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  1. Hello, I have upgraded my standard turbos so I'm selling these ones. They came off a standard 1996 r33 gtr running stock boost. They worked perfectly. Inspections are welcomed after business hours. $150 Pick up only Wakeley NSW 2176 Thanks
  2. I'll take the nismo afm. Will send you pm soon thanms
  3. Impressive. Yea man very smooth. But as always need more POWER!! Hahahah good luck with the sale
  4. Hey man how much kws did you end up getting at Unigroup. ( hope your the right dude lol )
  5. Hello, Anyone know where i can buy "kansai" R33 GTR tie rod ends. Preferably Australia. My ones needs changing, and as you can see from attached photo, the original one which i bought doesn't sit right. Currently the car sits on HKS coilovers. Thank you
  6. Still for sale mate? If yes I'll take them for $500 please:)
  7. R33 s2 gtr Southwest sydney
  8. great shots Ian! Can i have the larger version of this one please "Canon EOS 60D695" Thanks
  9. Thanks guys, very welcoming, well organised had a blast. Sorry for leaving after lunch, had a soccer game to attend to. Cant wait for the next one Cheers,
  10. So far count me in. This will be my first cruise Will there be rego forms there? Thanks, Rimon
  11. Still looks great Best thread ever. Awesome GTRs guys keep them coming!!
  12. Very nice r33 GTR. Is that a 400r rear bar??
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