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Intercooler and piping Kit group buy


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Hi Guys :)


Good news piping will be arriving in australia in ~ 1 month for the s13, R32 and R33. More info and hopefully pictures will be available new week. So if you want to book your kit then reply to this thread. They will be

$500/kit for 10 or more buyers

otherwise $525/kit


This kit will include stainless steel mandel bent piping, the silicon joiners and the little bits and pieces to lock and tighten it down. Basically it will have everything you need except for the cooler.

Piping will fit the coolers I sell you.


My supplier stocks these intercoolers

600mm x 300mm x 76mm and the

450mm x 300mm x 76mm.

Group buy will be as normal for the coolers as they are in brisbane and can be shipped immediately.

Intercooler Prices


Size: 600mm x 300mm x 76mm

up to 5 buyer: $330

5 to 10: $300

10+: $295

Size: 450mm x 300mm x 76mm


up to 5 buyer: $325

5 to 10: $295

10+: $290

postage $25 to the east and $30 to the west of australia.


These coolers are from same factory the hybrid get their cooler manufactured. So if you like you can call them a copy or a hybrid cooler without the badging up to you. So they are exactly the same design/quality/performance as the original hybrid coolers. The specs you see on those intercooler also applies here..

Here are the specs

Attrictive polished aluminum look

3" inlet and 3" outlet pipes for high flow

Low pressure drop 0.2psi at 15psi of boost

80 psi for up to 800 horses

Made by lightweight but strong material. Same Structure and material used as famous "Hibrid" Intercooler. Weight ~8kg

All coolers have been Pressure tested.

15 bars core design. For more efficient air flow over the older 16 bar design.


As seen in the picture the cardboard box has polystyrene strips to protect the fins from transport damage. The cardboard box is even double up in places for extra strength.


Payment must be by Direct Deposit.

Local Pickup is available. Save postage

ANY DOUBT?:angel:

If you have doubt about buying from this group buy do a search for other groups buys with my name. Im sure you will find out quickly Im an honest bloke . Also if for some rare reason I can't get the parts and you have already transferred money to my account your money will be transfered back to your account straight away!!


To make admin easier for me as Im prediciting there will be a lot of people wanting these kits. When you reply can you please tell me eactly what you want in this thread. Example

"large cooler

pipiing kit r33"

"piping kit r32"

"large cooler"

Thanks guys any question feel free to ask me.


If you buy a cooler and piping I will be able to knock off some cost of the postage. So ~20 saving will be achieved. :)



1) Mr.R33


3) Damien




1) Sheepy R32

2) jager R32

3) z3n2k R32




1) SuperGimp s13

2) Seth s13





1) Damien R33

2) Mr.R33

3) SuperGimp





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how big is the piping kit. 2.5 inchs or 3 inchs? And will the fan blades need to be cut? what type is it, the one that goes under radiator or the one that goes over engine?

i'm interested in an r33 piping kit pending the answers to these questions. I was goin to go in the other gb for piping but i don't think i'll have the cash by the closing date. Just keeping me options open. :P



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My intercooler arrived this morning. It's the hybrid limited edition ;)

Solid construction, nice polish. I'm not sure what, apart from the cool looking plaque, make it different to the others, probably nothing.

Once it's fitted it will be impossible to see the plaque anyway.

I can highly recommend these coolers. :P

Thanks Raf

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My intercooler arrived this morning.  It's the hybrid limited edition :D

Solid construction, nice polish. I'm not sure what, apart from the cool looking plaque, make it different to the others, probably nothing.  

Once it's fitted it will be impossible to see the plaque anyway.

I can highly recommend these coolers. :P

Thanks Raf

another happy customer ;)

I have one limited edition at home and I will line it up with the other ones at the suppliers house - see if there is a difference. But your probably right! Just a cool plaque. Anyway atleast you can tell your friends you a a limited edition hybrid cooler :D

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I have received more info.

I will have 5 R33 kits 5 r32 and 5 s13 kits They will arrive inthe first week of feb.

All pipes and hoses are 3 inch. Blue silicon hoses and Stainless clamps.Same as a hybrid kit

Pictures are not available yet.

So for you guys who want to book a kit please do so as I have limited numbers for the first batch. No money is necessary at this stage.

All kits will be $500.

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