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Reverse flow FMIC piping on GTST's

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What do you think about reverse flow FMIC piping on GTST's

What I mean is to come out of the turbo, across the top of the radiator down thru RH inner guard, thru intercooler and return thru LH inner guard using the factory intercooler hole and up to the engine crossover pipe.

The advantage is less heat soak to the intercooler pipng from the intercooler to engine. This will end up having the same amount of heat soak to the piping as the factory piping did

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sounds like a good idea, no idea on the thermodynamics flow side of it. you would also have lesss bends before the input side as normally you need about 2 or 3 wide bends to get back to the plenum, whereas you only have 1 main bend which is from the outlet side to plenum inlet side, as the rest are just soft curves

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i had my piping setup this way, works well and the pipe from the cooler to plenum doesn't get that hot.

this way you can also keep the pipe diameter 3" from the cooler outlet to the intake plenum if you want.

pic here

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my laurel with rb25det is set up like this.. seems to work well, heatsoak would have to be less of an issue due to the cool side being much shorter..

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Mine is setup so that it uses the stock piping route.

The hot air comes out of the turbo down in to the front bumper via the stock piping route, it then runs below and slightly behind the FMIC which then does 2 90 degree bends in to the FMIC (drivers side), the tank has the inlet positioned in the center of the core.

The cool air then travels out of the fmic via a very short route back in to the stock piping and thats it :P

Touching the turbo out piping, its damn hot almost too hot to touch. :S

The turbo is pushed to its limits BUT the fmic is definitely doing its job as you can feel the inlet side tank being hot then over the core it gradually becomes cold to touch, the outlet tank and piping is cold, apart from the engine cross over pipe obviously.

Both methods have exactly the same amount of 90 degree bends so they should flow exactly the same, the across the engine bay does have a slightly shorter turbo outlet distance.

Hope that makes sense.. I was up at 3am this morning. :S

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i have a fairly cheap FMIC kit and the piping that come from the cooler to the inlet manifold gets hots i was just wondering if heat wrap would help? i know most ppl say it keeps heat in not out but there shouldn't be any heat in the pipes so instead it will just stop heat getting in. The outlet side of the FMIC feels nice and cold after a drive but that pipe gets hot

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