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My Final Decision For My Car

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ok everyone.

i have decided what i am going to be doing with my R34, RUNVS2 aka Miss Betsy.

No, i am not turbocharging,

im supercharging :/

oh thats right, and no, i am not taking the piss. this will be actually happening.

Currently i am in discussion with my tuner, my engineers, and the place ill be getting the supercharger from to make this all happen. it will all be very custom, and alot of $$$ will have to put into it, but in the end it will be worth it.

Ill be using a 800hp Vortech Supercharger, and stroking my current engine to 2.7 L

Please do not go telling me what i have to do and what i cant do. you will be wasting your breath as i will not bother replying to it. I have my team of professionals, they are the people i consult on any questions or queries i have.

anyway, i cant wait :)

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Looking forward to seeing this! I saw it coming in a thread in the SA forum, good on you for doing something different! :/

Before I done the turbo conversion I was thinking about the possibilities of supercharging and I'd read a thread where someone had actually got quotes to make up the manifold etc.. now someone's going through with it all! good to see!

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haha yeah i cant wait

im going with a centrifugal type supercharger (basically looks like a turbocharger). so really the only things that have to be custom made are the brackets for the supercharger itself and the piping for the intercooler :/

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my max boost pressure will be 26 psi

and ill have a CFM of 1200 which apprantly is gonna be alot for a 2,7L engine........when u consider 5L V8's have a CFM of about 800 :/

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what sponsors?

lol i dont have any of those for this project!

So your doing this (and all of your past work) out of your own pocket? Damn. I want your job.

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So your doing this (and all of your past work) out of your own pocket? Damn. I want your job.

lol yeah i am. this wont take 6 mths to do tho. its gonna be a lil while....but i would like to consolidate my loan and credit card hopefully by the end of the year....and well maybe get some extra coin for the engine rebuild too hehehe :/

Also, just curious. Do any of your mechanics have any estimate on what sort of power this thing will put out?

um over 500 rwkw and thats just from the supercharger. thats not incorporting the fact the engine will be stroked to 2.7L

will be a great project to see develop

so is that a constant boost pressure of 26psi!!

goodluck with this

no its not a constant boost pressure, unlike turbos, that have an aggressive boost, superchargers are progressive thru out the rev range

Good decision mate...

But the question is...will you miss the SSHHTTTT sound? :)

hehehe never had it to begin with :)

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Original yes, cost vs power = better off with turbocharging. Ive only ever seen one other supercharged skyline and that was on a Black R33 Series 2. Goodluck with it and make sure to post results :/

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wow. good luck with your build. just be careful going from an n/a to over 500 atw

she wont be a daily driver anymore.....and ill be doing courses in advanced driving as well!

What mods to the bottom end need to happen?

basically we are going with a RB26 Crank, Aftermarket RB26 Pistons and Aftermarket RB26 Conrods + all the machining and what not that has to be done aswell.

Im choosing to go this option as it will stroke the engine to 2.7L

I dont have to, but im going to lol

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