you said changing plugs is a big job - but it is quite simple really. Take your time, take photos as you go, if your still worried, bag bolts and components and label the bags (then reassemble in reverse order). 

A few simple things to try, you can use a mechanical fuel pressure gauge to see if your pump is supplying enough fuel pressure to the rail. Put the pressure gauge somewhere between the rail and fuel filter. 

You can use a spark plug in-line checker to see if your getting spark. 

Both tools are cheap and easy to use. If your unsure, you can youtube and see how to use them. 

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My old 34 had a poor connection between positive battery terminal and fuse box. All crank and no start. Check that, especially if there is a bit of corrosion on the terminals

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