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Trick out your PS2 for $0.00


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The good people at AusDigital have released an all-in-one GUI based Exploit disc compiler to make life VERY easy for everyone. details at http://www.ausdigital.net/

All you need now is a PSX disc, PC, CD burner, PS2 & memcard, net adaptor & IDE HDD. Brain no longer required.

For all the peeps who've PM'd/posted about their slim ps2's with no expansion bay...USBadvance is here.. this is the fix for PS2 slim console owners who wish to store/boot game images from a hard drive from 40 gig to 2 terabytes(!) & SAVE YOUR LASER !

There's been quite a few other developments since I started this thread. Notably a toxicOS patched HDL that supports DVD9 & a few more games inc Soul Calibur 2 (yay!)

Headline item 3 is: there's a fix for GT4, so you can launch it from HDL/HDA, and it's damn fast to load. If there's anyone who can host it, I'll submit the files & the tut - Lemme know.

for all the people who've asked "where do I get the files"

please read the first page of this thread, it's all there

Lastly, I encourage anyone to have a go at this, the tut's I've linked to a few posts down are very thorough, and the results are rewarding. You may learn a thing or two as well. :)


Due to 13_devil's thread being locked for getting a little off-topic, I've decided to dedicate a thread & share some valuable information for anyone with a PS2 who is either:

1. Bored with it

2. Wants more from it

3. Is thinking Xbox is better because of all the cool homebrew appz.

4. Gets frustrated with the ridiculous load times

5. Doesn't like the risk of opening it, soldering 18+ SMD points to fit a modchip

Have a look at the attached pic. It shows my PS2's boot screen. By pressing the assigned controller buttons in Keylauncher I can:

Launch my own homebrew apps from the HDD with DMS Explorer

Transfer .ISO images from the PC to HDD using fast-arm protocol with FAPLink.

Launch a standalone FTP server with ExecFTPS

Store & launch game images from the HDD with HDLoader.

Dump any data to the HDD (ie, .mp3, .avi etc) with DMS Dump tool.

Create, delete, rename, resize any partition with DMS HDD Format tool.

LaunchELF allows me to launch more apps from the boot screen.

CogSwapLoader allows booting of CDR & DVDR media without a modchip or Gameshark/SwapMagic etc.

I would have the Media Player on as well, but not enough free space on the mem. card.

All these apps are copyright free, cost nothing and launch straight off the mem.card. All you need to spend bucks on is an IDE HDD & Sony network adapter.

That lot should come in under $200

Oh, and you need an original, ie black pressed PSOne game to trigger the exploit.

and a means of booting CDR's. I use a retail copy of HDadvance.

Please post here if you would like to know more. I won't author a big tutorial unless there is sufficient demand. Let's just say friends that I've done this for were thrilled with the results.

Cheers for now


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i got both.. xbox still is better for the homebrew crap.. like media center..

but i'm a bit over the lot really.. i just like to insert a game and play these days, after all thats what they're for. .. and that my pc is good for other things.

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THis may be a silly question but why would you do that to the PS2?

I mean.. the only reason to mod a ps2 (in my mind) would be if you could download DVDR's indescriminatly, burn them and play them.

Failing that ftp, avi's, mp3s etc you have a pc for ... so .. what gives?

Not trying to pick I'm genuinely interested.


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well i've modded my Xbox with a 250gb HDD and a shiteload of homebrew software allowing me to play emulators for arcade games to Media Centre to play DivX's and music Vids. I'm in the process of writing a datalogger for use on the xbox so I can hook it up to my HKS camp (which sends out readings using a telnet interface) and log readings from it so I can use it in my car.

The idea is that an Xbox and a PS2 are self contained units that you can use away from your PC, eg in a lounge room and in a car.

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In car entertainment system as opposed to incar PC? The PS2 is much easier to fit. Seems to be the only reason I can think of.

HDD Loaders are very popular though as they can decrease load time "apparently" and avoid disc read errors like my old shitty V3 experiences.

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so one of these tricked out PS2's could be like a media centre for a car? MP3's, play DVD's, or .avi, DivX and shit???

save you from having to change CD's and DVD's and shit, if you have a HDD big enough to store a heap of DVD rips

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so one of these tricked out PS2's could be like a media centre for a car? MP3's, play DVD's, or .avi, DivX and shit???  

save you from having to change CD's and DVD's and shit, if you have a HDD big enough to store a heap of DVD rips

that's what my xbox does, and it outputs digital audio into a 5.1 sound processor, so I can get DTS in my car :thumbsup: overkill yes, but hey :)

so how do you do it in a PS2? is there a website like xbox-scene.com for the PS2 with guides? What modchip should you use for best results? Does it work on the slimline PS2 or X or whatever its called?

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It's done with what's called the MC exploit.

Basically, a PS2 can be fooled into booting from the MC through a security exploit triggered by an original PlayStation game disc. NO chip required.

The best place to get the software is www.eurasia.nu sign up for an account for full access.

The best tutorial on the subject is http://lookatthemonkeys.com/html/ps2tut.html for Aus/Europe PS2 substitute any reference for BADATA-SYSTEM to BEDATA-SYSTEM, and SLUS_**** to SCES_****

For HDloader/HDadvance game compatibility database http://homepage.ntlworld.com/casey.miller/HD%20Loader%20Compatibility.htm :)/http://homepage.ntlworld.com/casey....

I basically follow this procedure except my BOOT.ELF is Keylauncher, and the CONFIG.DAT needs to be edited appropriately. If you've hacked consoles before (Shan) you'll find it very straightforward. A little challenging (but very rewarding) for n00bs.

Yeehaa ! I'm getting back to Bulrnout 3 (I'm practicing for my P's)

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Shan, you don't need ANY modchip - this is what is so cool about it, it's purely a security exploit. Yeah I've chipped Xbox's, with the whole EvoX dash & apps etc, but this one blew me away - no hardware hacks whatsoever.

Gohan: the PS2reality mediaplayer will play DivX, Xvid, MP3 & JPEG. It will play files from a HDD but it's a little tricky. As for using it in a car for media I think Jay95's solution is far more practical. I only use the mediaplayer to watch .avi's on the telly.

CC: I think you're on to something good with that DVD-R train of thought. Up there for dancing ! The FTP & FAP servers are for transferring data between PS2-PC, so you don't have to burn a sh!tload of CD/DVD's to get stuff on the HDD.

NJR: load times are reduced by about 60-70% - significant, plus everyone knows that PS2 lasers are pissweak & prone to failure. No more waiting or load on the laser.

Hope that clears up some confusion :confused:

More screenshots attached.

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Ive been told from a work mate that you cant actually put a HDD in the new PS2 Slim but is it possible to make it external? The Same workmate is gonna put hard drive and network adaptor and do the rest of that mumbo jumbo all i have to do is supply the parts which is 60$ for Network adaptor and 160$ for 150gb HDD. does anyone know where i can get these cheaper?

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PGen - Genesis/MegaDrive EMU.

IMBNES - (It Might Be Nes)

There's an Atari 2600 EMU

Snes Station - Super Nintendo


off the top of my head. I'm pretty sure Eurasia has all the appz ever made for PS2.

Here's some pics of Pgen & Snes Station

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