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  1. V35 Skyline is similar, the Coupe mid pipe is a bolt on, and the sedan midpipe is identical to the M35.
  2. Welcome to the group!!! The 350Z midpipe will be too short so you will need to weld on/bolt on an extension... It is the V35 Skyline 350GT Coupe that is a direct fit. The V35 sedan has the same massive unit that the M35 has so that is a no go...
  3. First one looks like a touch immobiliser, used to have something similar on one of my cars in the UK. Fuel pumps didn't energise until I touched the contacts together. The other one could be a Nissan accessory alarm, that has been hooked into the central locking.
  4. Any decent mechanic should be able to look after a V36. Just tell them it is a long wheelbase 370Z and they should be okay from a mechanical point of view. Brakes can be a little tricky as there were 3 types of front brake, but it comes down to either single piston, dual piston or the huge 4 pot ones. Each uses different discs.
  5. Is this for your MOT? Unless other Brits can help, it might be similar to same age 350Z?
  6. It was the fact that it was a SP/S sedan bumper that was the issue... Coupe one would have been easy, so they said.. And yes parts had to come from AUS, or at least be ordered though an AUS supplier.
  7. Looks great!! So did you order the US shroud kit as well as the line out converter?
  8. I was without my car for 5 months after a light front end crash.... Getting the correct bumper was a nightmare for them!! They thought the bonnet was going to be hard, but it turned out that Nissan had one that had been incorrectly ordered..
  9. This is the car trying to save your life as it thinks it is about to crash... Presafe type technology...
  10. Try the brakes direct website, they have the range of DBA discs and suitable pads too... Brakes Direct..
  11. The sensor is up in the rear view mirror, hence the cable running into it, so if there have been any changes in that area that will block the transmissions between the key and the mirror the locks and ignition will both stop working properly...
  12. Those cameras are for pulling out at blind junctions generally between buildings.. just stick the nose of the car out rather than the entire engine... My car has an aftermarket one mounted on the number plate. More useful, I reckon, and can also be used to park 2 mm. from the car in front....
  13. Also interested to know what book said 96+ octane... Personally have run all my imports (including my KV36) on 98 octane, and glad for the cleaning packs that have helped keep the engine and injectors nice and internally clean.. I also do low mileage like you and therefore have less of a concern about fuel prices and consumption and so can enjoy my car.. :-)
  14. I have a V36 370GT sedan and am using a Garmin OBD-II dongle to my sat nav with 100% success. I believe that as the V36 is federalised and was a global car as Infiniti G37 it uses the standard protocols unlike the Japan only cars. As for getting a key done, I know for a fact, because they programmed my second key, that Luxury & Performance Cars in Bayswater Victoria can do this.
  15. Which body style? And I would try Brakes Direct in QLD. If you are looking for the 330mm front discs, they have them. DBA Aus will be a bit vague as they are basically an Infiniti size, and hence US market.
  16. Can you give more info on "installing a stereo system", just so we can understand what has been changed.
  17. Yes indeedey... Was a very common thing when I got the car due to very very limited selection of 225/50 18 tyre choices...
  18. 245/45 fit fine, no errors with lights or tyre scrubbing.. All just works as it should. Nitto Motivos, but will most likely change to Nitto Invo soon...
  19. Looks like you have a coupe rather than a sedan, so that makes a difference.. (My sedan was waiting 3 months for a new bumper from Japan, and the panel beater said that was very common..) With the Coupe being sold in AUS as an Infiniti, have you contacted them as well? There might be something G37 that is suitable.
  20. S and SP have the same tyre sizes as they are both on 18's. The P runs 17's with 225/55 all round. That weird 225/50 is why so many of us, me included, run 245/45 all round.. So what you really want is a set of 370Z 19's with the matching brakes.... That will give you some definite stagger... 245/40/19 9" wide 275/35/19 10" wide...
  21. Stock is staggered.... 225/50/18 front 7.5" wide wheel 245/45/18 rear 8.5" wide wheel
  22. I think it might be the 2010+ that would be series 3... 2010+ is what was sold here in AUS as a G37/Q60 coupe/convertible. Paddles are on the S and SP but not the P.
  23. KV36 is the sedan from 09 MY so has 3.7 and 7 speed auto vs. 3.5 and 5 speed of the PV36. 09 has some minor interior changes, better door handles but basically the same as the PV36. From 2010 MY there is a facelift so different lights and panels. Interior significant changes to switchgear and audio system screen and brain is completely different. No manual Nissan Skyline sedans, but there were manual Infiniti G35 and G37 sedans for North America.
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