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  1. You're kidding me? You mean I shouldn't just assume everything I read here is fact, do my own research, and come up with my own conclusions anyway? Because I have certainly never done that... I'm not sure what I'll do about the backwards engine just yet, but I'm sure there's a box to fix it.
  2. I will go Halal because I want as many boxes as possible. That's the only way to go fast....
  3. There's a critical issue though. Nobody here wants to tune it. Getting the Silvia done was a bit of a pain last time, and I can't say I was impressed with the result (which may say more for who tuned it). If I can't get good results with one locally, there's no point. Would rather go with what my tuner likes and recommends.
  4. lol yes I know As if I would buy all that fruit for the bottom end and head then run it on a Nistune I might cheap out on the turbo yet, but I won't cheap out on management.
  5. Non-existent All my time and money going into the house. Will be a Nistune Kinugawa build at this rate. I did get a job though so that's a plus.
  6. Looks great, well done If you could stop pissing on about the SAU builds standards Haltech Garret shit...
  7. I had a poke around the Milwaukee site, some of that M12 gear looks fantastic for working on jap cars.
  8. Hasn't been an issue yet *shrug* But I am used to fitting big things in tight places, you might be more used to handling tiny stuff?
  9. Man these small Milwaukee tools are looking very tempting! I've had good success with the cheapo Ryboi ratchet, haven't had any issues fitting it in places yet but I've only been on the Mazda and the Landcruiser and haven't had to squeeze it in anywhere yet.
  10. Just don't do what I did and ignore the post surgery instructions of taking it easy. I felt fairly fine the next day, not realising I was still under the influence of pain meds, and climbed around in my roof doing things. I was black and very sorry for the rest of the week lol
  11. 10k for CD009 conversion? Wot. Nice choice on the new box, maybe I will go that route too, tho I was planning z32 for the remote shifter assembly making life easier in a Silvia. Can you still get those new? I like the pic of you up on the ripple strip. Congrats on the grub. Booked in for the snip yet? 2 girls is enough, trust me lol
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