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  1. Yeah, but I don't care about the mentality of the industry and if people know what they are getting into. I care about this build thread and when my engine will be done and how far Benny will take his new engine and why we never hear shit from Piggaz anymore and how many k's fatz could have gotten out of that Q7 if he had've kept it. You know interesting shit.
  2. Bit of a tangent there lol but I really dgaf to split hairs about it, all engines fail or need to be pulled down for work at some point. All we're talking about is where that point is and how much power the engine made while it was being used, who gives a f**k really? I think Johnny will be ok, and if he's not, we'll be here for pics of the next build.
  3. Builder is back on deck, has been lots of stuff going on his end - lucky there was no rush lol Decision was made to CNC the chambers, builder says; "The chamber's will make the engine much more efficient essentially, usually 4-5 psi less for same HP" "Torque gain would be 40-50nm" "Top end hp probably not so much, but far less chance of detonation so more stable timing map, it'll be far more knock resistant" All sounds good to me and not huge money, head has not had mounting surface machined yet so that will be adjusted to ensure comp lost is regained. Apparently the limiting factor for power/torque and longevity (given a suitable turbo) will be the block strength itself now. Extra work has been done in the bottom end on the mains, skirts, and to the girdle to tie it all together, but it's not sleeved nor are the coolant passages between cylinders "wedged", his view, based on what Nismo do/have seen, is that these are a false economy and cause more stresses in other places that then crack anyway. Seems like a hot topic, I see valid explanations and opinions from a number of good sources for and against so I'll go with what the builder reckons. I'm not aiming to run it at absolute max output anyway, the head room is there to ensure it can do what I want as easily as possible. Still on the fence about if I just sell the long block (buy a basic forged SR/do a basic forged rebuild on CA and then have a weekender as well) put it in Silvia, or put it in something like an 86 (or something else with a better chassis than the S13) etc etc. NFI how to really make that call so have kept putting it off until engine is here.
  4. Huge already, but I have no interest in anything Honda. Rather stick with what I sorta know.
  5. Because I felt bad enough swapping out the CA for an SR, let alone a Honda power plant. If that swap even happens.
  6. I don't do insta, I'm more about youtube builds where the communities know the cars so well, and they are out and about so often, that it would be near on impossible to hide any "decent" breakage that wasnt just basic maintenance items/ or performance car living (I.E. if an axle breaks on a drag car I don't consider that an unreliable "car"). Just saying, the world has moved on from RBs/SRs etc in many ways and plenty of other engines are making the same/more power reliably (plenty aren't too lol). Says the man with an SR being built, couldn't bring myself to K swap.
  7. Given we see 1000hp+ turbo LS stuff doing over 400 passes and over 20 thousand road k's , I don't see why not. At that power I'd call it reliable. All about how it's built and how it's used.
  8. Don't worry bro, in this market, with a fresh coat of paint and some rotas it's a 50k car....
  9. Don't forget WALNUT BLASTING + VANOS Issues lol Probs still gonna buy one at some point =\
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