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Wrecking SI r33 gtst

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Gday Fellars

Wrecking a sI r33 gtst. The car has been well maintained, with 90000 ks on the clock.

All running bits are available and undamaged. That is, engine, turbo, box, radiator, etc. full brake set in excellent condition.

All interior is available and in excellent condition.

For the exterior:

The bonnet is bent, but repairable - offers

right guard

right door

right rear 1/4 panel

boot lid with sII spoiler

rear bar

roof skin

The shell itself is rolling, and it is in pretty good condition. The insurance company just decided to write it off, because it is an import and too much trouble to source the parts etc. and also, the chasis is slightly bent. Perfect for a drag or track car buildup. reasonable offers

Anything not mentioned as sold is available, like I said, the whole car is still here. I'll write down parts as I sell them, so If they're not written down, I still have them

Stuff sold so far

Anything any of you need, just ask, In regards to price, my price range is just the price that this stuff normally goes for,


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- dash surround plastic with all attachments ( bottons, clips, clock, vents ,coin holders etc etc )

- gear stick plastic surround including ash tray

- drivers side plastic arm rest with window/ door control switches

can you send me pic's and prices to : [email protected]



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do you have this plastic panel section that clips on under the steering wheel under the dash? it has about 5 clips that hold it on, they snap easily, is this part available with all clips intact? See image attached.

Also the drivers side a-pillar, is this available, without any holes drilled in it or clips missing?



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    • hey GTSboy thanks for the quick reply. im on stock ECU  Surprisngly enough i unplug everything and replug everything, readings are still off but the car drove...ok haha So far this is what i have done. - Replaced ECU (still 1.5v) - Replaced Boost sensor (still 1.5v) Now the next thing i tried is to unplug the TPS and only plug in the Boost sensor to see if it reads 5v. No it still only read 1.5v.  Its a new boost sensor and i know i have 5v if i dont plug the sensor back in, so that means the power wire is good. So now im thinking that it might be a bad ground on the boost sensor plug.  on the FSM says the ground to the boost sensor is  a sensor ground, can i add a ground wire from the boost sensor ground wire to the the engine itself to ground it? or chassis?
    • OK, so, assuming that there is nothing wrong with either the original or new boost sensor, then it would seem that there might be something wrong in the loom wiring to that sensor. This is troublesome, because if that were true, then you might expect the problem to persist when the sensor was unplugged. But seeing as the voltage comes good when it is unplugged, it would suggest that the fault might (and I stress might) be right at the loom plug. Either that, or the fault might be at the ECU, on the line in from the boost sensor. When you unplug the boost sensor, that input at the ECU is isolated from the TPS sensor and can't affect it. This would be semi-bad, as an ECU problem is never welcome, but at least you'd know where the problem is and it might be fixable, or at least replaceable. Do you have Nistune, or any other way of looking at ECU data? I'd want to drive the car around with the boost sensor unplugged and see the TPS working properly, then not working properly with the sensor plugged back in. You're not trying to run more than ~18 psi either? Right? Because even with Nistune that can be difficult with the boost sensor connected. Just checking, in case it might have some bearing on the issue. It shouldn't cause the voltage situation you're seeing though.
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