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  1. Guide looks good, as do brakes. 10 points.
  2. Got a GT-R update from the guy who bought it from me, he didn't end up selling it and put it in the shed. Apparently going 2.8L and single turbo with it, which is good news I will try and get a dyno sheet/photos when he does it if he's willing to share them.
  3. I too recently flatteend yet another battery. I think it was fats say he just buys the cheap shit lead acid batteries because they dont care about being flattened and will just charge straight back up and be happy. The next battery in the silvia will just be a touch heavier, but much cheaper and more forgiving.
  4. The price is irrelevant because all that was implied was asking an opinion, not procuring services. I'm out, have fun
  5. LOL, "home" detailer - for advice you muppet, not a f**king resto.
  6. lol at diesel silvia 2 CAS' and a diff isn't too bad I guess for the usage
  7. I dont care about winning, but I do care about not spending the entire weekend just working on a shit box and not driving it. Was that BMW the polizei one? That was a local car from a mate of mine.
  8. How do the rules work with lemons? Engine swap count to your budget? I just can't fathom how any builds a car for the budget or is it only the original purchase price of the car must be 1k or less? I know safety gear is "free".
  9. When you cut, you're supposed to be cutting imperfections from the clear, you should not see any colour on your pad. When there's no clear on it, you do not cut because you are just cutting base paint layers. If you're not going to consider any paint work/re-clear, then my suggestion would be a a very good polish and a light buff only and see how it looks. If it still looks shit you may have to consider a wet sand at go easy to reduce how much colour you take off. If in doubt, check your local area for home detailers, you'd be surprised how many good detailers will be hiding in your area as a lot of guys don't realise how much knowledge they have acquired just by looking after their own cars well.
  10. 3 oil changes = new motor, do you even bother changing the oil lol Yes I'm joking.
  11. I think I'm going to try doing a use oil test for the new motor, I want to get a real idea of what kind of life the oil really has in it (as i wanna use some half decent shit). Maybe no need to worry about that for the dirty30.
  12. Sounds good, keep me posted. What's next for this nugget? maintenance? mods?
  13. Hahah, I do sometimes wonder how ya'll get buy in double garages... Last house I built a 7x10.5 which was decent, but I always wished I'd gone high for a hoist.
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