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  1. Race you! I dropped my modified Cam off yesterday.
  2. Very odd. Keep in mind that turbos act as mufflers themselves so changing manifolds and turbos will have an impact on sound. The easiest fix would just be to remove the mid muffler or change one or both mufflers (I'm assuming it has 2 because it wouldn't be quite with 1). Do not change your turbo setup to chase a sound, the car should be awesome with a responsive 7064. Is it externally or internally gated? What exhaust is on it currently?
  3. Take it back to the cam thread. I'll post in there next week when my setup is 4000rpm laggier for the extra 10 peak kW
  4. Good luck Simon. I've got Kelford L182-A baby cams going in now, all indicators point to them being a better option than the Tomei stuff. My goal is to maintain similar response while allowing the motor to breath up top. Happy to dial the gears for response at the expense of the top end as a compromise. I had a really good chat with Josh about my setup/goals and realistic expectations and we settled on those cams with the intent of me creeping over 500rwhp on -9s if possible. He also advised me to go the BC springs given the price I got them for rather than trying to insist I buy his springs, which had lower seat pressure. Very good to deal with, especially when it turned out the Cams the seller gave me were 32/33 CAS lol He modified the exhaust Cam keyway in a day and express posted it back to me, customer service is excellent.
  5. Would the ottomotto or v-cam setups have been a cheaper/better option Simon?
  6. Just chipping in +1 for plazaman 76mm - same car/power as yours. Dyno testing showed a small improvement in response, but negligible power change. The big difference was we could hit it multiple times on the dyno and the IATs stayed steady. This is with -9s running 24-25psi so the air temp out of those won't exactly be chilly. If you get the IAT bung option, be sure to get a new gasket and use some RTV on it, the mounting surface on mine was very thin and it had a boost leak there. The thread for the screw that holds the sensor in was also not deep enough. Stealth for me. No logo painted on the core. Looks stock.
  7. That's what Jesus would have done.
  8. I had a feeling that would be the response when I typed that lol You're a team player mate, don't let anyone tell you different
  9. Post some f**king numbers >.< My car is delayed so I need something. I see the dyno thread got a bump at least.
  10. Fair enough. Are there some gnarly dyno failure videos showing the end result?
  11. What am I missing with these EFRs? I thought you just took a look at the comp map, aimed for a decent efficiency island for your power goal, as you do with any turbo choice, and that was that? Can't think of when I've seen people talking about turbine speed so intently with other brands. Are the EFRs particularly sensitive to overspeeding?