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SAU QLD Executive Members and Club Details


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Hello all as you may or may not know there have been a few changes over the last few months with regards to the Executive members.

As of the 04 December 2004 there has been a new group of executives for the club myself being one of them, the following is a list of the new executive group.

James - Belgarion - President Email

Cyrus - Ska - Vice President Email

Dirk - Robocop - Treasurer Email

Mike - Oz - Secretary Email

Erin - NismoGirl - Events/Promotions/Merchandise Email

Marc - Revhead - Web Design Email

If People have any Questions or thoughts please feel free to PM or email any one of us and we will glad to help you out.

Membership Application mailing address:

Skylines Australia (Qld)

PO Box 5149


For EFT transfer detials, please PM Dirk (Robocop)

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Guest Variable

Hi guys,

Please complete the membership form attached and return it to us via snail mail, in person or by fax.

Once we have your form I'll PM you our bank details (direct deposit is our preferred method).

When we have your money (insert evil laugh), we'll process the membership and get your card printed up and sent out ASAP. Since there might be some delays with the cards, we're happy to vouch for your membership with any of the sponsors to ensure that you are getting the benefits immediately.

We are still waiting on the stickers but we do have shirts in stock if you would like to purchase one of these.

Any queries, let us know know.


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He's that guy.. you know the cop who gets his arms and things cut off by these gang of thugs during a bust, then comes back as "robocop" to kick their ass, and then take on the evil droid competitor "ED209".. jeez..

Anyhow, that membership form is a good start. Which address do I mail it to, and which account details would I deposit it into?

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