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  1. Least you got to find out the service was good, always a nice surprise.
  2. ActionDan

    Wall of text update. So my season is done, the last round of the year is this weekend and I am just too busy at the moment to make it (just moved house, dealing with that and a number of events etc). I've been told that it wont matter and I'll win my class anyway, so happy days. The car is now parked in the shed at the new place, as is all the engine gear which I am yet to send away to start the build. My concerns about the new driveway, dirt and steep, where partially realised when the first attempt to get up it failed (2wd territory on road tyres) have since put slightly more aggressive tyres on it, as it got a puncture and was due for rubber anyway, but I doubt it would be possible in the wet so I'll use the Land Cruiser for that and either just tow in with that or swap to the territory down the bottom of the driveway (terri is heaps nicer to tow with). Oh yeah, bought an old cruiser for around the place, just a petrol 80 series auto, dual fuel (not that it matters lol), dual batteries, CB, ARB rack and winch bar (no winch yet), basic lift and AT tyres, awning, some shitty home made rear drawers etc. Will tidy up some small maintenance things then either get a J pipe made or find a half decent manifold and throw an XR6 turbo on it, as they had a supercharger option from factory that requires no other parts to work, as there's enough resolution in the AFM, injector capacity etc (we're talking like 4-8psi) but makes a big difference. They weren't even intercooled 0_0 but I thought it couldn't hurt to throw a small R33 or XR6 core on it. Have no experience in a proper 4wd so went for a spin with my dad around the property and up into the bush, completely changed my understanding of what even a basic car like this can do, lots of fun. Started thinking about the new shed, thinking like 9 to 10m x 12 to 14m or so with enough wall height for a hoist, god that will be a game changer. Obligatory pic of Cruiser.
  3. When treated well and not too heavily modified, they are such a good thing. I wonder how long some of them would have gone if Nissan had of put a good breathing system on them (and I mean any Nissan engine of the typical JDMs we all buy).
  4. Don't be like that, it will be great when it's on track and you are enjoying it.
  5. Should've just bolted on some small flares you spud. Car is looking good otherwise.
  6. ActionDan

    Good afternoon Benjamin, I have reason to believe you may have taken ownership of an R33 GT-R recently and, perhaps more importantly, this car may be of a higher specification than many others. Would you be so kind as to share some images and details of the car in question such that we may all enjoy its beauty and outstanding quality? Cordially yours, Dan.
  7. ActionDan

    My 33R was stock and it still averaged 300km per tank on 98 being driven by a hoon... 185k per tank is well into e85 land lol
  8. ActionDan

    No idea in Perth sorry. That's terrible economy. I would be looking for fault codes and checking EGT and coolant temp sensors etc. PFC will be fine for a basic tune, but you may have an underlying issue. If you are happy with stock performance, then stock ECU should stay in.
  9. Sif not paint or wrap it yourself.
  10. ActionDan

    I did this job in my 34R, yours has been modified incorrectly - As those should be 10mm bolts. You will need to brute force those pop rivets/shear bolts? as gently as you can to not damage the underlying bracket. As mentioned, it would be much better to use something newer. I had decent results with Haltech plug in, but there's lots of options. Ideally something that removes the AFMs if possible. If that's not an option, choose your tuner carefully as PFC+AFM has been known to result in various drivability issues. Ideally only use it for lower power goal. Good luck.
  11. ActionDan

    Solid update. Pics of GT-R.
  12. ActionDan

    About time.
  13. Pretty sure the industry average on fittings is like 900% markup.
  14. Price dropped to 85k, all offers considered.
  15. Yeah kind of forgot you need a working engine to hear how an exhaust goes...