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Maybe A Really Dumb Question But...

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Clearly I'm not the most mechanically savvy member, but I am learning. Anyway, can a turbo timer be put on a NA car?

Reason I ask is cause I'm looking at what the owner claims to be a "non turbo" Supra with one installed.

I guess it's just a little electrical device that keeps the engine running a few minutes longer? Does it serve a purpose at all on a NA car, or it just for the wank factor?


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Wank factor X 11tybillion. it is used on turbo cars to cool the turbo down from the high temp exhaust gases made at high rpms... helps with keeping longevity of turbo by letting bearings cool, oil be drained properly.... blah blah.... all that sorta stuff.... not really needed on stock standard turbo skylines unless absolutely flogged....... just keeping the key in the ignition for a min or two does the same trick.... for those rare occasions you would fang it that hard...

u can still put one on any car though...

the only reason... the ONLY reason.... (apart from wank factor) I could think why he put it on an n/a supra is because he fangs it really hard at the track regularly and cant be bothered letting his car cool... if that was the case... car = thrashed = don't touch it anyway...

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even if he floged it round a track i still dont think u would flick on your turbo timer when u came into the pits. Turbo timer on a NA is just a wank

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If I've been driving my car quite hard (which I very rarely do) - like through the twisties, I just ease right off just before the destination, but if forced to stop, I just let the engine idle for around 30 sec (turbo timer is just a waste of money if you really don't need one - that money you save by not having one goes to the fuel you burn cooling your engine down).

I'm a firm believer you should always warm down the engine after a hard run or hot day because heat soak shortens the life of some components - for stock cars 30 sec is long enough.

Just my 2c

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if this is a white n/a supra your talking about and by coincedence its the same supra im thinkn of tht has a turbo timer one of my mates yes it gets driven very very very hard i have got no clue how it is still running

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I've got a turbo timer in my NA car, but it's integrated into the security system and didn't cost that much extra. If I ever remove the alarm, it'll be a selling point.

Electronically, though, there's nothing stopping you putting it on any internal combustion engined vehicle.

On the street I turn the car straight off anyway, but when I'm at the track I use it to idle down and cool the fluids that extra minute while I've walked off with my keys.

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simple answer is yes.

but there is no point. even on a turbo car they aren't the best idea (good yes, but there are much better alternatives), for various reasons. the simple fact is that your car will cool down more when moving. also you are cooling down your brakes, etc when moving and not letting it sit there with hot brake pads in the 1 spot on the rotor. if you do thrash your car you are better off doing a lap round the block driving like a grandpa than just pulling up and running the turbo timer for a minute or 2.

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