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Terry's Japan 1976 Thanks To...

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My Personal Thanks to insanity aka Beau who'll be posting up my photos of "Japan 1976" over the next few months.

A huge amount of work on my slides is credited to him and the avid interest & support of his wife!

These are 200ppi res. digitalised shots of my celluloid photos from 33 years ago.

Please sit back and enjoy them from day-to-day! At your leisure...

The Photographs were taken with a

Minolta SRT 101 SLR camera with Rokkor lenses (which at the time were second to none and used by Trent Nathan and son of rajab Snowdon).

The lenses included Macro, 16mm fisheye, 28mm wide, 58mm f1.2 standard, 200mm tele etc.

Beau may post them up in sequence in which case, they'll begin with

a) Kyushu city of F*kuoka > Kumamoto > Yatsushiro > Minamata > Akune > Sendai > Kagoshima > Mt Sakurajima


b) Honshu city of Osaka > Nara > Kyoto > Tokyo > Irohazaka > Nikko > Hakone > Yokahama


c) Hokkaido city of Kushiro > Lake Masyu > Noboribetsu > Asahikawa > Oshamambe > Hakodate

Scenes will include active volcanoes, thermal areas, the hairpins of Irohazaka long before armco was installed, children, night shots, gardens, temples inside and out, castles inside and out, landscapes etc. But I'm not sure whether there's any 27 yr old version of me lol.

And thanks for your patience with Beau's extra-curricular time to convert my slides to digital for posting; let's say December 1st onwards, Tez

PS Resuming early 2011 eh?

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really looking forward to seeing some of these.

have seen some "old japan" in my girlfriends family photo albums but not most of the places youve mentioned ..


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I was just thinking... before I upload any pics, should this be moved to Japan Photo Diaries?

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I think it's deserving of its own thread, personally, at least for a little while :banana:

Can't wait to see the pics of the Kansai area.

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You can have your own thread in the photo diaries area can't you?? Just wanted to make sure we had this in the right area anyway!

Enough talking... here are the first couple of photos (hopefully) to test if tiff files can be viewed here.

well it seems they can't so here it is converted to jpeg.

Vol 1 - 001 - Kyushu from air


Vol 1 - 002 - f*kuoka from air


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Vol 1 - 003-006 - f*kuoka from air

post-32735-1228017151_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228017177_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228025132_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228030428_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 007 - Map of Kyushu

Vol 1 - 008 - Koinobori - National Childrens Day

Vol 1 - 009 - Koinobori - National Childrens Day

Vol 1 - 010 - f*kuoka at night

post-32735-1228030485_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228030543_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228031106_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228031125_thumb.jpg

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So now the journey has begun...

The files seem to upload ok, though these are jpeg versions of the 200ppi tiff files I saved. I have 3600ppi saved images, but the files are over 700mb each. These look ok on the screen, so I'm happy.

All I hope is that I do Terry's photos justice!

As Terry has said, please do bear with me, as I'm just doing this in my spare time...

I have included the volume number and image number for each image based on What Terry has written on each slide carousel. This is along with brief descriptions Terry has also jotted on each carousel box. Maybe a link to this thread in the photography section might be good too... Tez, would you like to sort that out?

I am sure Terry will also provide running commentary, and invite comments on anything of interest.

Well, enough jibber jabber from me... here are a few more pics!

Vol 1 - 011 & 012 - Food Stall

post-32735-1228038671_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228038713_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 013 - Toy Stall

Vol 1 - 014 - Florist

Vol 1 - 015 & 016 - 7 Star Pachinko

post-32735-1228038885_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228038993_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228039203_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228039345_thumb.jpg

Edited by insanity

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and thennnn... I actually remember my own trip to Dazaifu Shrine (I studied and worked In Saga prefecture for two years)... My host family took me, and the umegaimochi was to die for! Its a rice sweet, with what I guess was some sort of Plum sauce.

