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The TEN commandments: what happens when you run 10.999 or quicker.


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I had a look through the ANDRA rule book for a checklist for what must be done once you run break into the ten second zone (10.999 or quicker).

Let me know if I've missed anything!

+ 1.4 Credentials: Need ANDRA membership and Unlimited Drag Racing Licence (UDL). To get a UDL you need to undergo a medical examination. You can download the forms for these things at the ANDRA site.

+ 1.7 ANDRA Log Books. Need to apply for log books and have a tech inspection on your racecar. You can download the form at the ANDRA site.

+ 2.3 Driveline. A tailshaft loop is required for cars 12.99 or quicker.

+ 2.6 Flywheel Shields/Bellhousings. Required to use a steel or titanum bellhousing or shield according to SFI 4.1 or 9.1. You can use a ballistic blanket instead if there is no commercially available steel bellhousing.

+ 4.6 Parachutes. If your car runs faster than 140 MPH a parachute must be fitted and deployed on each run.

+ 4.7 Roll Cage. Full cage mounted at a minimum of six points (or if faster than 140 MPH).

+ 5.2 Tyres. Quicker than 12.50 you cannot use radial fronts with slicks on the rear.

+ 5.3 Wheels. Must be fitted with open ended wheel nuts.

+ 6.2 Window Nets. Must be fitted between side and top bars on the driver's side.

+ 8.1 Batteries. Require a blue triangle to indicate battery location. If quicker than 11.99 you require a battery isolation switch located in the battery location maker.

+ 9.1 Technical Inspections. Require tech inspection every two years.

+ 10.8 Helmet. Adhering to Australian Standard AS 1698 1974/1988

+ 10.10 Protective Clothing. Require fireproof gloves, shoes, socks and a race suit adhering to one of: SFI 3.2A/5, FIA Norme 1986 or FIA Norme 8856-2000

+ 10.11 Harness. Faster than 130 MPH requires a five point harness with crotch strap. Quicker than 11.99 requires a four point harness.

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What exactly is a tailshaft loop?

This is a loop of steel that surrounds the tailshaft in the event that it should break, snap, let go etc and keeps it from digging into the surface of the track and flipping your car many many times :)

Picture this, your tailshaft fails for whatever reason and drops out of the gearbox (or similar) and points straight at the tarmac while you're halfway through your run doing 100mph. All bad.


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front shaft loops = yes

drive shaft loops = no

Front and tail shafts in GTR's face in the direction of travel and therefore pose a roll-over risk. Drive shafts do not.


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whats andras standing on split tailshafts though?? it used to be you didnt have to have a loop on a car with a centre bearing, such an a skyline... Oh another interesting point was the harness one obviously they dont enforce this rule very often as there are alot of cars i see competing time and time again without a harness that according to the rule need one!!!

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Guest two.06l
dats farked

what are you whinging about!. Dont you just change the number plates and try to pretend that you have never been to the track before.

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Oh another interesting point was the harness one obviously they dont enforce this rule very often as there are alot of cars i see competing time and time again without a harness that according to the rule need one!!!

Enforcing of the ANDRA rules at WSID seems to be inconsistent to me.

I got bounced 11/8/2004 for running slicks with radials on the front. I counted several other competitors doing the same thing who were allowed to do so by the same officials who pulled me up for it.

Anyone who runs 11.999 or quicker should have a four point harness, yet there are numerous competitors who break that rule.

On 12/6/2004 I ran against George in HYP10A when he ran 9.355 @ 145.44 MPH yet the car was not fitted with a parachute.

As for needing a tailshaft loop when you run 12.999 or quicker, how many times have the scrutineers jacked your car up to check?

The ANDRA rules are not enforced in a consistent manner by WSID scrutineers or ANDRA officials at the track. I think all the rules make sense and don't complain about any of them. But it's hard to swallow when the rules are enforced inconsistently, especially when you are on the wrong side of that inconsistency!

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