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Full Car Respraying

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Hi fellas

How much will it cost to have an R33 GTST resprayed black?

Also ive only found 2 bodykit places, DMD and Monkey Warehouse.

Does anyone know of any other places?


p.s. ive searched the forums but cant find any exact answers to my question

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ebay mate, speak to a seller by the name, "mybodykits". got my front bar from him and was awesome fit.

full respray in black will be a little expensive if u wanna mirror finish coz black shows every little ripple on the car. prob looking at 2G.

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Im in brisbane.

lookin at 400R skirts, JUN rear pods OR TRUST rear bar, standard type M spoiler and perhaps a Tommy Kaira front bar.

EDIT: If anyone has the names of affordable-quality painters please let me know. Also if anyone knows where i can get such bodykit parts from please post them up.

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cost will depend on what standard of work you want and how much of it you are prepared to do yourself. I am going to give mine the treatment after the build and i have found the painter I want. He has already done my front bar and rear wing.

To keep the cost down I will be sending the car to him stripped and ready. front and rear bars off, headlights, tail lights, grille etc all gone, debadged, Rubber seals gone. Anything you can do that saves him time saves you money.

Find the painter you want and talk to him.

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Yeah I agree with doing a lot of the work yourself too

Ask the painter for tips

Get them to find all the dents on your car, especially pinhole and take care of them

Then ask him what grade of sandpaper and what level to sand it down to, I bought a Dual action rotary air sander for mine for $90 and some paper

I think it went 400grit, just to get the shine off the paint and in some cases down to baremetal, but that'll involve a bit more prep

Then he'll primer if, if you don't feel confident doing it yourself, a couple of coats, then a guide coat, you sand back the guide coat to look for anymore dents, then he primers it again, you sand the primer back to round 600grit

Then he'll spray it in his booth a few times, then let him colour sand and buff it!!!

Also depending on the paint, if you are using standard laquer enamel it'll need a few coats of clear over the top, I find that getting the original paint colour sanded, then spraying over the colour sanded coat, then sanding the clear, and buffing it brings out a very very flat finish :D free of orange peel

For that kind of job, over here I was quoted $1200, which isn't bad(doorjams and exterior of car(not engine bay or boot bay, because I did them myself in chassis black)

It'll take round 2 weeks for them to do, basically a few hours each spray, but you'll be doing the labour, so check what times they are open, and either sand it down there, or if it runs, drive it to yours and spend your time sanding, do a few hours a day, i'd say 3-4 hours a night if you are workng full time

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