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  1. I assume that's sarcasm? The body is rough as and it's an AU. I wont be actually rallying it, just doing dirt motorkhana type stuff, you know witches hats and the like and other events when the Silvia is not able/it's too hot/fun days etc.
  2. $80 of Autobarns second hand finest... Removed coolant fitting from Silvia turbo, my hose guy said put a teflon hose on it as it has failed from heat fatigue. Fitting appears to be a single user style crimp anyway so will just get a whole new hose.
  3. Forgot to update this, might be looking at a house soon so have dropped carsales add to 95k.
  4. Well that was quite a day lol Had a lot of laughs learning how to captain this vessel. Start with the bad, then onto the good - and there was plenty of good The bad/issues. Tyres were just terrible, watch the video to see what I mean. They had a 1-2 lap window at best. I played with pressures which reduced the window but gave me more outright grip in that window. They will be fine for dirt, so they stay. Power steering fluid spat out all over the extractors, turns out it was massively overfull so that was an easy fix but the bulk smoke that entered the cabin was a little worrying! Clutch pedal stayed on the firewall a few times, car doesn't like being rushed into gear and seemed to only happen when i was heel toe double clutching really fast, so avoiding that was enough - should be fine for dirt as well. Seat is terrible, you have to hold on for dear life lol Will get 2x race seats and harnesses on the cheap. Suspension is ridiculously soft, will be great for dirt I think but it struggled on the tarmac. Diff seems a little tired, you can tell by the way it's pushing/kicking around that it's struggling. In the video you can see it seems to only spin 1 wheel decently when I lose it. Should be OK on dirt, but we'll see if a mini spool is needed. Can't find where the fuel smell is coming from. This club mandates a fire extinguisher, had to rush home and grab my spare and some tools. Could only mount it on the trans tunnel as that was the only place my 50mm+ self tapers could reach the floor pan lol Lucky I;m only 10mins away from this track. Now the good. Brakes weresurprisingly good, no fade and decent stopping power for what they are, ducts no doubt helped. Having shit tyres also helps keep speeds down. Managed to get a good 2sec off my time over 4 sessions and chopped an SS (to be fair, the dude had only done 3 track days ever but it still counts, 4 seconds... chopped!). Car just kept taking punishment all day, didn't boil coolant, brakes, no obvious heating issues despite 35deg temps and I wasn't kind to it. AC in the pits was lovely. Boot is monstrous and fitted ALL my gear including the gazebo lol Steering wheel is actually decent to use. Car seems surprisingly good on fuel, barely used half a tank of top shelf 91 octane. Car is just a hoot to drive, exhaust, suspension wallow, vague as gearbox, should be a blast on the dirt. Cannot wait for the first dirt event, which is late April. In the meantime there's 2 rounds of the sprint series for me to attend with the Silvia once I fix that coolant line. I wont change anything else aside front tyre pressure as I want to see what those AR-1s can really do. My best lap is below, with some bonus footage of me getting it very wrong at the end. I did put 1 wheel off a number of times and gather it up but the tyres were just cooked and I had completely run out of talent lol
  5. Well she's pretty much ready. Did a full brake fluid flush, was filthy. Did a full coolant flush forwards and back,, themorstate out etc, filthy dam water is gone now. Fitted some brake ducts to try ad help the tiny brakes survive the 37deg weather that's forecast for the event on Saturday. Fixed gearknob as best I could, will require new shifter and knob. Ended up having to swap in the GTR pump as the AU one died. Had a spare can of threebond carbon cleaner, put that through it as well. Gave it a wash, made no difference, paint is that shit lol
  6. Turned the wheel and the other stayed very stationary, so if it's an LSD then it's more S than L lol Swapped fuel lines around and hey presto, car ran like a champ. Rejigged the hot air intake setup, cleaned the filthy filter, will make a divider at some point but other priorities pressing before Saturday shakedown. Oil changed and because I have dirty Falcon experience, positioned the pan just right to catch the leaking oil filter. Picking up a fuel pump lid screw cap thing and a new seal as the old ones were completely abused and not sealing at all. Next up is brake fluid and coolant flushes, well in the case of the coolant replace the dam water with actual coolant. Oh and that horrible noise you can hear appears to be the idler and tensioner which is probably original.
