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Old GTS link ECU Tuners Sydney


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Morning guys,


Been a long time  since ive been on here good to see the forum is still going!

I have  S2 GTST that ive had for 15+ years  and i just want to pick youre brains about who will re-tune my ecu.

Its been running sweet as since last tune 12 years ago at CRD but im about to do some mods and wont be outlaying the $$ on a haltech till the end of next year.

The question is who will still tune my Dinosaur GTS link ecu from the early 2000's ? 

BTW: Yes i know its shit and old but i dont care just need to find a current tuner that will do it.

JEM dont really want to touch it & neither do unigroup really from when i have asked them previously.


Has anyone still got this shit ECU and know who will retune it for me? The car has all supporting mods and makes good power already but i will be putting at Gen2 Low mount on it and want to have it running on mild boost until end of next year when the haltech comes along.

I am in western sydney & appreciate any help.

Many thanks,



7585954992_IMG_2924 (2).jpg

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Just wondering, why do you want to spend about $1,000 on a tune when the ECU is going to be replaced? Wouldn't you just put that money towards the new ECU?

I am curious, I can't even find your ecu when googling, is it a 'Link' brand ECU, and the model of ECU is 'GTS'? 

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I would be surprised if anyone would now.

If you have the version I am thinking of they will need an adapter to connect to it - not sure if they are even made anymore.  There is rugged old software which needs to be used to tune it.  From memory these might not even use IAT correction, cold start and acceleration enrichment are done with a single magic number which no one really knows what exactly represents, and really they are basic as hell.

With the level of modifications you are talking about I am not surprised that people would just say no, especially with the temperature range you deal with in Sydney.  Realistically if you are spending a bunch of money and the money you are spending is not fixing the weakest link in your setup then it's the kind of thing that would raise alarm bells for a tuner - knowing that more often than not if something goes wrong they're going to be the ones blamed. 

I'm not saying that as a wind up, just giving some heads up what and why the reasons you may struggle to find anyone and possibly give insight as to why maybe you should take on board the fact you are having issues finding someone to tune it could be for your own good. 

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I say buy the turbo next year, and get the ECU now. Either way, you won't be getting the benefits of "more power than now" without a tune or new ecu AND the turbo itself. May even be able to save money on the Turbo itself, get a Hiflow turbo instead and an ECU as a package.

Assuming it currently has a well tuned stock turbo on it currently. What turbo is currently there and what is 'good power' in that context?

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My tarmac rally car had one of these in it!

I couldn't find anyone with a computer that ran on steam to tune it, so the logical solution was to spend $15k on Motec shit.

I'm pretty sure it's still in the shed if I can find it you are welcome to it, has a tune for RB20 with highflow and made about 7kw at the wheels, good for 1:45 at Sandown.

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Depending on the age of the firmware in the ECU you'll need to either find a tuner with either a hand controller (not many people would have one these days) or a SerialLink interface. Pop the lid off the computer and have a look at the label on the microcontroller - if it says GTS with a Q/R/S or T on the end it is laptop tuneable with PCLink using the adapter. I might still have a SerialLink in a box somewhere and could put you in touch with someone who may be willing to tune it but you'd need to be willing to travel out of Sydney.

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