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  1. No real data as such but the 2 G series cars id piped up have both already ditched them lol. 2.2L evo with a G35 900 .83 rear made 500kw but was quite lazy. Evo has gone to a 9280 1.45. Results are yet to come. 3L GTR with a G35 1050 1.21 rear made 630kw The GTR went to a 6875 PTE and the PTE Chopped it absolutely everywhere and made quite a bit more grunt! I have a dynosheet somewhere but CBF finding it 🤣
  2. 1.15 would be a better thing for your setup. Especially if you keep V cam!
  3. I know mate. Not having a crack at you. But you already have the data from a full effort 3.2L & it doesn't align with what he said?
  4. I think he's dreaming.... Have a look another look at Reapers graph that you posted? A large static cam 2.8 will do better than a 3.2L V cam? 🤔
  5. The thing with the step 2 and or pro is you really don't need the extra 20° of swing they give you and realistically the cams are still average for your application. 10.8mm of lift maximum is more than ample anything over that is just hammering your top end unnecessarily. 30° of swing is more than enough and a custom grind cam will far outweigh the extra swing performance wise & $$$ wise! A custom grind intake cam will be thousands of dollars less so I don't know what you're basing that on? I think you're bang on in going up a turbine size mate for the extra flow and to help keep the EMAP happy with the extra cubes. But f**k those Jun cams off dude lol! Or at least the intake cam 🤣
  6. Realistically a 2.8L with a 1000+hp turbo isn't gunna be THAT streetable. It kinda puts you in "the middle" as it's not going to be good on the street & it's not gunna get you anywhere in roll racing either. Obviously this is just my opinion and no doubt a 650kw car is gunna pull like a freight train once it wakes up! But making a car that's gunna be laggy on the street to compete in the 2nd biggest dick shwinging contest after WTAC every couple of weeks/once a month is going to ruin the car for all those other drives you will take it on. I think you're off ya head ditching V cam and the 6466 man. 6466 + vcam + 2.8L + sequential will make for a brutally fast/responsive car thats gunna do street duties, SAU cruises amazingly well! But realistically it ain't gunna change your roll racing result at the end of the night cos you're going home once the big boys come out to play anyways. All you're doing is sacrificing a f**ktonne of low/midrange & overall average grunt for a lazy 50kw up top dude? At the expense of 80-100kw of midrange grunt and far more drivability off boost ditching V cam. Ditching V cam on a street car is a huge mistake. You've felt the gains its given you and you're basically going 2.8L to give you the low down grunt V cam has given you. You're taking a big sideways step with shit cams and no skinny cam. Bigger cubes & v cam is the only logical choice for a street car. All you're building is a top end screamer in the "guise" of a street car imo.
  7. How do you know how much I drive my car? In fact I bet its been driven more than yours between engine breaks and builds.
  8. Lasted longer than Johnnie's engine still 🤷‍♂️
  9. Don't wreck ya car with a precision lol. Precision turbos are like bumholes.. Everybody has 1!
  10. Thats a pretty "broad statement " turbo size pends on many things. Too big of a turbo is exactly the same as too small of a turbo it depends where you drive the car as to where you need the grunt.
  11. Why are you chucking money at all these different turbos when your setup isn't optimised?
  12. $1570 is a rort. I wouldn't pay that for that heap of shit. Whoever "some guy" is is a knob lol. I'd go Nistune over Halal all day. If you want the best its Motec or Emtron really.
  13. Nice result mate! Lots of hard work put into the setup covering all the finer details which is showing in your results so far! Driven the car yet?
  14. I thought that was part of an escort service but?
  15. I agree with the Pig. Build it the right size with quality muffs and there shouldn't be an issue. Something the pig didn't point out is the mess this shit leaves under your car. These things are starting to become quite valuable too so having it caked with exhaust soot and oily shit makes it a nightmare anytime you wanna work underneath the thing too. This kinda thing devalues your car and is what draws the police's attention to our cars with this kinda rubbish and unnecessary noise.
  16. You have 15k worth of fuel systems in 2 300kw cars. 🧐 They definitely weren't needed in your situation. 1x $280 525 Walbro in each car woulda been fine. Even NASA woulda approved!
  17. Covid tax? 50k for a broken car in pieces? 🧐 Good luck with the sale mate...
  18. Yep it's a seriously dangerous car in the wrong hands. Hopefully these Kent's make the winner have to do some sort of driver training course or something before they get the keys.
  19. See the dipshits that burnt the AMG they won from these guys? Lol
  20. Its already sold. Buy tickets in raffle to win it instead
  21. Don't you dare use common sense in this discussion! Just remember turbos are an afterthought and nobody ever builds a turbo car and anticipates a turbo upgrade...
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