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  1. we went through over 100 reports, multiple spam accounts. Just hit that report button.
  2. Yeah I know the feeling. I went through the same thing with wheel alignments (nothing compared to your problems). Thanks for sharing your experience though, hopefully we don't get sued for defamation or some crap so they try to take this down.
  3. Everyone is dodgy until proven otherwise. I try to do as much as I can on the car before I let someone else touch it, as it's a risky venture.
  4. Is there any reason you want Nismo ones and not something locally? I'm sure a company like K-Mac can spin up some fresh springs for the same specs.
  5. Yeah, although I don't know how common they are these days http://wedssport.jp/nisemono/index_en.html
  6. Open diff sucks arse on the track. Inside rear wheel just spins when you're trying to power out of corners.
  7. Yeah I know. Back when I first got my car, complete RB26DETT engine were selling for $3k-4k. Now, I get worried when I start the car and it makes lifter noises
  8. JDM Concept are official Work wheels distributor (I have no affiliation with then, they used to sell SSR wheels too before), so if you like something from Work catalogue, you could ask them (don't have to worry about fakes).
  9. Until the plastic timing chain guides break
  10. a few dealers on Parramatta Road were found to be photoshopping papers. Get the VIN checked by JOC/JHC etc history checking service.
  11. Yep, look at the prices of cassette head units that were literally thrown out back in the days.
  12. They have enough issues as it is, don't introduce another one. Sell the pod, spend the money on petrol/food. Keep driving until you have enough money for a better car.
  13. You can use a heat gun and lots of patience. You can re-use the 'glue' that's already on there, but make sure there aren't any gaps.
  14. Sad to hear about the crash but that wheel looks like it wasn't even tickled!
  15. I was watching the Carfection youtube video with Gordon Murray talking about his new car, he said he put those wind deflectors on the McLaren F1 because at highway speeds, the wiper would lift and be useless.
  16. The projectors have that little splitter thing and it connects to H4 plug (hence my H4 harness suggestion). I agree with you on fixing the bloody switch contacts, but once I cleaned/bent the pins and bunged in my harness, never had an issue. My GT-R came with burnt plug (at the switch). I'm guessing previous owners tried running 100W H3/H3C bulbs.
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