Vol 1 - 017 - Nishitetsu Grand Hotel

Vol 1 - 018 - Bridge at Dazaifu Shrine

Vol 1 - 019 - Dazaifu Shrine

Vol 1 - 020 - Dazaifu Shrine

post-32735-1228043278_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228043345_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228043372_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228043415_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 021 - Dazaifu Shrine

Vol 1 - 022 - Dazaifu Shrine

Vol 1 - 023 - Water well at Dazaifu Shrine

Vol 1 - 024 - Country Shrine in Ogori

post-32735-1228043608_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228043633_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228043784_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228043813_thumb.jpg

Edited by insanity

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Vol 1 - 025 - Farmland in Ogori

Vol 1 - 026 - Farmland at Yama

Vol 1 - 027 - Farmland at Yama

Vol 1 - 028 - View of Kumamoto Prefecture

post-32735-1228049981_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050009_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050051_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050074_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 029 - Farmland at Yamaga

Vol 1 - 030 - Polythene hot houses, bamboo ribbing

Vol 1 - 031 - Kumamoto Castle in the distance

Vol 1 - 032 - Kumamoto Castle main & secondry towers

post-32735-1228050119_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050165_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050190_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050227_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 033 - Kumamoto Castle main & secondry towers

Vol 1 - 034 - Kumamoto Castle main tower

Vol 1 - 035 - Kumamoto Castle

Vol 1 - 036 - Shinto Shrine

post-32735-1228050426_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050458_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050529_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228050634_thumb.jpg

Edited by insanity

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In F*kuoka, the hire car arrived at the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel dead on time. But what doesn't arrive on time in Japan?

The promptness of ETAs and ETDs is something I had to get used to after being an (Chinese) Aussie all my life.

The car hire attendant muttered something in Japanese as he gave me the keys and I thought wth, he must be after a tip.

But he declined the money and walked off. Elaine my travel partner had done a crash course in Japanese before we left and she thought that the attendant was possibly talking about the position of where the car was parked. I interpreted that to mean that the car wasn't completely in its marked bay in front of the hotel. I couldn't care less and I left it there! However, next morning the front wheel was clamped and now wth > wtf > WTF! In any case, the car wasn't clamped securely (whilst the car wasn't quite fully in its bay), the hire car was a RWD and I proceeded to reverse the thing in full lock and I ended up breaking the clamp. It must have been 'Made in China'. I'm allowed to say that lol. And then we made our getaway (thinking, "I owe them the cost of a wheel clamp")!

Down to Yama:-

I needed to go to the toilet quickly! Elaine gave me a quick translation in Japanese for the word toilet (yeh the crude version). So with my new one word vocabulary in hand I walked into a country style general store and asked, "Abenjo"? Then I said "ABENJO"! And then with puzzled looks on their faces, I crossed my legs and pretended I was sucking a lemon!!! Then they understood - and a man motioned me to their version of a toilet; namely a porcelain hole in the floor with brown streaks greeting me. But hey, I didn't care! I was desperate!

From Kumamoto:-

We couldn't swing a left (eastwards) to Mt Aso, because it was blockaded off. Signs with pictures of a volcano-shaped mtn. indicated that it was unsafe to go there. Later on, we'd heard of earth movements and volcanic activity at Mt Aso which is common. Residents there, were (and presumably still are) persistent in growing crops in rich volcanic soil that is 2nd to none.

Thanks for being patient with Beau (since he's doing all the work) and we'll 'dance' on...

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heh.. was waiting for this to get moved!

well, back to work, I have a gazillion photos to go :)

Hey Tez, would you like me to include the lens info for each shot as well??

Vol 1 - 037 - Shinto Shrine @ Kumamoto Castle

Vol 1 - 038 - Kumamoto Castle Otemon (main gate)

Vol 1 - 039 - Kumamoto Castle Turret 1 of 49

post-32735-1228088282_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228088292_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228088303_thumb.jpg

Edited by insanity

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love the pics mate. they look great. :)

I appreciate that compliment from you Rich'

Yes Beau, by all means, the lens info can be included; but just in point form will do to keep things short 4 U. No need to edit the small no. already posted though. Many Thanks!

These photos are testing my memory!

All of the SAUers who've been to Japan already or still reside there, can appreciate just how 'In Your Face' those castle gates and stones are to ward off an invading army.

Some of the most massive ones are at the gates themselves, as if to say, "I'm here to make your day, Punk".

