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Gts4 Vs Gtr

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I am currently rebuilding a RB30DET for a VL and I was thinking about putting the engine into a GTS4 instead as I have seen a few getting around for $8000 I have seen on one of those import DVDs High Octane i think it is they get a GTS4 and put a GTR engine and box in it. What I want to know is: If I get a GTS4 put my RB30DET into it with a GTR gearbox and aftermarket ECU will it be just as good as a GTR? or are the drive shafts smaller etc... also what about chassis strength?

Cheers Edward

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Basically a GTR is a lot of extra money.. for not a lot more car when you drop a RB26DETT/RB30DET into a GTS-4.

Wider guards, better diff.. I think the shafts are the same.

We are building up a RB30DETT GTS-4 at the moment, 4 Door also :D

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I think you will find there is more different between the gtr and gts4 than most think of

the track

the guards to comidate this track




sway bars

full chasis bracing

brakes (depends on models)

front guards alloy

bonnet alloy

drive shafts


these are just a few that come to mind you can not exspect to drop a motor in a gts4 and compare it to gtr complete handing package, if you desire a gtr save up and buy one if you try to short cut it you will end up spending more money in the end trying for the same result.

my 2c


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Ok just a reply to some points above :D

I love GTR's and have owned a few.. I would never try and make a fake one as there is only ever a real one.. but you need to see that that a GTS-4 is a great package for the price especially when combined with a RB30.

the track ---- Is the same. Front and rear subframe, suspension arms etc.. all the same.

the guards---- are wider to accomodate the wider wheels/offset. Wheels still sit quite far inside the guards on a stock GTR.

diffs ---- The rear diff is slightly better. Easily swapped for a nice Cusco etc. The front diffs just have a different ratio.

gearbox ---- Again only a slight difference.

suspension --- Again marginal difference.. i doubt any R32 GTR/GTS-4 would still have the standard suspension. GTR/GTS-4 coilovers are the same.

sway bars --- cheap to get better ones. Stock GTR ones can be improved also.

full chasis bracing --- Nope.. ?

brakes (depends on models) --- Yeah slightly bigger on the GTR.. some nice R34 Brembos are an upgrade for both though :rolleyes:

front guards alloy -- yep cheap to buy and fit to a GTS-4.

bonnet alloy --- yep, but there are cheap carbon bonnets around.

drive shafts --- no

hubs -- no

interior (seats, gauges, trim) --- peanuts

rear guards --- yep would cost a bit to put these on a GTS-4.

rear wing --- so?

RE-SALE VALUE --- who cares when it cost you 1/3 the price?

I would say a 3k GTS-4 + RB30DET and other mods would easily blow away a stock 30k GTR for value and performance. In my opinion.

All depends on the cost of labour.. if your a DIY person like myself.. it does not matter as much.

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Thanks for all the replys I wasnt expecting such a interesting thread :rolleyes:

Predator there is two that came up through the same person, one is manual for $7,000 coil overs roll cage and apparently a bit of rust. Im sure it wouldnt be as bad as your average VL but :(

The other is an auto but it comes with a complete manual conversion, coil overs and enkei wheels and a mines dash. and he wants $8,000 as is or $10,000 with the extras but it is in good condition. My mate checked them out today.

In the first post when I said is it going to be as good as a GTR I am sorry I never ment I wanted to replicate one. I suppose what I ment is, would it be as strong as one. But I did want to know all the differences. I was aware of the pumped guards because my brother has got a 32GTR and I reckon they look mad!

If i do up the VL I will probably spend $6000 on mags, interior, and a respray.

Or I could sell the VL for $4500 and keep my RB30DET for a GTS4

Also as for brakes and suspension/handling im sure a GTS4 with a rollcage and coilovers is going to handle and stop better than a turbo VL :D

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It won't be as cheap as you think. That RB30DET straight out of the commo won't be as good as the RB30s that these guys are talking about ie. RB25/RB26 head etc. Which means you will have to rebuild the existing RB30 to some extent.

It's not cheap .... trust me ....

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JIMIH: I dont know what your talking about... there is no standard RB30DET Commodore. My RB30DET is getting built at the moment and its not costing me much at all. But I got the RB25DET cheap as chips and sold the bottom end for almost what i paid for the motor. And the heads been pressure tested and its all good :) I've seen GTR boxes on here for as cheap as $500 to $800

I reckon $12000 should cover it if I get the one for $7000. Plus I can sell the VL...

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but you need to see that that a GTS-4 is a great package for the price especially when combined with a RB30.

i never doubted that a GTS-4 with an RB30DET is a great car and great value. i was just adding some differences. it's by no means a GTR though. is it just as quick? hell yeah.

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