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  1. Now that's good service.
  2. I can open up the tune and look if anyone knows where to look specifically in ECU manager.
  3. Ordered new rear bushes and some brake fluid. Went with this, should be good enough for me.
  4. I've tried to address roll centre by increasing ride height a little as well as fitting 25mm roll centre adjusters on the ront (as they came with the R32 LCAs, Thanks Brisby!) and by flat mounting the rear subframe to the chassis, which raises it up and helps correct geometry, I did put some slip in spacers in the front of the subframe to angle it down as per Whitelines recommendation to alter the anti squat geometry. Just grabbed some front end links also, Hard Race ones should be fine for a budget option, they seem to review OK.
  5. Grabbed a new map sensor after discussing some intermittent performance issues (sometimes feels like max power, sometimes not and I'm fairly confident there are no more boost leaks). Have only been using onboard sensor up til now, max of 21psi, but the car runs up to 24. Even though I know we can make the same power with less boost with the cams in, I still want the option of running the higher boost if we don't quite get the result I'm after when it gets tuned again. For anyone else considering, the Motorsport sensors are now a Motorola unit rather than the previously used GM. Haltech said the GM unit was dying too often. They also use a different plug. Still waiting for the tuner to fit me in
  6. Grabbed the 4 bar Motorsport sensor. Was only $10 more than the 3 bar and I'll never have to think about it again. I spoke with Haltech and the Motorsport sensor is a Motorola unit and uses a newer more standard plug, apparently the GM ones were dying too often. Will install that before it goes in for Cams etc so we'll know exactly what's going on.
  7. Will keep that in mind for longer cruises.
  8. Doesn't ring any bells, though I missed the actual show and only saw what came out to cruise on the Saturday night.
  9. Interesting. I've just been putting straight United Race Blend in it, though I notice the sensor never reads above 80% despite my testing showing 90+ with the basic water/shake in tube tester.
  10. Haha, no, but It's not out of the question, I just try to see what I can do without just buying top shelf everything. It's a challenge and I learn more along the way. The money I don't spend on this gets spent on the GTR. I think the Silvia could be pretty impressive if I'd spent the GTRs budget on this lol but then I wouldn't have a nice street car, so it's all compromises. Camber bolts in, instructions said bottom bolt for motorsport applications so that's where they went. Dialed for max camber straight up so I can check wheel to shock clearance when it's on the ground. Removed rear saybar and semi fitted S14 stocker, big difference. Only have endlinks connected as I didn't want to re-use my old D bushes so will get some new ones today. After that it wil be time for a decent brake bleed then off to exhaust fabricator to get hangars adjusted/mid muffler removed. Any chance any has one of those AP Engineering CA18 PowerFCs Otherwise, contemplating getting Nistune also just to maximise the midrange and add some safety. At the moment it has one of those stage 2 base map EPROMS in the standard ECU (Horsham Development) then SAFC and SITC to trim that up. Powerwise it makes about what every other Nistuned CA makes with this turbo and drives fine, but I imagine there's some midrange gains to be made plus some extra safety and response to knock would be good. Fabricator is also a tuner so could get both done at the same time.
  11. Nice, what colour charger? There was a really nice PK Blue one that was keen to have a play along the causeway. Ordered a new cabin filter because I'm gangsta like that. Chatting with Haltech this morning as I just wanna see what the real difference is between the motorsport and none motorsport Map sensors - looks like just a fancier/tougher plastic case for the sensor. Also wanna confirm wiring setup and ensure I don't need anything extra to connect it, I see it just has a basic 5v output, but I can't remember what my other sensors use and how many I can take (I do remember I have the CAN mini bus extender). So will just run it past them,
  12. Hah, yep, and in that time we've had a second baby and I've spent 18mths on the 34. Little Miss will be 1 in May and the bulk of the stuff I wanted to do on the 34 is done now so the Slowvia can get some love again