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PowerFC & GTST Series 2 with A-LSD (GTR Vspec diff)

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Hi guys

My R33 skyline gtst series 2 is one of those lucky few that come with this factory mod, where i have the GTR vpsec diff, and therefore i have the 'slip' and 'a-lsd' lights on my tacho display.

My question is, with the power fc (new version), does anyone know if this extra factory setup will work with pfc or will pfc pick it up and control it? as the ecu must be in some way controling something im assuming, and since not many gtst's came with this, just wondering whether apexi has this inbuilt in their pfc incase a gtst like mine were to use their product?

any help greatly appreciated, as im looking to get PowerFC VERY soon, and need to know whether it will work!



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bah, damn!

i guess the only thing with it then is that the diff will run without the control of the ecu? anything bad that can happen from that, or i should ask, whats the pros/cons of that?

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well thats not going to be that good then, if its going to open wheel, then only one wheel will spin and i'll get minimal to no traction down the quarter, as all the power will be going towards one wheel! even the normal gtst diff will be better to use than this one then...right?

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