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2025 Infinity QX80 VR35DDTT 450hp

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This motor sounds like a beast i cant wait to see more info about it and how potent it will be compared to a VR30 and VR38.

Wonder if we will see many 400Z owners going for a swap upgrade.

Obviously its only Auto from what i have been able to read about.

these new nissan engines are beast platforms.

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10 hours ago, niZmO_Man said:

VK56 came from the Patrol yeah,

Yeah, but it's not a good motor as used in the donor car. Low revving and low power, courtesy of tiny camshaft lobes, as per all other Nissan V8s.

You have to tear them to pieces and put them back together the way that god intended before they're any good.

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I'm much more positive on downsized turbos these days. Probably not a fan of these V6 turbos because they're a packaging nightmare but an I6 turbo vs modern NA GDI DOHC V8 is pretty comparable these days in terms of general pain in the neck for some reason.

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i have seen a few VK56 into 350s and 370s.

i must admit there is not much wiggle room in my engine bay of the V37 skyline compared to my R33.

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