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  1. I was also at Winton. Your car caught my eye, I was wondering where I had seen it before. Unfortunately I was having issues with mine for most of the day so I didn't get a chance to come up for a look and say g'day. I did however admire it each time I was lining up for the day. Congrats on the PB.
  2. Looking good mate. Got a proposed track day for a shake down?
  3. I'm in. Been a while but it's just like riding a bike right? Except I'm in a car... Ahwell, I'll just stick to my old ways. When in doubt... Burn out. See you all soon! Reppin for the North East (f**k Campbell).
  4. Hello hello. Cassie and myself will fill your long Wang spotters vacancies. Join the rest of the ferals out on the back track! (jokes) Happy to be of service.
  5. Cass and I will take it Bec. Is it free for both nights?
  6. Don't want to be an arse, but will you guys/girls be doing any form of CAMS licencing Saturday morning? I think you used to, just not sure if you still do. If so what price so I can bring exact monies. If not, is it $50.00 for the AASA? Sorry I left this so late, but there is always one... And it's usally me. Thanks in advance, Brendan. P.S. Bring on Saturday, rain, hail, or shine... it'll be warm in the pub!
  7. Option 1 for myself and Cassie. Sounds like fun. Brendan.
  8. This is correct. 1 room for Cass and myself, Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks Bec. Can't wait.
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