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1997 GTST for sale, located in brisbane

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1997 GTST for sale, located in brisbane

Well it looks like I may be selling my white R33 GTST. It currently has 116k on the clock. I was the first owner in Australia and have had it since 2007, it had 40k on the clock when I bought it. The car is in really good condition with a fair few mods. Im looking to get $16 000. I will be taking it today for a nice wash and have a few things from my list to finish off that are half done before taking any pictures but am hoping to find someone who is interested in it now. The car has a flex fuel and gets just under 310kw on e85 and 290kw on 98 with a pretty safe tune. I spoke with my mechanic and he doesnt see any reason why it wouldnt pass a RWC and I'll be getting that done as soon as I can. I honestly wouldnt be selling it except for the fact I need a 4 door. Possibly interested in trades + cash either to or from me depending on the car.


New tires this year

18" wheels, wider wheels on the back with 275 tires

Full turbo back exhaust

Jim barry clutch


Vipec ecu

td06 turbo 2 years ago

1100cc id injectors with fuel rail

highflow fuel pump

upgraded fuel reg

coilovers - set to legal height

reconditioned radiator 2 years ago

reconditioned exhaust manifold 2 years ago

all suspension bushings changed last year

gps locating alarm

Clarion fold out head unit with polk speakers all around (I have 2 12s in the boot in custom fibreglass enclosures, the enclosures need some love as I didnt get the carpeted and havent sorted them out to paint but may keep the subs/amp and include the enclosures only)

Meerkat boost gauge pod with HKS boost gauge

Nismo speedo (came with the car new but when the tack started bouncing I changed the rest of it to a GTR and swapped the nismo speedo in)

I have a spare rear ganish that lights up and is all ready to be put in, just havent got around to it

The bad:

Wheels need a spray as the shadow chrome is peeling and there is a little gutter rash (that was there when I bought the wheels)

Clearcoat is coming off

small chip in the front indicator surround (someone backed into me with a towball and took off)

Needs a tune (it stall from time to time when the RPMs drop, coming to a red light for example)

Drivers seat is showing a little wear

If interested please give me a call or text 0416 627 645 and I'll get some photos up as soon as I can. Hard when you got 2 under 2 lol

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Thanks for that and I realise that Im in the 34 area but considering Ive done the majority of the upgrades in the last couple years I'd think that it would be worth 15k. I would've let it go for a fair bit less if someone had grabbed it off me before the work done this week... probably going to get the wheels reconditioned as well then up on carsales for 15.5k, maybe a little less for one of you guys though

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Put it this way, i just bought a s1 with same mods for 6k in qld for a friend. I also couldnt sell my old gtst for more than 10k with 300kw, haltech etc etc. Max these go for is 8 - 10k and they need to be immaculate. end of the day they are a 20 year old mass produced coupe. Nothing to warrant a high price. GLWS just my 2 cents.  

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Thanks for your opinion mate. I just cant understand where you think 9.5k is the price. If you search car sales now for the same model/year you will find 8, one auto. Lets take the auto out... that leaves 7 with 3 lower priced and 3 higher priced. Now if i look at kms there are 2 with lower. Im open to offers but if you have a look at whats around now mine is good value at 12.5k, id probably negotiate a bit 

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