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What Fm Radio Station Do You Listen To?


Possible Show n Shine Advertising  

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I'm just wondering at this stage which radio stations you all listen to. We possibly might advertise on one of them but it would be great to know who listens to what.

Please lets not post questions about the SnS in here,,,that can all happen later in another thread dedicated to it.

Thanks for all your help,,,in advance.


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yeah those "you never knew you were an inadequate girly man until you heard our ad, pay us money for longer lasting boning" they're freaking everywhere

I'm weird, I'll listen to triple m, nova, wsfm

but I mostly listen to my own cds

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good point....let us know if its "nothing I listen to cds/mp3 only". Can't work out how to edit the poll tho :P

you are such a noob! lol.

Poll updated.

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wsfm when the older boys are around haha, but usally just go through them all untill some aussie hip hop pops up. so JJJ.

also the local station 2RRR when my mate is playing.

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