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Time Attack Challenge Results


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Hi All,

If you are interested in coming to one of the days send me a PM with your email address and I'll put you on the mailing list.


To find all the info about track day go to:



TRACK: Qld Raceway Sprint

GTR Class:


0:55.10, x:xx.xx, R32, Giant

0:57.32, x:xx.xx, R32, jetman

0:57.79, x:xx.xx, R34, Baboo

0:58.50, x:xx.xx, R33, maccattack

0:58.88, 1:10.39, R34, Willo

0:59.81, x:xx.xx, R32, J-Boy

1:00.53, x:xx.xx, R32, Dazmo

1:01.49, 1:09.69, R32, si

1:03.86, 1:09.99, R32, MountainRunner

1:03.95, x:xx.xx, R33, JGB33

1:05.47, x:xx.xx, R32, Ad_N

1:06.24, x:xx.xx, R32, Rob_32_VSPEC

1:06.65, 1:16.68, R33, Toy33

1:06.66, x:xx.xx, R32, ParagOn

x:xx.xx, 1:08.30, R33, jlNewton

x:xx.xx, 1:08.90, R32, Dazmo

GTS Class:


1:00.22, x:xx.xx, R34, jmac

1:00.79, x:xx.xx, R33, Stealth

1:01.73, 1:15.41, R32, nf.

1:03.22, x:xx.xx, R34, R34GTX

1:03.58, 1:13.56, R33, jlnewton

1:03.78, x:xx.xx, R32, Azzurra

1:04.05, x:xx.xx. R34, SkylineGTT25

1:04.35, 1:14.29, R33, SirSkyline

1:04.41, x:xx.xx, R33, FineLine

1:04.50, x:xx.xx, R33, OperationSideways

1:04.47, 1:12.36, R32, Lazy-Bastard

1:06.12, x:xx.xx, R33, r_speedfreak_r

1:06.24, x:xx.xx, R33, Space Ninja

1:07.44, x:xx.xx, R33, mikel

1:07.78, x:xx.xx, R33, Col-GTSX

1:07.87, x:xx.xx, R34, MrGilly

1:08.37, x:xx.xx, R33, R33Skyliner

1:08.62, x:xx.xx, R33, rhinorebel

1:09.87, 1:16.10, R32, predator

1:09.88, 1:16.59, R33, EUG

1:10.79, x:xx.xx, R33, silverbulletR33

1:11.35, x:xx.xx, R32, slapper

1:12.51, x:xx.xx, R33, gts25t4door

x:xx.xx, 1:20.30, R33, JCMarshall_Law

x:xx.xx, 1:21.99, R33, Mr.R33

TRACK: Qld Raceway Clubman

GTR Class:


0:58.08, x:xx.xx, R32, giant

1:00.30, x:xx.xx, R32, jetman

1:00.74, x:xx.xx, R34, Baboo

1:02.35, x:xx.xx, R33, maccattack

1:02.66, 1:15.24, R34, Willo

1:04.35, x:xx.xx, R32, J-Boy

1:04.35, 1:14.14, R32, Dazmo

1:05.33, 1:13.61, R32, TuneR32

1:05.61, x:xx.xx, R33, GROWLS GTR

1:06.08, 1:13.94, R32, si

1:06.42, 1:14.11, R32, MountainRunner

1:07.30, x:xx.xx, R32, Rob_32_VSPEC

1:08.74, x:xx.xx, R32, Ad_N

1:08.94, 1:20.55, R33, Toy33

1:10.12, x:xx.xx, R32, ParagOn

1:13.94, x:xx.xx, R33, JGB33

1:17.01, x:xx.xx, R32, IanB

x:xx.xx, 1:14.60, R33, jlNewton

GTS Class:


1:02.79, x:xx.xx, R34, jmac

1:04.46, x:xx.xx, R33, Stealth

1:04.77, 1:18.21, R33, jlnewton

1:05.21, 1:18.58, R32, nf.

