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  1. Limp mode... automatic transmission? Turbo will work if you can rev the car under load, unless it's broken. Drop the cat and check for turbo exhaust wheel.
  2. niZmO_Man

    That seems like a lot of negative camber, heaps low car? Considering Nismo specs are usually 9-9.5 +38 for rear (fronts are identical from what I've seen).
  3. niZmO_Man

    Anything on the back of the wheels? Or stickers on the barrel?
  4. niZmO_Man

    Check that all the connections at the positive terminals are good. Change the terminal if you have to.
  5. niZmO_Man

    Nope but I'm assuming you want stancenationvapeinstalikes so run 185 wide tyres and make them fit.
  6. Lambo coils sounds better than GT-R coils?
  7. niZmO_Man

    I put TEIN street basis z on my wagon, surprising comfy. Look up the part number on demon-tweeks
  8. Oh shit man, not good (the redundancy bit). Hopefully you can get something else, gotta fund this project
  9. niZmO_Man Probably that but yeah, measure it and buy appropriate hose from wherever.
  10. niZmO_Man

    Probably shit fuel (e.g. water in fuel tank at the servo).
  11. Aftermarket steering wheel can cause HICAS light to turn on Car running shit, could be timing or injectors or a host of other stuff, take it to mechanics or diagnose every angle yourself. You changed AFM which is good, what about spark plugs? Coils?
  12. I wonder if fatz would approve of this move?
  13. niZmO_Man

    Umm does this work?
  14. niZmO_Man

    Maybe the other actuators are dead as well?
  15. Check for prices around your area.
  16. niZmO_Man

    Nice wheels! Corsa?
  17. niZmO_Man

    Yeah might as well, they're cheap to replace.
  18. niZmO_Man

    Thread closed. Please consider using the search as this topic has been covered.
  19. niZmO_Man

    R32 Skyilne mat mostly covers the bottle. But I had no problems with police, one even pointed to it and said "that's a good idea". You can also put it on the passenger side.
  20. I'm surprised mine are still going even after track days. But they'll probably start failing after I post this. In saying that, I drove my car once last year so it's not like it's used a lot.
  21. R32 trying to looks like an R33? No thanks
  22. niZmO_Man

    Remember to run relays harness when you replace them. The standard circuit isn't that good and it sounds like your bulbs are drawing a lot of current.
  23. I run Yellowjackets, no issues (1.1mm spark plug gap). Although my engine is standard everything. Once you start leaning on them, you'll run into problems. There's a reason they're cheap, and a replacement for standard engine/turbo/boost level (it gets you going at the very least). If you're planning on more power, do what the others above said.