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  1. Got rid of the HKS pods and went back to a standard airbox, but since I run a MAP sensor , no AFM. Haltech ECU instead of standard and FCON PRO, Had new Longer BC inserts put in the front suspension to raise the car off the ground. Just waiting for a MOMO Factory wheel to turn up. All fluids changed, new battery. New radio,new tyres. New cam belt and water pump and new secondhand heater box, and fix sundry leaks
  2. That looks like someone has done that so it can't be removed.
  3. Probably find when they did the compliance they were removed and the anchor bolts for the child restraints were put there.
  4. kimbod

    M4 Bad Fuel

    Depends what state you are in which refinery it comes from. Since there are no operating refineries in NSW most fuel is imported from Singapore or a small amount comes from Brisbane. Shell is imported , though a small amount comes from Victoria. BP refinery in Brisbane is shutting down soon . So what I am saying is the vast majority of finished product is imported . There is some refinery interchange between companies . Also all fuel has a set of govt regulations to stick to. RON +/- .5 of a number . Yes some do have additives . You also have differing fuel between company owned or woolies / coles. etc . To say one is rubbish and others are not, is just anecdotal , Depends on where it was sourced, how long it was in transit, how long has it been sitting in tanks etc
  5. kimbod

    M4 Bad Fuel

    No sydney refinery, Import from Singapore , unless some out of Queensland. Will be the tanks at the servos. niZmO_Man, where do you think Mobil fuel comes from ?
  6. When I swapped to the NISMO stuff. mine did as well.
  7. kimbod


    radios were an option. It came with a radio and speakers. Changed the head unit and speakers. Nothing besides AP six pot calipers got changed . ALL the original gear still on it, HID's , cat, exhaust. Oh and NISMO circuit boards for the MFB
  8. Supply is a bit short at moment. We cant get 98 or 95 out of the refinery due to a contamination problem with the gaso pipe under Botany Bay to Banksmeadow and Silverwater. So price goes up. Also Coles and Woolies now pretty much control the price at the bowsers
  9. A lot more complex than that
  10. Since you are in Qld , the fuel will be sourced from BP Bulway Island or Caltex Lytton ,
  11. What state you live in ?
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