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  1. ActionDan

    More power, better lap times.
  2. ActionDan

    Fair enough, I'm gonna give slicks a go next season.
  3. ActionDan

    I will get this setup through to the end of this season then go from there as i may end up with 5 stud/different brakes yet. I have new project mu rotors and pads on the shelf, in 4 stud, so may use those yet. You got tyre hookups yet?
  4. Someone should donate one to go behind my new baby motor for the track car. I will test and report back, will even take you for laps I'm such a good bloke.
  5. ActionDan

    Scratch that. 3 tenths improvement in PB the official timing shows. So that camber change did the trick.
  6. Surprised you have the time mate, thought you'd be too busy overcharging people for used GTR junk?
  7. Hah, nope. Will be glad to not have to move it to the new house. Am sick of what this place has become in the last few years. I thought flat cap drifter f**ks had ruined it, but just as many GTR/Big build wankers with too many opinions and egos doing it just as much damage.
  8. Who gives a shit if the box is 5k or 25k and what the intended purpose was. This is the shit I'm talking about, someone does something, anything, and people almost always go out of their way to tell the owner why it was wrong/wasn't what they said originally/not what their tuner recommended etc and straight away we're into hand bags and anti roll racing shit, again. Who f**king cares, goals and opinions change, sometimes quite often and very quickly. Deal with it and maybe more people would post more info on their builds.
  9. ActionDan

    Did half a track day yesterday, packed up early as I had set a decent time in first session and spent the second mostly off the track. Really struggling to get the brakes up to temp and working, even with the ducts covered. Taking me 2-3 laps (35-37s laps so only short track) to get them warm. Only have a small tyre window by that stage as they are going off sooner as they age. Attacked a witches hat and had to bend the winglet flat. I was going to lose those in the V3 splitter anyway. We found out the the trailer I borrow had damaged stub axle.. Thankfully that happened at home 0_0 Class win, no PB.
  10. I've seen plenty of videos, results look pretty bloody good to me! Maybe he just got sick of some of the carry on that goes on in build threads? Given how some people behave around here these days, there's much less of an incentive to share all the ups and downs of a build.
  11. No idea. I only asked to make sure I hadn't sold him a lemon but otherwise dont really care what he does.
  12. Those are just standard slimline plates that I hand trimmed to fit nicely.
  13. ActionDan

    A big box of goodness arrived.