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  1. Tao have you done many ATR28SS15s with BB centres externally gated? Keen to know if externally gating one is worth the hassle and whether you feel the off boost response is that much better with the BB centre, any back to back testing?
  2. I get what what you're saying but you know there's more to it than that. The CAs lower displacement and non square bore to stroke ratio means it makes less torque than the SR everywhere all else being equal. Of course you can pop in another few psi of boost to compensate, but you cant do Mucha about off boost situations, and yeah I get you when you say drive to the conditions/torque curve (keep revs above 3500 etc). Re the box, that was more an SR comment as the I've seen lots of them busted at 240-250rwkw, but admittedly they were drift cars and I'm more mechanically sympathetic unless race chrono tells me I'm up coming into the last sector If I did go SR, I'd probably sell this turbo for a 2863 or 67 as the extra response available from the extra cc's and variable cam mean you can get away with something a bit bigger without adding lag.
  3. Been pondering this more and running some real numbers. I don't see the point in going through all the hassle of pulling the current engine just to do hoses/seals and turbo swap and put it back only to have it throw a hissy fit on the dyno/first track day from the extra power. For that labour, I might as well put something better in. I don't on an engine crane or stand so there's additional hassle in getting those anyway. I'm thinking I'm just going to repair the busted coolant line and run it as it and buy a second hand motor with low comp and do a budget build on the side while I keep flogging this one. I don't know if I'll have the time to get it out, worked on, tuned, back in before the first event starts next year and seat time is going to take priority. Also means I an do some other things I wanted like extra sump vents and the like. Whether that's a CA or SR remains to be seen, I would love the extra torque and response of a VCT SR, but that means new ECU, (though @Dose Pipe Sutututu tells me you can run an SR from a CA nistune and loom somehow?) other wiring issues, new cams are useless in that motor, current splitfires are no good to me so would need another set, need bellhousing, need different clutch etc etc A Basic forged CA might be the ticket, in terms of ease of install, not needing new cam gears/cams, sounds better, etc? The CA is the cheaper route, even in terms of spool rebuild kits the CA is the cheaper kit vs SR, but if we were putting this same GTX2860R on both engines, I imagine the result would be largely the same, so do I just go the cheaper route and stay loyal to the CA or do I spend a bit extra and have the more torquey and responsive setup then start blowing gearboxes? It's just so damn gutless torque wise currently.
  4. Will be very old info, dont by any Tomei drop in rubbish. Go speak to Kelford/Camtech etc and talk about your setup and have them recommend you a cam.
  5. If you want to do it on the cheap with minimal mods you can buy all second hand bits for a basic -9 upgrade but you will need to run reasonable boost to get to 450rwhp on 98. Other options are mild cams, say basic 260 tomei, but everyone complains about the drive ability afterwards as they have soft ramp rates or E85, which will get you there with less boost and lower EGTs. Fuel economy will suffer though, but you can always run a flex setup if it's a daily and run 98 for commuting and E85 for an extra 20kw for track days or whatever. You could also do a basic single conversion, not a kebab spec full twin scroll EFR setup, but just a basic new gen Garrett on a reasonable manifold, single gate. If you want to stick with twins, I'd recommend -9s. -5s are too laggy for the street without a few accompanying mods, -7s run out of puff too early. My 2 cents
  6. Tuner mentioned similar, we put BC springs in. 80lb vs standard of 50 something?
  7. I didn't do the actual work so can't comment on how difficult it was. Tuner used compressed air to keep valves in place while he did it.
  8. Weird, but I'm pretty sure I saw a Levanta logo on it. Maybe they resold them before Quickjacks stood up locally?
  9. I'm leaning more towards the Happ Half height. They have been great to deal with so far. Just working out where to put it in my shed to maximise height and usable floor space but also still working through how long we think we'll stay here.
  10. I said I want to, didn't say I would, but if the car got smashed up badly or something, I'd do it as part of the repair. Plus I'd like to try my hand at it and what better car to f**k up than an old Silvia track care where looks mean SFA anyway. Postman was good to me while I was on holiday. Got a steal on all of this. Didn't need the adjustable gears but it was a package deal with the cams which are brand new in box and hard to get now, these are just 256 Poncam drop in. If anyone needs Adjustable gears, I have a brand spanking set of ISC ones here, though I don't think there's many CA users here. Rotors are near new project Mu in actual 4 stud 0_0 That's a $500 pair of rotors for $130. Thank you very much.
  11. Lol Johnny are you gonna be ok? He likes how it drives on -5s!
  12. Is it the latest one that has all the electrical issues? For the price difference, gotta say I'm making do just fine with the Terri (free work car). Though I was thinking about adding a trans cooler when I fit the brake controller for a pending camper purchase.
  13. Wasn't it Cherokees that spectacularly failed the moose test, look it up, by blowing tyres and almost rolling...
  14. He didn't say he wanted or needed anything he said the workshop suggested water Injection. Now if he says it's too laggy, well that's another story and Water Injection won't fix that. If he says he wants more power and that's all, he can get that with Water Injection or E85 - but should go 85! If he wants both, he should go a big dirty single
  15. lol "car has been this way for 6yrs" and "car needs touch up tune" response "GO SINGLE" Or just get a touch up tune and keep driving it.