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  1. For sale is my BRAND NEW Cusco RS LSD 263 L15B For ECR33 etc. Price $1200. SAU members can get $50 discount. Buyer to pay the postage. 1.5way/2way adjustable. It is BRAND NEW. Never fitted. Bought from Japan directly. Comes with a diff cover gasket. Do your own research. I do not know if it fits any other cars. Selling because no longer have the car. Sad story. eXtreme HD clutch for ECR33 RB25DET. Replacement for the stock clutch. Had been used for about 8k kms. Only $50. Can swap for something of interesting, digital things etc? Check pics for condition. Located Hobart.
  2. Thanks for answering. Can I ask why it is no for the second question? What is the difference between manifold pressure and piping pressure? Cheers
  3. The issue of factory rubber or silicone intake pipes is that they will collapse or fold when hot, which will limit your air intake volume. This can be solved by making the rubber or silicone intake pipes hard, eg putting brackets inside them. At least my tuner told me that.
  4. Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I have been working on my RB25DET for a while. It has a Freddy FFP and an TB adapter to keep the original TB. I am now making a new intercooler piping for it to put on a larger TB and remove the adapter. It would look a little bit more legit without that adapter. Here comes the 1st question. Can I remove the IAC PIPING? By that I would like to know if the IAC can suck air from atmosphere directly, not from the intake piping and after the MAF? Of course I will fit on an filter if I can delete it. I am asking because by deleting IAC PIPING can make the intercooler piping look better and make the engine bay a little more legit. The ECU is PFC, if it matters. The next question is about the boost reference for the boost controller. It was from the intercooler piping, between TB and intercooler. I wonder if I can use the manifold pressure (from a nozzle on the manifold) as the boost reference provided to the boost controller and waste gate? The boost controller is Apexi AVC-R and the waste gate is an internal one with an 1bar actuator. Thank you all again.
  5. Hi. Can you post some pics of the Q45 TB? Does it come with a TPS? Cheers.
  6. Hi guys. I just move to Tassie from Vic with my 33 this week. On day one here I noticed I need to go to workshop immediately. My exhaust is too low. It always rubs on the ground every time I drive through a tall speed bump or what ever. I guess I need a custom made exhaust hanger in the middle of it, or cut and re-fabricate my existing hangers. So can any one recommend some exhaust shops? Other performance shops are also welcome. I know I will also need them soon. Btw, where do you guys go for “entertainment“, like Kinglake in Vic? Thank you all in advance.
  7. Okay. I am gonna keep my vic plate. Thanks bro.
  8. No. I need to transfer the registration to Tas. Maybe even a Tas license. Dont want to abandon my 33 at all. Sad.
  9. Hi guys. not sure is I should post this here but seems no better places for this topic... So I am moving to Tas next month from Vic with my R33 registered in Vic. After a quick research I found that I have to pass AIS inspection to get Tas rego&plate. So can anyone here explain a bit about AIS inspection? Is it similar to Vic's rwc test? How hard&strict is it ? My modifications includes freddy plenum,fmic, bov, ebc, coilovers and something not so obvious. Any other suggestions ? Thank you all in advance.
  10. Hi. I have a set of stock shocks and springs and also a set of short springs. Actually the 2 rear shocks are bought in 2016 and have been used for just about 5000 kms. Where are you located? I am in Mel. Cheers Michael
  11. Need a single Rota P45R 17x9 +25 black. Located in SE Mel, but will travel to pick up. Cheers. Michael
  12. Thank you. Your suggestions are appreciated. I bought Penrite this time. Maybe next time I can buy some Cusco oil.
  13. Hi guys. I know this might has been asked a thousand times but I just did not find a good answer. Just forgive me and give me an answer please, thanks. So I just bought a Cusco RS LSD for my r33 gtst and am finding the proper oil for it. Iread cusco doesn't recommond full syn oil for its lsds. However penrite seems to only offer full syn lsd oils in its pro gear range. What oil should I use? Should I go penrite's normal diff oil(the green label ones) or somethings else? Better to be something I can find in Autobarn or SCA. Also, what viscosity do you suggest? The car is a basically street car. Kinglake about twice a month. Thank you all in advance.
  14. Hi guys. WTB a set of 550cc or larger side feed injectors for my s1 r33 gtst. They must be genuine and fit the stock fuel rail. Located in SE Melbourne. I also have a set of 850cc modified bosch top feed injectors for swap. Thank you.
  15. Hi. Is it a workshop manual or just a simple owner manual? If it is a workshop manual, I'll take it. Thanks.
  16. Machine shop recommendations? Hi guys. I am looking for a machine shop to deck my RB25 and something more. Can anyone recommend me some? Better in SE Melbourne. Cheers. Btw how much will it usually cost to deck a engine?
  17. Got EBC. Still need dump&front pipe and cat! Help me plz!
  18. That makes sense. So do you have some suggestion? Thank you in advance.
  19. that sucks. i will definitely avoid this... thank you for that information.
  20. refurbished injectors, are they usable? Hi all. I am budget building my r33 gtst now. Got hypergear turbo and pfc. Now looking after injectors. Planning to make 250-270rwkw. Found these injectors on ebay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-Genuine-740cc-fuel-injectors-RR544-for-Nismo-Nissan-Skyline-R33-RB25DET-ECR33-/112089938321?hash=item1a1914b991:g:YkIAAOSwawpXq-aw&autorefresh=true They are marked "- PROFESSIONALLY re-manufactured" and "- Spray, Flow and leak tested". I reckon they look good. So just want to ask are they really good? Or can you recommend anything else that can do the job and is cheap? Btw, what afm do people use on rb25 today? Still z32 afm?
  21. something like“ひ/?? 穴” ひ does not really make sense I think. ?? I cannot tell what it is. 穴 means "hole" That's all I know.
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