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Pfc Hand Controler - Dash Mounting

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I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on rebuilding a hand controller in to a large dash mounted screen. using the inturnals of a stanard hand control and then using a larger LCD sceen and so custom buttons to make a lager read out you can mount ie: center pannel.

Has any one done this before or know of any other way to get a larger read out that can be dash mounted?


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the part # used for the screen and splitting it up is covered in the pfq faq in my signature, have a browse through

the rx7 guys have done some cool hacks on it

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^^ Ya. Seen it done. It does look good. It's a pity the PowerFC HC screen is so lacklustre. You can replace it with an aftermarket LCD if you're good with a soldering iron :D Good luck with that adventure though.

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that is nice as :P

there must be a way to integrate it into a 4x16 LCD though? then put that in the dash for cheaper?

might have to read that RX7 site for some hacks...

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hmmm, i think the one with the mini LCD strip(two lines 16x2) might be going into a laptop, then through serial to it.

If it is, wicked :P i've got a custom car PC I'm building and wouldn't mind doing that, although I could just display my stats on my 8" LCD i guess, but having the watertemp under the speedo like that looks awesome

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ive had limited sucess from trying any of it

i brought another screen that was the same model and part # but a different colour and couldnt get it working off a pfc hand controller

ive got a busted hand controller that still boots so i cut the lead on it and run it off USB power from my pc

i then spliced in the new screen i brought (details are in the pfc faq, even a photo of the new lcd display) but it doesnt work

the new screen just doesnt fire up so im not sure whats wrong, could be wrong pinouts, could be wrong version/unit/voltage etc.

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