  7. Velourrrr
  8. I've only known Fairmont life, which is plush af, all electric everything and a digital clock in the dash that dies fast.
  9. My second AU, first was a Fairmont. All doors work, all electrics work, once I get 2 new window switch. Oh is the aerial electric? Maybe that doesn't work. Front and rear bumoers have been rattle canned and are haggard as f**k lol, but vents are cool.
  10. Fingers crossed as I'm a bit over it. In good news, build plate confirms car left factory with LSD, will confirm it still has it.
  11. Neg, NA for this one.
  12. Wasted another few hours on it last night without success, but think I may be onto something. Swapped entire fuel rail out which different reg, no good. Swapped in GTR fuel pump, no good. Checked fuel filter, looks ok but had the wrong one to swap in. Checked diagrams this morning while scratching my head, appears fuel return and delivery lines are backwards into the rail 0_0 Hoping it's just that and I can get on with oil/brake/coolant change. Really enjoying the orange gasket shit everywhere...
  13. Behold, the beauty of my AUII XR6! Won't bother starting new thread, will be pretty obvious which car is which when updating. First event for the Silvia is still months away and as I wanted to get into some dirt action this year, and get my partner involved, I'm going to have a crack at a few motorkhanas, hopefully starting with a tarmac event this weekend as a shaekdown, if I can get the car sorted. Lots of dodgy shit on this car but it is RWD, manual, and has a fat exhaust and a pod filter so we're good. Missus spent some time cleaning the filthy interior while I toiled away on the other stuff. Car drove home (working AC and cruise!) so it's not "that" bad, but it needs some love. Actually, yes it is that bad. Done so far: Removed, repaired, and refitted extractors. Tested, repaired, diagnosed faulty power windows, some switches on the way, but all windows up now at least. Broke one ignition lead removing it to check plugs, plugs were good, replaced all leads with some mint spares, now have 5 left overs... Adjusted Handbrake as best I can. Adjusted clutch pedal height, clutch is firm AF, may get a new cable for it at some point. Tried to fit my silvia rims with old 235 RSR's, no good because Falcon uses 12.7mm (1/2") studs vs 12.5 for Nissan, which will be why you see ford rims on Nissan more often. Removed multigrips from fuel line... Car has the wrong regulator in it also, car won't run without the multigrips lol, seems to have a fuel pressure issue. Have another rail/reg to try and will put new filter in, if no good, will be pump. Dropped tyres from the 75psi pressure they had in them to a more reasonable 36 hot... Broke tabs off ignition coil block, just by removing ignition leads from it... Sweated profusely. Swore a lot. Killed a lot of spiders. Still to do, before this weekend! Finish fixing fuel issue. Fix gearknob, very poorly attached. Change brake fluid and add some baller brake vents. Replace oil and oil filter. Replace brown dam water with coolant. Finish connecting rest of exhaust. Reconnect column to rack, had to be removed to get extractors out. Wash? Wishlist 2x Race seats and harnesses. Bulk skids. Better rims/tyres. Minimal spend. Specs. Pod with carbon intake shroud. Pacemaker extractors into 2.5" exhaust. EL XR6 Rims with 205 rubber Altezza taillights High spec leather interior Working fancy kenwood stereo Clarion speakers all round, 3 work.. Some hecktik rear body kit and weird spoiler, both rattle canned black. Badly peeling tint. Speco pedals Momo gearknob Twin piston brakes, which are shit anyway. Praying it has LSD, initial burnouts suggest yes.
  14. You should sell it broken to me for cheap...
  15. Thanks Paul, It's not a cheap hobby and I hope the car represents good value, but the market will determine that. I'm not expecting a quick sale, despite being happy to discuss offers. See how we go