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  1. Is that an epoxy thing? Epoxy looksl ike hard work to do well. Last shed I just used a basic concrete sealer with a cerramic grit in it, that was "ok".
  2. I can tell you now that when I build my new shed there will be no skids inside it lol Now... what should I use to coat the floor...
  3. It took a team of people years to get man on the moon, Scotty might need more than a few hours to configure the super computer on this don mega build. We're talking next level physics.
  4. Fair go. You know how rarely a car goes on and off the dyno as scheduled lol
  5. I'll just be over here with my shitbox that currently runs a Nistune and my new engine which will just be a Haltech because that's what my tuner uses. Had no issues with the old plug and play in the 34, but wasn't exactly doing anything wild with it. The I/O expander and WB1 boxes all just sat out of way underthe dash, never gave it any thought. Come to think of it, in all the forums and groups I'm in, only SAU seems to hate Haltech, but I that might be more that I'm in all the pleb groups and not ballers ones lol
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