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  1. Ant (pun intended )
  2. buy my stuff

    1. Trex


      Don't tell me what to do.


  3. For sale is a nismo twin plate competition type to suit late model R32 GTR and also R33 GTR (pull type) Only done 4,999km Number of launches can be counted on one hand while at the drag strip. All plates in excellent condition Includes nismo lightweight fly wheel and bolts $1,900 Pick up only Located Gold Coast Arundel PM me or call 0404 006 580
  4. good very good.
  5. off course you sexy man. Silly boy.
  6. wow - many feels for you too Roy. They are just commentators mate don't take it too hard Then again everyone has their 'off days' some longer than others, but then again the English have always been smug when it comes to sport.
  7. nous sommes jamais seuls. Bienvenue a SAU!!
  8. Many feels for Toyota, many feels :ermm: :unsure: