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1989 R32 GTS4 RB26DETT - Western Australia

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1989 R32 GTS4 RB26DETT - Western Australia

I have owned this car for over 10 years and now it comes time to move it on. It is a real shame to have this just sitting in the shed, but I rarely get to drive it any more.

Originally from factory as a GTS4 (so already AWD), pearl black, automatic, RB20DET. Only know this from a break down of the VIN. So a few things have changed. The RB26DETT and fairly much most of a GTR drivetrain and suspension had been fitted before I bought it.

Things I have done, or had done..

Resprayed ~10 years ago in silver.
Replaced transfer case, and then whole gearbox with a new R33 series 3 unit.
ORC 709D Twin Plate Clutch, with new slave and rebuilt master cylinder.
Garrett 707160-5 twin turbos fitted, new. Equivalents to the HKS 2530's.
700cc SARD injectors.
Apexi PFC.
Nismo AFM's.
R34 GTR Brembo front brakes with DBA5000 discs, reconditioned R32 GTR rears.
APEXI pod filters.
Tomei Poncam 'B' camshafts.
HKS Drager exhaust, Mine's dump pipes, Apexi front pipe.
Evo 8 recaros with drivers on Bride rail. GTR rear seat.
Genuine Nardi steering wheel.
VOLK Rays LE37 18x8.5 with Federal 595RS tires.
Koni adjustable shocks with Kings low springs.
Adjustable caster arms.
Reconditioned steering rack fitted.

Price  $16,000 ono.

Can either PM or phone/txt on o417 961145.

No Lowballs or time wasters thank you.

Not interested in swaps.







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Hey James,

been wanting to send a pic to you so u can see an update of ur old rig, I've lost ur number in my old phone. Cars been good bud I've had it off the road more than on the last 6 months unfortunately. Being where I am any parts are a wait in the mail, ontop of work the rediculous heat and dealing with my laziness it's taking longer than I would like lol.

as u can see all my focus has been on the engine bay since I got it,  trying to keep it suttle and tidy for mr plod. this pic was a few months ago after the FIRST time it went back together, unfortunately I had a vac leak i spent a few weeks trying to locate with no luck, so the plenum had to come off again ? Which as u would know is not the easiest task. It's currently still off while I wait for the tb's to be fully resealed. I'm taking no chances this time replacing and cleaning a few different items that can cause it. Things I've done since purchased, mods or preventative has been:

Had hyperdrive chuck it on the dyno before it came up here, 420hp @ 18psi

Rocker covers in millennium jade

hi octane triple flow baffles in rocker covers ( moved cam splash caps and replaced cam cap studs)

plenum painted a stock looking gloss silver.

twin turbo crossover pipe same colour as plenum

fuse box cover

cover for igniter, coil cover is currently back on the car. Coilpacks seem ok with heat atm

replaced all vac lines under plenum with oem ( cleaned iac valve and checked AAC also )

plenum and inlet manifold all skimmed, could see a bees dick of light with a straight edge.

replaced all o rings in balance tube

hi octane radiator air duct thingy lol

air box

bonnet struts ( only thing I skimped out on and they don't hold the bonnet up lol )

new mishimoto radiator with new fan clutch ( stays surprisingly cool in mid 40,s )

new oem thermostat

replaced front rhs driveshaft seal  (couldn't tell if it was leaking or the guys didn't clean around that area after u had the cvs rebuilt, replaced it anyway )

reseald front diff housing

relocated oil filter to under car next to crank pulley ( all new -10 lines and fittings )

flushed ic and bov crossover pipe

new oem overflow

oem Ac dash vent,

had aircon regassed, suprisingly after all those years still had some gas init, works ok, compressor bearings don't sound great though 

fitted/fitting new hi octane catchcan -12 lines with hose seperaptors running around lower side of strut tower instead of scratching the fresh paint on the covers lol. Still in the my middle of sortING a drain as I'm not removing the sump just yet. Will have a fitting welded on when if decide to baffle the sump.

fitting a complete driftworks hicas lockout kit,  I remember u sounding a bit pro hicas but i reckon it felt very unpredictable with some spirited driving. so far actuator removed and ps lines looped with a special fitting from the us that's loops the banjos without having to cut high pressure lines and hose clamp it back to circuit wich A lot of people seem to do when looping the lines ?

had a mate tidy up all the wiring around the strut tower and plugs around the fuse box, it was doing my head in looking at it, i couldn't even motivate myself to do it so I got a patient mate in. All split tubed tapped, recrimped, resoldered and runs along the chassis rail.

Prob a few other bits I've forgotten about. Car has been great when I've not got it in bits lol, I've  only had 2 issues arise to no fault of my own, oil leak from front turbo at the gasket on the front pipe, the oil soaked the exhaust wrap and was causing it to smoke quite badly. Fixed this asap and have new titanium wrap to go on once I've fitted the aem wideband sensor.  Oil temp gauge tends to creep upto 110 on occasion and then drops back to 90 when u hit a bump. Havnt sorted this yet.

Hoping having the tbs resealed, New Oem vac lines and everything flat will sort the vac leak. And I can enjoy it again! Before I take it off the road again for the good stuff like some suspension work and some power tweaks.

thought it would be nice for you to see where the old girls at, she's being looked after and is in good hands mate. Will do another post with pics when the single snail goes on  ?? hope things are well ur end and ur house is coming along nicely.

cheers Elijah.









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