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  1. Thanks for clarifying. Good luck Benny you are still a spud.
  2. I thought they still had a pivot ball? Those nismo twin plates are good for power well beyond what you're making. Pull the boot back and shine a light inside. Have someone press the pedal. *EDIT* Think I'm wrong about the pivot ball sorry, as you said pull not push. May have busted release bearing or the fork instead.
  3. ActionDan

    Useless to me here. Motorbike more useful to me, may grab one at some stage this year.
  4. ActionDan

    My fault for short cutting the job, I could've undone all the suspension arms, but I just undid the shocks then had the missus stand on the hub to give the extra clearance. I must admit I have lost a lot of interest in cars as well as heaps of other things. Maybe I'm not going to live that long and this is my midlife crisis lol
  5. ActionDan

    Thought I'd whip the rotors off to have them skimmed as there's a slight vibration under light braking, apparently due to an emergency braking situation on the trip down here. Quickly realised that means dismantling half the hub and requires a 54mm socket and just put the wheels back on and left it lol Swapped the rear springs over to a set that matches the front so the ride height is now even/a touch higher in the rear, adjusted the height of the rear brake proportioning valve rod height also. Managed to get 2 of my fingers caught in the spring during the process, had a mild panic moment as I tried to find an angle to get leverage with the breaker to get them free. Quite tender for a few days lol Booked for Monday to have that balancer removed/bolt extracted, and oil pump housing seal replaced then I'll look at getting a roady and registered so we can go on some adventures.
  6. Unlucky. A sudden let go could be as simple as the pivot ball is snapped, which is why Nismo sells a reinforced item. Pull the boot off and have a look inside you might just get lucky.
  7. Can they swap the rear housing for you?
  8. Guess I'm the odd man out. I've only had good dealings with SparesBox. However, I've only been buying basic service and repair items - with the exception of a billet girdle which they had a killer price on and shipped in good time.
  9. Finance, BI/BA, or IT I reckon. Nerd.
  10. Sucks for many then. Best of luck finding another role as quickly as you want to.
  11. Unlucky! I've been that road once, but I think it was more to do with "personality" differences lol
  12. *cough*
  13. 430sq for 450k f**king el o el God I love housing prices here.