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Help Me Select A Garret Turbo For A Rb25 Used For Drift

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Ive read through endless pages of dyno graphs and comparisons, ive even tried a few combos my self. but im after peoples recommendations as to what would be a good, over the counter purchase to put on my RB25.

I want around 270-280 with awesome response, with the potential to go to 300 ish. Turbo will be in a high mount application and more then likely externally gated.

i have previously run a gcg 3071R with .71 avo rear housing in the low mount postition internally gated and made 280 rwkw with cams and gears. wasnt a bad turbo at all. but i still felt it was a bit of a compromise being internally gated as well. boost control was an issue with this set up.

so yeah... post some suggestions people.



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find out what troy (roy) uses on his rb20 and run the same setup on your rb25det

from memory its a td06 from a GTR twin kit run in single form on a proper manifold, external gate

its here


td06 20g-8cm2 rear housing

with a proper setup

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yeah i'd love a TD06 20g, one of my mate has one on his 25 and makes 317 rwkw on 17 psi. awesome response too. however at 4K for the kit its a little out of reach.

after a garret option which would be cheaper yet still effective

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You could either wring the neck of a GT3071 (with a 0.82 rear housing) or GT3076 or perhaps something in between like discopotato 03 just ordered ie 52 trim 76mm.

If you have a split manifold you could order a divided housing from ATP which might improve response slightly and would suit any of these options.

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For about 280rwkws with fast response you can try a 52T 76mm comp on a GT30 Turbine in BB assemble using .63 rear housing. Or .58 rear housing which would definitely increase response shaving off about 20KWs top end power. You can also replace the standard .50 To4E compressor with a .60 T04B comp. Which can also increase turbo response.

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have thought about tuning for E85 but availabilty issues is a concern for me as sometimes its not even for sale in SA. that and the fact for 300 rwkw i'd need 740cc injectors or bigger!

limpus: the 3037 pro s would be my ideal choice for a turbo i reckon. how much you asking?

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I was thinking about this last night, 4k for the td-06 kit seems cheap when you consider what it comes with compared to a custom garrett setup.

this is a rough guide, for what I would do with a garrett setup, obvioulsy cheaper if you buy a china minifold.

decent manifold - $1200

turbo - $2000

wastegate - $500

oil and water lines - $300?

Custom Dump - $250-300 in mild steel

intake pipe- anywhere from $10 to 200

Mind you, if you can get a td-06 kit for 4k please let me know where lol

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