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Don't know if anyone is interested or not...just an idea.

PPQ offer custom business or club number plates...they're is an initial $300 artwork fee...then the standard set cost of $425 for all plates after that

People with existing personalised plates can have them remade with the club design for a lesser fee...around $135 at last check.

If you've got a 3 letter 2 digit plate...then the plates have both a logo and blurb at the base, 3 and 3 combination plates can only fit the blurb apparently.

For example you could have the plate designed to look like the website banner, with skylinesaustralia at the base..and the rego sitting above it?????

Anyway just getting the idea out there...any comments?


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Well we could arrange a fundraiser to cover the intitial $300 for the artwork, then after that it's up to the individual to arrange their own purchase...let's face it at $30 dearer than standard personalised plates it's not too far-fetched.

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