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  1. 272 cams are a very poor match for that combo, just sayin...
  2. You can have mine for $150k Shit I'll even throw in an S13 track car
  3. Cool story. Show us a dyno graph of each with power/boost.
  4. I only know of one person who listed and sold very quickly at 80k for a BSB VS1 wih a few minor mods. I thought he under priced it personally.
  5. It was too fast and reliable...
  6. OK now we're talking.
  7. Looks worse than it is. Rockers Tee'd into can and vented atmo. Dipstick and "balance pipe" Tee'd into another can and vented. Balance pipe is Nissan's attempt to equalise sump and head pressure. Connects sump to rear of intake rocker. From factory, in 1989....
  8. So mighty fine line placement there. Quality built targa car indeed. Assuming they were mounted out of the way but mount failed?
  9. They were shit clips and you know it. Get some in the daylight with a decent camera and a proper mount
  10. So... we need to see some videos of the guages at work...
  11. OK OK, we get it, you're very sarcastic, now do some shit to your car and post some more pics and vids. Starting to wonder if you owned that Evo a little too long..
  12. It made more power and felt better to drive on the old SAFC/SITC combo TBH, but that could just be because I got the GT-R and now have a little bit of power to play with in that.
  13. lol, no Haltech, Nistune in the CA.
  14. I've had it blast out oil all over that side of the engine and other than the smell, no issues. When you don't make power, you don;t have heat issues. Oh and I did put the stock heat shield back.