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  1. Felt bad about the Silvia so jacked the rear and let it turn tyres for a bit then revved it up to blow some smoke out and make turbo noises. Gave the engine bay a little glance and noticed an oil breather line is splitting, was fairly new aeroflow 400 series hose so that's a bit lame. Given it's been like 2yrs, the car probs needs new fluids etc etc etc so I suppose I better work out wtf I am gonna do with it - put engine in it or something else. Putting the engine in this car will possible mean; - Box swap to handle it (considered ZF8HP, but CD009 or something would be the cheaper/easier swap) - Maybe diff swap as I have no idea how much abuse s15 helica can take. - Fuel system upgrade. - Oil and intercooler upgrade possibly? - New ECU and new loom. - Better brakes. - 5 stud conversion so I can run 10" wide rims to use the slicks all the other club guys run for cheap. - Wider guards to fit said slicks. - Should do a cage upgrade as there's only a half cage in there. That's not including "niceties" like a coat of paint and redo'ing the front splitter which is a little damaged. That list is partly, and being generally busy, is partly why the car has sat so long. It puts me off a bit. Went and measure up shed for wiring/water etc but next step will be to clean/wash the slab and seal it. Here's the view from inside, roller door is 5m x 3.2m
  2. Head looks great all things considered, big win
  3. Big month as usual, heaps going on but have got these new pics and minor updates. Girdle was .02mm out before being skimmed. He's seen them up to .04mm so was happy with that. Crank needs a final round of polishing but balanced up well, front main needed a little work he tells me. Haven't touched the shed, concrete still curing.
  4. Wind is no issue where I am up on the hill, but from personal experience in my last place, the heat rising tends to make them turn a bit anyway which helps and having multiple 300mm holes in the roof allows the air to escape. Last shed had a monument coloured roof with thermal break and whirly and it was fine for temps that I'd want to be working anyway. This one has thicker thermal break and a green roof and is higher so hoping it's a little better. I have contemplated putting an evaporative cooler on this one, but whether it would help or just make it humid AF I dunno. After moving to refrigerative ducted in the house, I'd never go back lol
  5. Funny you mention HAPP, I was looking at HAPP40 or 60 I think it was, something like that. 1900-2000mm lift, clear floor, maybe 300mm extensions if Prado cannot be lifted above my head and still clear the safety (I think it will as Prado is under 1600 cabin height with racks at a guesstimate).
  6. For that power, what you're doing well be perfect I reckon.
  7. Not really, he only gives me so much as there's some special sauce in the work he reckons. Dunno if it's relevant to your head or did you go P12 as well?
  8. Almost there, 2 dead whirlybirds so need to take those back, always something...
  9. Life been busy, engine builder been busy. Head work nearing completion. Basic shed nearing completion - maybe today they said, I opted out of being involved after the slab and ditched the original builder who was painful as f**k Still have water, power and elec, slab clean-up and seal, get hoist etc before I can look at moving my stuff in and doing any real work, will be slow going as it's gonna be too hot for that shit in summer.
  10. If oil temps are a concern over a roll racing stint there's big issues 0_0 Looks like you had some fun Benny Specs on passenger.
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