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  1. Fuse burning means you have a short. Don't put in fuses that are higher rated than what's specified, unless you want your car to catch fire.
  2. Don't buy shit LEDs, buy Philips or Osram 4,000K T10
  3. Just get this: https://www.hpr-tuning.com/product-page/nissan-skyline-gtr-gs7-dct-kit
  4. look for one out an Evo or late model STI?
  5. It takes quite a bit of effort to modify the forum software, so the reports and threads are helpful. What whiskey you drinking mlr?
  6. Once upon a time R32 GT-R didn't mean spending 3k to fix a trim
  7. Yep 2L engine (road car) that's from Mercedes-Benz. No idea on the TCR cars, I assume same engine as the A-class
  8. Just wait for the 400Z (if you ignore the boardroom shenanigans)
  9. I remember calling Nissan about a new CAS (before the GT-R boom), they wanted $2,000 (had to wait for it to come from Japan). Got a second hand one off fatz for $50 (wasn't an issue, was the AFM)s. But yeah, be careful with those, they cost a pretty penny these days
  10. I really wanted a Q50 and almost blew my budget for a hybrid one. They are surprisingly holding their value well.
  11. I had CBI in a retrofitted headlight, very good. Never tried CBB although it might be getting a bit too blue for my liking. I'm happy with the standard 4300K bulbs (about $50 each for Philips/Osram depending on discounts).
  12. I'm guessing they're D2S but you can look at the top of the headlight, it should be stamped somewhere. If not, check the owner's manual, or pull the bulb out.
  13. I don't think he'll reply Joined December 12, 2018 Last visited December 12, 2018
  14. double rear anti-roll bars was a ghetto mod because R31 reasons. Don't need it but some people used to do it for drifting or whatever.
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