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  1. You have already stuffed it by touching it yourself technically I would certainly never do anything like that.
  2. Same, not a sparky, but done a fair bit of bits and pieces as you know. Have seen tons of light switch's with Twin + Earth BUT using screw connectors even if the joins are soldered. Tape is a bit rough lol
  3. Assume it's just a terminology difference, but what is blue pointing? If all you've got is twin core + earth, surely you're not stripping out the active just to avoid pulling the N and E down? Genuinely curious, not taking the piss.
  4. Just be mindful of what impact it's having on the end links. Once you know if it clears then you can look at what you do there. You can also always slip a little washer/spacer on the engine mounts to bump the sump up 10mm etc depending on clearance everywhere. But you should only need 10-20mm to clear it.
  5. Was the other bar rubbing also? Surely you had more than the 1mm clearance? unless it moves more than you think by rotating on a different plan or something due to end link design/location?
  6. This does sound a lot like me working on a car TBH. That lightbulb clip hits very close to home lol
  7. Funnily enough I like the rear more but I've always been an ass man. Same with the a90, love the rear, face needs work.
  8. Great progress my man, loving it. You already know I'm all about silver on black wheels and I'll be doing the Silvia that way because it's my jam, but what colour was this again? I have a feeling it was a mercedes colour or something? I like KAD from the R35 or WV2 from the R34 like mine was. KAD WV2
  9. Feels weird... Cya mate! Dropped off to depot this morning.
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