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If he bought the company he bought the liabilities.  If he bought a trading name only :P

yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not a company. just a business. :D:)

Apparently the poor guy that bought it is being harrassed non-stop by people who want their parts/money.

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Name one person that has been shafted/ripped off, that have paid money, and not recieved goods ? There are currently 3 or 4 customers that are waiting on deliveries, and a couple of people waiting on refunds, but they are by no means shafted or ripped off.

It appears that most people just assume things, and have no proof to back it up.

BLITZ, name someone that has been shafted ? All people Kristian sold things to either recieve their goods, or a refund. I heard about a guy that bought rims off him, and complained here on SAU that he had been shafted. But what do you know, the $4,000 rims turned up at his house, along with an apology from Japan stating that they were very sorry his custom made rims took so long.

Carlo, he did not dissapear very quick, he sold the business, just because it took a while to get a reciept, how does that mean he dissapeared ? Just because he doesnt advertise on the forum anymore dosnt mean he dissapeared. You got your reciept, yes, you said it took a while, but you recieved it. What is the problem ?

KamikazeR33, Name someone on ALSC that has been shafted ? There is 2 or 3 people that have goods in transit from Japan at the moment, no one has been shafted.

Prank, all you had to do was remind Kristian that he needed to bring the payments up to date for the advertising. I know the sale of the business took alot of time and energy, and he has been very busy helping Lew take over. I also believe email is not the best way to contact him, as he doenst spend as much time on the computer anymore since he sold his .com business

Why dont you just give him a call, and ask him if he can make the payment, as it seems he has forgotten.

It just amazes me that people live their life on a computer, and assume it is the only form of contact. Pick up your phone, give the guy a call instead of hiding behind your computer being a keyboard warrier. I am pretty sure that all you have to do is call him, and and he will be more than happy to make the payment. Sometimes when you are busy a phone call to remind you can just sort everything out.

Prank, after you have called him, let us all know how you go here in this thread as I'm sure we are all interested to find out if he simply forgot, or if he never intends to pay.

I believe his number is 0403218108.

nissan owner

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Hey Nissan Owner,

heh, its always funny how people are quick to jump to conclusions and calling people 'keyboard warriors'.

Here is the situation - I did not know that kristian had sold the business until a few days ago. Until this time, I was emailing the address that I had on file (his japimportparts address) and was receiving no response, I emailed over 10 times and have offered to forward al the emails to Kristian since he replied to my last email (sent to his swiftdsl address) this morning.

Also - i have no need to justify myself to you. There was a misunderstanding and I am in discussions with Kristian now to resolve this problem.


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bought a few parts from kristian and have recieved second to none service. Recieved parts on time with no dramas. got a power fc from him, deemed to be broken but may not be, will have to see with bell performance tomorrow. He happily called me to resolve the issue. Give him a break.

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Thizzle.... Who are you talking about ? No one gets sold dodgy parts, if there are any problems, and the customer lets me know, they get the problem fixed immediatly, exactly as croat stated in the post above this. Simply stating a part does not work is one thing, but asking for a replacement is what normal people usually do, and the problem will be solved.

Yes Prank, I have a new email address, thats obviously why you were not getting a response from the old one as it went with the business. Payment will be made this week. I'm happy we have cleared this up.


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