Of course most of the castles have come and gone, not through the direct action of dismantling as fire. Fire seemed to be the greatest enemy through an invading army's archers. Correct me please, but out of >100 castles across Japan in fuedal times, there are only about 11 still standing even in damaged form??


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Ok Terry,

For future reference, I'll include the lens info in brackets in green writing, the first being slide 47 below.

Vol 1 - 040 - view near Misumi

Vol 1 - 041 - view near Misumi

Vol 1 - 042 - Matsushima Island

Vol 1 - 043 - Misumi

Vol 1 - 044 - Fish boats and nets at Misumi

post-32735-1228091684_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091698_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091718_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091732_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091761_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 045 - Ariake Sea

Vol 1 - 046 - 1 of Amakusa 5 Bridges

Vol 1 - 047 - 1 of Amakusa 5 Bridges (200)

Vol 1 - 048 - 2 of Amakusa 5 Bridges

post-32735-1228091821_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091892_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091933_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228091961_thumb.jpg

Edited by insanity

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Japan was becoming an industrial powerhouse by the mid 70s

Their engineers may have been relatively new in building bridges like above, but they were already adept in the art of tunneling.

Many tunnels had been built through hillsides to enable roads to be built. Whereas, in Australia, our road-building was more twisty because our engineers were more inclined to 'cut' into the side of hills. I'm not sure that the decisions by the Japanese to tunnel were based on the fact that their tectonic plate is more unstable or whether that hadn't even been considered.

The Irohazaka project was an exception though. Later on, you'll see the hairpins 'cut' into the hillside there.

The long-distance tunnel between northern Honshu and Hokkaido hadn't been built then but it was on the drawing board.

The bullet trains of the JNR were new, and Toshiba had recently developed a computerised signalling system for them.

Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Nakamichi, Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Mamiya and Pentax became household names back then.

Bike makers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki & Suzuki were bigger and more well-known than Datsun or Toyota which were modelling their R&D car development on what was coming out of Europe.

The Prince 2000 and the Fairlady were building a bigger reputation for speed and manoeuvrability over the MG back then.

It was prestigious to own a Nissan Cedric or a Toyota Crown in the late 70s. Quality of the Japanese car had become big news.

Marantz, Shimano, Olympus, Fuji (over Kodak) fame followed in the 80s.

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real authentic old school photography. I love it ;) Cool shots terry :)

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real authentic old school photography. I love it :) Cool shots terry :)

Aw Shucks! That's a mighty compliment coming from a photographer such as you Sam. ;)

When I fluff a couple in a row, I'll hope you're not around...

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Vol 1 - 049 - 2 of Amakusa 5 Bridges (400)

Vol 1 - 050 - Farming reclaimed land

Vol 1 - 051 - Mending nets

Vol 1 - 052 - Yatsushiro R.

post-32735-1228113586_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228113599_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228113640_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228113795_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 053 - Road to Hinagu Spa

Vol 1 - 054 - view from Tanouro

Vol 1 - 055 - view from Akune

Vol 1 - 056 - view from Akune

post-32735-1228113864_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228113885_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228113911_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228113929_thumb.jpg

Vol 1 - 057 - view from Sendai

Vol 1 - 058 - view from Sendai

Vol 1 - 059 - Mt Sakurajima

Vol 1 - 060 - Mt Sakurajima (200)

post-32735-1228114054_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228114072_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228114089_thumb.jpg post-32735-1228114125_thumb.jpg

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The pics over the bay towards Mt Sakurajima are from Kagoshima itself. The hotel had a totally unobstructed view of the volcano sitting in the middle of Kagoshima bay called Kinko Bay. The mountain is made up of 3 peaks of which the southern peak is still active as you can see from the ash in the sky. The mountain was formerly an island until a major eruption in 1914 spewed plasticky lava that filled up a strait and connected the mountain to the mainland. The distance from Mt. Sakurajima to Kagoshima city is not too dissimilar from Mt Vesuvius to Pompei. The texture and viscosity of the lava is also similar.

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Absolutely awesome!

Like a time machine :D Do you have any shots of people in their 70's get up? Would also be good to see what people are driving back then.

Im glad that non of the texture and tone was lost when transferred to digital images. Top Work Beau :thumbsup:

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