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Hey fellow wagoneers,

This thread is for all the DIY's anyone wishes to post (It may as well be called SK's thread). I'll stick a list of links from the Skyline DIY section that are applicable to stageas, so we don't double up. If you find something i havent yet, just PM me & I'll update it regularly.

Just remember, we take no responsibility to what you do you your car.


Australian Stagea Part Dealers

External Stagea Web Links

Stagea Parts List

Stagea Dyno Results


The C34 Buyers Guide

What do I need to do to my car before a track day?

Getting It Off The Line

FYI: Insurance for your stagea


DIY: Stagea 5000km Service

FYI: Air Regulator Maintenance

DIY: RB25DET: Changing the Spark Plugs

DIY: Changing the Oxygen Sensor, Lambda Sensor, O2 sensor, etc etc etc.


FYI: Series 2 (R34) ECU pinouts

FYI: copgy Backs

M35 ECU Fault Codes


RB26DET Conversion Tutaorial

DIY: RB25DET High Boost mode with standard solenoid

DIY: Adj Camshaft Pulley & New Cam Belt

DIY: Stagea Air Deflector

DIY: Oil Cooler Installation

FYI: Aftermarket Fuel Rails( thanks to SK)

Updates On The Jun 2.7l Staj Build

FYI: Max Hp Out Of Standard Rb25

FYI: Max Power Out Of Neo

How To: RB26 conversion

DIY: 5min $5 Intake Pipe Mod For Your Stagea/skyline.


TUTORIAL - Guide To Selecting The Right Turbo

FAQ: Stagea Turbo Upgrading

DYI: Jaycar Boost and Fuel Control

FAQ: Turbo Timer Install.



FAQ: Stagea Exhaust

FAQ: Split Dump Pipe


FAQ: Stagea Intercooler

DIY: R34GTT Intercooler into Stagea

DIY: Water Spray For Aftermarket Intercooler

FYI: Check Your L/h Inner Guard Intercooler Exit

FYI: Intake Temp Cooling Options.


C34 Stagea CV Joint (and Boot) removal/replacement (and part numbers)

FYI: Stagea gear ratio's

DIY: Transmission Cooler

FAQ: Automatic Trans Thread

FYI: Stagea Diff - Is It Wearing Out - Replace With?

FYI: out goes the stagea diff in goes the GTR diff

DIY: Running your Stagea in RWD mode

FYI: Manual Conversion Checklist

DIY: Auto to Manual Conversion Guide - SAU

FYI: Why NOT to convert auto to manual + some manul conversion info

DIY: Stagea Auto Troubleshooting

DIY: How to SAFELY convert your AWD Stagea to RWD (for dyno days, etc.)...


Stagea Brake FAQ

DIY: Anodize your brake calipers

DIY: How To Paint Your Standard Brake Calipers

DIY: Stop your brakes squealing 101

FAQ: Stagea Wheel Dimensions

DIY: Stagea brake upgrade using R33 GTSt calipers and discs.

DIY: Painting your wheels tutorial


Car Care Prescription (detailing)

FAQ: Stagea Body Kits

DIY: Front Bar Removal

FYI Front Glass Tint

FAQ: Replacement windscreens

Tow Bars for Stageas

FAQ: Insuring your Stagea

FAQ: Alarm for your Stagea

DIY: Rear Taillights

DIY: Headlight Bulb Replacement

Stagea Bonnet Gas Struts


DIY: Stagea Headunit/stereo Removal

FAQ: Stagea Floormat

FYI: Nismo Key

How to Adjust your Window Close Hieght

How to replace/install LED dash globes.

How to replace/install LED Climate Control globes.

How to remove and replace your air-conditioning filters.

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Has anyone done a r33 gtr frount end conversion. can you do it on any stageas. just wondering because i like the r33 gtr front better than all the others and i was going to get a 33gtr but the but i need a wagon for work and i cant get a towbar for the 33 to tow the trailer to go karting on the weekend. so a stageas my best option. however i want the 33 gtr front end. any suggestions?

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hello fellow owners. just gettn my first stagea its a 99 rs4 s and wondering what mods can be done to the neo engine with out spending mega bucks. (and f*kn it up) Im thinking maybee puting on a exhaust, front mount, bov and uping the psi a notch and then a good tune but this alone is costly. if anyone has done some budget mods and can help me out with some info that would be much appreciated.

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Hey guys/girls, i ve just picked up a pearl white 98 stagea and i am looking for touch up paint to fix a few little marks . Any help??? do the stegea paint colours match other nissans similar age like silvia's and skylines???

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Hey guys/girls, i ve just picked up a pearl white 98 stagea and i am looking for touch up paint to fix a few little marks . Any help??? do the stegea paint colours match other nissans similar age like silvia's and skylines???

Yeah, you should be able ot find the paint code on your VIN plate under the bonnet. A Nissan dealer or any automotive paint shop should be able to provide some paint for touch-up use. If they don't have it, they should be able to mix it up without any hassles.

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