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  1. You guys just don't get it. Those pumps only work for you because you don't have a Don mega flow head from Naprec. Sure, the combo is going to be dialed down to help the bottom end live, but big heads need big fuel. Even if 80% of it is being returned to the tank. The higher flowing fuel in the rail just makes everything smoother and better. Duh.
  2. lol, no Benny. It does not need that fuel system to suppotrt 300rwkw - regardless of what's in the head. We've been down this road before though, you get an idea in your head and it's very hard to convince you so just go ahead and waste the money, no skin of our noses
  3. ^ Completely agree. My fuel system won't be anywhere near the Don Mega Spec stuff and my SR will make a fair chunk more power and be used in harsher conditions - and happily. No way would I attempt 300kW on a 6spd box either. A 5spd might barely hang on with really gentle shifts and soft torque ramping but realistically you need to budget for a Z32/RB25 or better yet CD009 (if you want manual).
  4. I had those in my first GT-R, the Hypermax, I quite liked them. Keep some stock sway bars on hand for tuning the setup, you might find it's too stiff to put power down cleanly. Good to see some progress again. Nice work.
  5. Nice. Wouldn't a local BOC or SupaGas fill it for you? If not then find the local performance workshop/engine reconditioners and see if they know? Any clips of you banging in to shit you dirty drifter?
  6. Awesome, straight on the watchlist cheers
  7. The pin/hinge and adjusting knob interest me, how have you got that setup and where'd you source the bits?
  8. Engine build has begun, seems my donor parts were in good condition so hunting around for a minimally damaged donor paid off. Head has been inspected/stripped and cleaned. Block has been inspected, squared, and is being measured for clearances. Soon to be CNC'd then bead blasted. Crank has been crack tested and journals all checked A-OK. Asked the builder for some pcitures of course. Jury still out on if I put the motor in this car or something else but no rush to decide, need shed up first I think. As per other thread, been looking at ZF HP8 conversions instead of Z32/CD009, ZF looks very cool for lots of reasons. Got given a MIG Welder, hundreds of dollars in accessories later it's ready to go lol. Should bel be fun to learn a new half skill. Dealing with the planning process with Council so I can commit to a new shed and finally get a hoist, hoping to have that done in this half of this year, but see what happens. As soon as you wanna go over 100sqm it triggers a huge amount of extra work in terms of bushfire planning and requirements, so may end up not going 10x12 and sticking with 9x11 to avoid all that. Will still have the old 6x12 so will be fine either way but bigger is always better
  9. That's OK. I happen to be a club level, lower class, championship winning driver. So I've got the required skillz. I'm sure my limited laps at Winton will translate well to EC...
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