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  1. HFM ae going to get a price for me on some 18x10 +10 forged rims, I' impressed they are even willing to entertain the idea.
  2. I forgot you managed to get 295s under it, that will help for sure. Which track you going to shake down at?
  3. He used to be cool like that, but stopped ages ago lol Now he occasionally, pops in here with an update.
  4. Oh man if only... Yep I've been made acutely aware as I've been swapping rotors over. I'm inclined to just kick off with an Enkei or something and see how we go though I note HFM are doing GT-R replica forged wheels for just over 2k, but not in 18x10 or 10.5 so I've asked if they are doing anything in that size as they were seeking feedback. They're following me on Instagram now too after I posted about the rotors (tryna build that audience and will keep trying to help you guys build yours).
  5. I vaguely remember there was something about it when I did my plates/subframe bushes but it might have just been a forum post I read.
  6. That mean's I need to save some money somewhere 😅
  7. Ouch, I don't tend to kerb hope "too" much but Winton has some kerbs that I feel I must use for optimum line etc, all of this could change in the moves to slick and having some power etc. I'll just see what's around, I know i can buy brand new Rota's for under $1500 and just send it, Enkei's are closer to 2k, and this is one area I am trying not to go too flash with.
  8. Wheel nuts arrived finally from the black friday sale... Also this should arrive this week, it's the D7, missus got the Xtrada 7 hardtail, this will allow us to go for rides with the kids but also give me something to do solo/with my mates as a hobby while I keep working on the car. Because Prado's had to be neutered to not cannibalise LC sales, it has a stupid barn door that necessitates a full swinging arm bike rack, managed to find a used yakima full swing for like $350. Early testing with the kids bikes show it to be fiddly AF and probs a pain to get 4 bikes on, see if we need to shell out 1k+ for something else soon enough. Basic bikes are stupid money, that's about 4k in pedal bikes that dont come with pedals... you gotta buy those separate and these are just entry level apparently 0_0
  9. Understood. I do keep it in mind as I will be going slicks and pushing harder, but I have seen plenty of guys running Enkeis and Cosmis etc on slicks on light cars like mine and had no issues. The issues seem more prevalent with heavier cars and drifting. Is there such thing as a cheap forged 18x10?
  10. Yeah I know the thread/pitch etc I think but I'm not 100% on the length. lol no need for anything that flash, just some 18s will do and I'm only looking at Rota's or maybe some Enkei RPFs etc Nothing flash this is budget racing.
  11. Sold all the all 4 stud gear, paid for my calipers at least. Fitted the other knuckle and tested fitted all calipers/rotors to work out what's needed. Need R34 GT-T Caliper bolts all round, existing braided lines all work OK, need to drill front knuckle for 14mm so will source that bit, still need pads but need to wait for Intima to get Type RS front and back, in Feb I think Johnny said. Need BM57 (anyone know if that works with R33 booster as i still have that). No chance I was getting my spare 17s over the rotor and caliper so to have it rolling I will leave caliper off until I get some 18s. Did a little shed tidy after so many projects so I can mess it up again. Keep forgetting to hang my freebie gktech banners I got from the Black Friday sale for extra jdm points.
  12. First day in 11 years and what 700hp+ or something? Into the weeds lol
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