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Im Racing this wednesday throwing the stockies on.Thats if it dosent rain.

Here's hopeing for a 13.5 @ arround or over 100mph

I'll have the skylines australia.com sticker on the car.White r33 gtst with white rims and stockies on the rear.

Who else is heading out!


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I'll be there if it isn't raining (rain predicted) however not sure if i'll be driving or spectating.

If you see the car in my avatar in the staging lanes out the back come and say hello.

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Hi Ben

My car hasn't been started for over a week so I'm keen to come down if just for the drive. Sorry to be a pain, but what are the times again please?

And you take the first WSID turn-off? That's the one for spectators and the second one (where everyone met for the SAU Drag Day in Nov) is for competitors?


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what are the times again please?

Gates open for competitors at around 4:30ish, racing starts at 6pm, burnouts at about 9-9:30ish and racing is over by about 10-10:30ish (and considering its the Holden vs Ford day the following day it should be until about midnite i reckon, would get heaps more runs in).

1st turn-off (back entry for EC Circuit) is for spectators. The 2nd turn-off is for competitors, as Moooanie stated.

Edited by benm
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kool man can i ask ur ezact mods for a guestimation of that time?

thats what im afta, i have a r33 gtst also

just wanna see if my mods catch urs

Sweet.Well i will come say hello to all i see.

As for the mods stock turbo,11psi,pfc,fmic,stock airbox hiflow filter,hks style dump to 2.75 pipe to 3''cat and 3.5'' thereon,h/d clutch.

Last time i was out i ran a 14.2 with a slippn like a mofo clutch a baby fmic and pod filter.

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thanx trust33

my car has split 3inch dumpy, 3inch hi flow catco cat, 3inch cat back straight through, pod,hks adjutsbale slide cam pully, power fc, electronic boost controler, h/d clutch

made 208.8rwkw on 12psi

i will be very happy wit a 13second time slip

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WSID website doesnt say anything about it being cancelled

the weather says:-

For the remainder of Wednesday

Overcast day with isolated showers and drizzle, clearing during the

afternoon. Light to moderate east to southeast winds.

Precis for Wednesday Max

Sydney: Shower or two. 23

Liverpool: Shower or two. 23

Penrith: Shower or two. 23

Richmond: Shower or two. 23

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Tonights Auto One Wicked Wednesday Event Cancelled Due To Weather

Wednesday, 31 August 2005 - Posted by Dean Neal

Wild winds and threat of rain have caused the cancellation of tonights Auto One Wicked Wednesday Action (Pic: Peter Colburn)

(Sydney, NSW) Due to wind gusts regularly exceeding 90kmh today in the Sydney area and at the Western Sydney International Dragway, coupled with the impending threat of rain this afternoon and evening, tonight’s Auto One Wicked Wednesday event has been cancelled.

Such is the severity of the winds, display signs have been blown off their chains around the venue today!

“We have obvious safety concerns with the prevailing weather conditions and thought it wise to cancel tonight’s meeting. However we will be back in action with our off-street Drag Racing events as per usual next Wednesday night,” remarked WSID CEO Jim Read.

Tonight’s exciting ‘wicked’ mix of off-street drag racing, burnout competitions and Heat 3 of Miss ‘Wicked Wednesday’ thanks to Provocator Jeans and Auto One, will now be contested NEXT Wednesday Night (September 7).

For more information, please contact the Western Sydney International Dragway on: (02) 9672 1320 or [email protected].

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Umm thats from August 2005.

It's still currently on (as shown on www.wsid.com.au), they always put up a message when it has been cancelled (last update is usually 3:30pm).

So at present it is still on tonight!

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Jan 25 , 2006

Gates Open 5pm, Racing from 6pm, Burnouts 9pm.

1:20pm Update: Persistent rain in the area, Wednesday event Postponed. All Street Meet competitors please be aware you can race in tomorrows Holden V Ford event if you possess a Holden or Ford vehicle and enter on the day (tomorrow morning).

:( :( :( :( :(

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