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  1. Excellent NA track car, cannot beleive how quick they are with a set of shocks and decent tyres under them. Very surprising all round and I hate subaru version of boxer engines, but I would take one over an MX5 if I had to choose 4cyl RWD NA track car.
  2. Every car has something to offer. I had a VY2 SS in manual, basic mods, OTR, exhaust etc, was so nice to cruise in.
  3. Sadly no car progress, builder is flat stick plus all the Corona shit. Think he said he had to pick up some of my stuff next. Plenty of progress on other things though. Tuned the Prado (Raptor), tune helps a bit with low down torque and lock up behaviour, not earth shattering as it's just an NA tune, but it clearly helps. Tune + throttle controller plus intake mods has definitely made the car much better to drive. Freight company lost my ECU in transit in the return leg though, was not impressed at all, simply went missing from the system for 5 days (was an overnight priority shipping and got there overnight no problem). Just running the all fuels tune at the moment 91-95 (I run 95 usually, that's the ask and it runs better on it). Have a 98 tune there to test as well. Also going to remove the intake chambers and see if it gives me more rice induction noise, already done panel filter and removed restrictor in the airbox, just curious if I can add some woosh noist lol. Just about completed the 80k service also, front diff plug is a bitch, bought a kit to help as it's a known difficult job - pick that up today. https://www.kaon.com.au/front-diff-tool-and-24mm-drain-plug-toyota-hilux-k Been building a woodshed, fitted the all the corner flashings missing in the pic last night, just need to do the one above the door and pop the solar security light in and we're done. Had 40mm of rain last night and it's dry inside, good news. Lined it with form ply as well so I can load wood right up against the walls. Bought an SDS rotary hammer drill for the dyna bolts and some proper 4 headed SDS bits, god damn it makes putting dyna bolts in so much easier than my previous experiences. Has shown that my 2 little 2.5ah batteries are aging, but still under warranty so will try and push them through for fresh ones. Still got a horse shelter to do (should be much easier) and then after winter I'll start on a new shed for me, settled on 10x12 with 3.5m walls and 4.5m to the pitch (hoist time!). The exsting 6x12 will just be for trailers/general storage and some space for the missus to setup her horse stuff. I've jumped through all the council hoops, planning permits, building applications, Bushfire planning permit, even a bloody white card was needed (owner builder). I only swore at them a handful of times... Corona can f**k off also.
  4. Can agree to disagree. Less talk about MX5s, more talk about Nissans mistakes.
  5. Is the video cool? Happy you're out driving, makes me miss it, in the meantime I cut wood and build sheds (and ruin my elbows!).
  6. Aren't earlier LS just as bad? A trendy thing to do here in my local car club is LS swap everything and the Silvia/BMW guys have been through a heap of bearings and engines as they realise any engine spun hard on the track can have issues. They're now mostly all running accumulators/built engines with oil control mods. These were all earlier LS1s, though there's now a few 6 and 6.2L getting about as well.
  7. Pic dump. This is after glass bead blasting, now time for a final acid wash/pressure cleaned with bungs etc out and the build can commence. Sad to see the girdle isn't perfect anymore but probably better it's square and level. Seems to upload them in random order sorry.
  8. Small update to this. Haven't lifted much since then, elbow is still tender so letting it rest. Have found a local strength coach and am looking at doing a session with him a week starting a few weeks time when my arm is hopefully good. We had a good chat about my past injuries, numbers, goals etc. He's view is I've over trained for a long time, ignored my body's signals for rest etc that I'd get better results actually dialing back a little and accepting I'm almost 450 now and will need to train differently through the next decade. See howwe go once I heal up, dunno how that will go though as we come into firewood season and I have 2 sheds to build.
  9. Great thread lol reminds me of my first Skyline, but you did a lot more to yours. Oh and yes I had Bilsteins
  10. Machining continues. There was a 0.2mm difference in height across the main caps on the girdle which can apparently equate to 5-10Nm of difference in applied torque. Expecting pics of clean things shortly. video-1582546024.mp4
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