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>>>what A Scare For Me!<<<

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I was driving back from clareville after looking at a cheap car for my friend, when all of a sudden, my gearshift became very loose. I was shifting into 5th when I found that I couldn't get it in gear. So I tried to shift down back to fourth, that failed as well, then tried third and when that didn't work, I had to pull 3 lanes over onto the curb, almost causing an accident. All this was happening on Mona Vale Rd, almost the middle of nowhere.

After pulling over, I turned the car off and back on again and I was able put it in gear again, but the gear lever is still loose when in gear. Eventually I limped home in one piece. I looked under the car, no leaks of any kind, looked in the engine bay, nothing's burning or anything, not overheating.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my precious ride?

Another problem was that, the damn stall in idle/clutch in came back again and this time I wasn't even using aftermarket BOV, I dunno whats wrong.

Any help would be appreciated


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well the funny thing is, I was changing the gear knob yesterday just to rice up my car a little bit. All I did was unscrew the orginial knob and put on the shiny one.

I think i'll take the entire plastic cover off tomorrow and see what's going on.

I went and checked the fluid level, there's one tiny little plastic container sitting right next to the firewall and thats filled. There's a bigger container sitting next to the manifold and thats filled as well.

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loose shifter has nothing to do with fluids or the hydrolic clutch... i'd place money on the circlip having come off or something like that. Although that would mean you could pull the whole stick out by accident, if the rubber boot doesn't hold it in too hard.

The theory would work with the gearknob change, as the twisting might have broken the circlip or the two prongs that joins the shifter to the gearbox.

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Why did everyone jump to the conclusion that it was clutch related when the guy is telling you the problem is with the gear lever?

The first thing to do is pull the gear stick out and check that there is still a little white nylon thing attached to the bottom of the lever. While you are removing it i suspect will find any other possible causes of your problem.

It's about the only thing i can think of that wouldn't cause a leak short of major internal damage as you would probably tear the bottom gear boot if you managed to lift the shifter out and it's un likely that you have damaged the circlip when you have screwed on your new gear knob as you aren't applying any pressure to the circlip, but rather the locating pins for the lever pivot.

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...check that there is still a little white nylon thing attached to the bottom of the lever.
Any idea on what this white part is actually (or even a model number for a BNR32) called as my gear stick has about 3-4cm of play in it (ie 2nd gear looks like im in neutral) and i've been told this could be the faulty part ($14 from Nissan). Edited by benm
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