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  1. Ahh, couldn't see them in the first pic. Too nice to drift I think...
  2. Nice work, I couldn't see them in the pic? The kit includes pieces to reinforce the suspension pickup points I thought? Yep that's right, wider and better geometry, not a big deal if the car is street only though.
  3. Fair enough, good deals are good (y) Does it do much for an R32? In the S13 I went to S15 with reinforcement plates added and it made a nice difference to rear end grip.
  4. Buying a fast clean daily literally only changes 1 thing. Ease of moving cars around. The rest remains the same, it's not a real solution and you end up in a more boring car to track. Either find a better/easier way to get to the track (store car in a storage shed with a couple mates or something) or just sell up and forget it.
  5. It's not the car, it's the hassleof dealing with the car. No space/hoist/distance to track. I am going to go against the grain and say he should sell it off and buy something he can use/enjoy.
  6. It would make sense to have it be approved I guess, just to keep options open. Calling a guy today, see what he says.
  7. I'd like to hear those results...
  8. Am doing, but I always like some impartial advice and previous experience.
  9. Building a decent engine and am tossing up a roling shell vs making changes to the current car (as I need a different box, maybe tubbed, cage upgrade, 5 stud conversion, brake upgrade etc) and one thing I'm unsure about is what to do with the cage situation. Car currently has a welded single piece half cage with a diagonal in the back stays and the main hoop plus a harness bar. It's bolted down to welded plates in the car. So maybe a bit better than your average bolt in half cage? I'm not competing at the highest level and if I do keep this chassis had considered the following options. - Have current cage modified with front legs/side intrusion and some basic roof bars. - Full AGI bolt in. - Find a rolling shell that has all the other gear including a full cage. Is it feasible to have an existing cage modified in that way or does it just turn out costing as much as a full bolt in? Current Cage, yes that rear firewall hole and parcel shelf is now sheeted in.
  10. Builder sent me this! Just hoping nothing got damaged.
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