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  1. Eptsein didn't kill himself Mick, that's a straight up fact...
  2. In the 34 I'm sure I grabbed a sock off my shelf that was a spare from a new pump some other time. Did not modify cradle, but did remove the fuel damper.
  3. Garrett thread people... Speaking off, I had nfi they we'd declared bankruptcy. Easy way to be rid of that debt from the Honeywell split though.
  4. I reckon I have that sock in a box somewhere lol Yay for progress
  5. Even with a fresh motor, Nissans need bulk breathing capability. Vent it top and bottom and happy days.
  6. The only way a vent will help is if you vent the sump and the head separately like I did on mine. You need to equalise the pressure top and bottom.
  7. A mate of mine is on his 4th LS. His 2nd with the accumulator. TBF he is door to door racing for 10-15 laps per session.
  8. Agree, same reason I lusted after one for a while. Sometimes I think I should just buy the thing, enjoy it for 1 year or 2 then move it on and realistically my chances of seeing the failure I am fretting about would be slim. Dry sump isn't the be all and end all, I've seen dry sumped cars spin bearings too due to poor setup of the dry sump system. Nissan's suffer excess crankcase pressure so equalizing that is paramount. In the CA, which is still an original bottom end, I just did it with a mess of pipes and 2 separate breathing systems (top and bottom) problem solved. It could be done neater but it was a proof of concept at the time. I also tested crankcase evac kits (Morosso) and did not have good results. Accumulators don't address the root cause, they just throw oil back in when the issue is most prevalent. They also fail, have seen spun bearings on cars fitted with them. Nothing is fool proof. This is why we have engine protection.... See above. Would've helped no doubt. I dont think there's any prizes for guessing this will be an oil starvation issue ? Good luck with the house sellz, get dat paper then see where you're at. Have you got a new place sorted already?
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