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  1. The big black brace? That's factory as far as I know. No idea on part number sorry.
  2. "Do YOU come with the car?"
  3. I have some parts from both you can buy if you like, or is this just about getting closer to me? xox
  4. Car looks awesome on track
  5. A mate of mine is 1st in line to buy it, but honestly, I only "lose" what I've spent on it if I sell it so I might as well just keep enjoying the R&D that's gone into it. I'd say the GT-R will be sold before this.
  6. I'm all about those Tsukuba laps
  7. This is a running joke with my mates actually, that I'm a drifter. I hate flat brim caps, not a fan of drifting/drifters and at the last event I did a little slide and managed to not f**k it up so now I'm a drifter apparently lol The drifting community, the bad elements, ruined a lot of what was good about the JDM "scene" if you want to call it that. Also gutted the prices for cars/parts (good and bad depending if you're buying/selling) and was far too representative of the dumbass yolo concept. I've found some of them are OK, and funnily enough the ones that are usually grip drive also. I do love me some rice, but I'm fairly anti drift/drifters. It's the only "motorsport" that's judged by anything other than measurable numbers. I fully admit there's lots of skill in doing it well and that I do not have, nor will ever have, nor want, that skill, but I can appreciate it when I see it.
  8. The paint will be cracked in this process and the wheels will sit outside of the guards.... #stancenation #jetpilot #driftlyfe etc
  9. Solid return on that investment.
  10. My condolences for the lose of your loved one
  11. Looked at some pics over the weekend and think I prefer to look of rolled/flared guards vs bolt on flares. Spoke to panel beater and he said we can easily pull/flare enough to get the coverage but expect the paint to crack, as Hadouken said. Given I wouldn't mind painting it later anyway and the rest of the car is already covered in blemishes, I will probs go that way.
  12. They look massive 0_0 Fingers crossed for good lap times.
  13. Same size as mine? You'll get to try them before I do, hopefully they're a good thing.
  14. Stop posting pics until you can do it properly lol Good luck with the stones