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  1. What an awesome car, my dad bought one new when they first came out. My mate had an XB 351 coupe, and it pulled his pants down out on the open road. Because they used the Supra motor we were looking forward to the next one coming out turbo, but Toyota shelved the next model.
  2. Either a head gasket or cracked head, for your sake I hope its only the gasket. Take it back to whoever built the engine, it may still be under warranty.
  3. With hi performance cars, stock is best. All the research and development is done for you. I had a Charger built to standard E49 specs and the thing idled off the key without using choke and purred all day and no overheating problems. There may have been faster cars, but they were cops to drive.
  4. A car that comes into the country and doesn't get ADR'd and a vin stamped and issued within a certain amount of time must be crushed, no excuse needed. Contact the department of infrastructure for further clarification as they handle all matters regarding imports. The department liaised with Vicroads for me when I had trouble regarding missing paperwork, and was the only way I was able to register the car. Vicroads do not understand the numbering system.
  5. It's just in anticipation of what happens to all red cars. Cars all registered now after many calls to The Dept. of Infrastructure, and Vicroads not knowing how to deal with something outside the box. My daughter is a car person, but not a nut, she likes the Skyline because it makes the guys jealous, but would rather drive my Pajero and cause havoc at the shops.
  6. Hi guys and gals. This story was 15 years in the making. My father owned a gen 3 turbo Soarer and decided a V8 would be nice, all this from a bloke that no longer holds a licence. Put money in the kitty for his agent to buy a car at auction in Japan, and ended up with some change. With the change he imported a 1996 S2 R33 n/a Skyline. Car was Aussie complied and sat for about 12 years, mostly locked up in a factory. Gives the car to my daughter for a 21st present , all she has to do is put tyres on it and get it registered, which became a war and peace novel because of how long it had been in the country unregistered, and some paper work had been misplaced. Car is a 96 R33 series 2 RB25DE auto with 67k on the clock, in factory pink (originally red). Adam
  7. Car was imported to Australia 15 years ago by my father, and was first registered here 3 months ago, (don;t ask that's for another time). The 6U number is stamped into the body by the RAWS when it gets to Aus to comply with A.D.R. laws.
  8. I have a 96 R33 twin airbag, rang Nissan Australia and spoke to customer relations. Gave them the Aussie VIN and Nissan original chassis number and got the all clear on that one.
  9. Hi guys, ant chance somebody could tell me how the original garnish is attached to the B pillar. Someone has tried to use a master key to break in and busted one of mine off at the top. TIA
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