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Stolen Gtr


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This vehicle had been stolen at Nunawading Railway Station Victoria around 10:30PM on 23 July 07. If anyone have seen it, please contact the police or me, any useful information will be rewards.

If you can help me to find the car, I will sell the car to you for $10000.

So please tell, email all your friends or relatives in Australia, the car may sent inter-state already.



Car detail:


Reg Plate UNB100

VIN: 6U9000BNR32009006

Engine Number: RB26 031458A

Build Month: 06/1990

Kilometres 61,000

Body 2 door 4 seat COUPE

Colour Gunmetal Grey

Interior Colour Grey and Light Grey

Transmission 5 speed Manual

Reg Expiry DEC-2007

more details:

The car has a small dent on the top of each side's front guard.

When the light is on, only the inside pair of round tail light will be on all the time, all four round tail will be on whne you press the brake.

The Nissan and GTR badge had been taken off and the boot had been repainted, so you will see nothing on the boot.

A top mount brake light had been fitted on the top of rear windscreen for compliance.

Carsales ads link

RAWS details







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I don't get it??

You say the car was stolen on 23rd July, yet ur carsales ad says you last updated it on 29th July.

And it's advertised for $10k anyway.

Is this merely clever "bumping"?

Hummmm very interesting, spill the beans...

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