1:05.73, x:xx.xx, R34, R34GTX

1:06.24, x:xx.xx, R32, $$slowmedown

1:08.01, x:xx.xx, R33, rhinorebel

1:08.01, x:xx.xx, R34, SkylineGTT25

1:08.21, x:xx.xx, R32, slapper

1:08.27, 1:16.49, R32, Lazy-Bastard

1:08.90, x:xx.xx, R33, FineLine

1:09.04, 1:23.13, R33, JCMarshall_Law

1:09.09, 1:17.46, R33, SirSkyline

1:09.53, x:xx.xx, R33, Col_GTSX

1:10.42, x:xx.xx, R33, jaqule

1:10.46, x:xx.xx, R33, slamm

1:10.67, x:xx.xx, R34, MrGilly

1:11.18, x:xx.xx, R33, SpaceNinja

1:11.18, x:xx.xx, R33, mikel

1:11.44, x:xx.xx, R34, MrGilly

1:12.24, x:xx.xx, R32, gts4diehard

1:13.18, x:xx.xx, R33, nate79

1:13.77, 1:20.66, R31, predator

1:13.85, 1:21.71, R33, EUG

1:15.67, x:xx.xx, R33, gts25t4door

1:19.76, x:xx.xx, R32, myR32

x:xx.xx, 1:23.76, R33, Mr.R33

TRACK: Qld Raceway National Circuit

GTR Class:


1:19.75, x:xx.xx, R32, jetman

1:22.71, x:xx.xx, R34, Baboo

1:24.54, x:xx.xx, R33, maccattack

1:25.40, x:xx.xx, R32, J-Boy

1:25.72, x:xx.xx, R34, Willo

1:26.22, x:xx.xx, R32, jetman

1:26.55, x:xx.xx, R33, GROWLS GTR

1:31.60, x:xx.xx, R32, Rob_32_VSPEC

1:32.21, x:xx.xx, R32, MountainRunner

1:34.62, x:xx.xx, R33, Toy33

1:43.61, x:xx.xx, R32, IanB

GTS Class:


1:27.18, x:xx.xx, R34, jmac

1:28.12, x:xx.xx. R32, nf.

1:28.86, x:xx.xx, R33, Stealth

1:30.15, x:xx.xx, R33, jlnewton

1:30.15, x:xx.xx, R33, SirSkyline

1:31.56, x:xx.xx, R34, R34GTX

1:32.32, x:xx.xx, R34, SkylineGTT25

1:34.62, x:xx.xx, R33, Toy33 (old car)

1:36.86, x:xx.xx, R34, MrGilly

1:42.17, x:xx.xx, R33, mikel

TRACK: Qld Raceway Sportsman Circuit

GTR Class:


1:01.23, x:xx.xx, R32, jetman

1:07.84, x:xx.xx, R32, Lunatik

GTS Class:


1:02.98, x:xx.xx, R32, nf.

1:03.26, x:xx.xx, R33, Stealth

1:03.39, x:xx.xx, R32, Azzurra

1:03.46, x:xx.xx, R34, jmac

1:03.95, x:xx.xx, R33, OperationSideways

1:04.66, x:xx.xx, R34, R34GTX

1:04.84, x:xx.xx, R33, jlnewton

1:06.03, x:xx.xx, R34, SkylineGTT25

1:07.75, x:xx.xx, R33, Col-GTX

1:08.86, x:xx.xx, R33, SpaceNinja

1:10.40, x:xx.xx, R33, R33Skyliner

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I would just keep updating the current list.

I want to get out there a couple of times this year.. but swapping the engine out and doing a whole heap of stuff at once very soon :O So may not be till around mid-year I can get out there.

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Yea I was on contract last year. Just did some long days around it and it all came out in the wash. Now its a Flex day. lol.

As for weekends, they cost $$$ more and the whole of 2006 was booked out by the end of December. Plus I didn't get much interest in that other thread about it.

National Track is the one you see the V8 Super Cars race on.

Clubman is the usual club-spec track, more corners, less straights.

Sprint is a shorter one again.

If you go the the Qld Raceway web site or do a general search there are plenty of pictures of the tracks out there.

PS: Can someone make this thread sticky, you can probably drop my one from last year (post by gtrman1992 - my old login)


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