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  1. No large power benefits to equal length more so the sound. The sound above 5000rpm with a equal length sounds HEAPS better than non-equal. Turbo engine you just want to get rid of the gases as quick as possible, bigger the better.
  2. Awesome day, had fun for my first track day will definitely attend more track days!
  3. Renewal is up so i called RACV Vintage to increase the value of my R32 GTR to 30K. The lady on the phone said they will not increasing the value of current policy for Nissan Skyline
  4. i run 18x9.5 +12 LMGT4 with 255/35 AD08R Fits perfit i still got the guard liners, guards arent rolled. If your worried about scrubbing just run a sensible ride height. Mine has only scrubbed on big bumps
  5. TruTrack suspension in North Melbourne
  6. Look at this site just to get you started http://howto.carcareproducts.com.au/ Get a proper sealant makes cleaning so much easier. You should clay your car when your going to 'seal' the car. May be once a year DONT buy a grit guard Buy a pressure washer 2-4 microfibre mitts (the more the better reduces the need to use the bucket method) microfibre drying towel (separate one for the door jambs) use some 'good' pH neutral car shampoo (none of that crap in supercheap)
  7. if your a little worried castrol edge has 5W40
  8. Just called RACV Vintage for my 1994 R32 GTR. Listed all the mods quote came to $350 with a $500 excess. Couldn't believe the price difference to what i currently pay at Just Cars Just Cars - $1200 (1500 excess) Shannon - approx $1800 RACV - $350 ($500 excess)
  9. ask them how many they have done and when did they first start doing it? The guy i use has been doing it for 10+ years.
  10. i got mine tinted one of the best things ive done don't have pull the cover in the summer any more. The guy told me most people dont tint the sunroofs cause most are inexperience or too scared and i think the sunroof uses a different glass.
  11. did the new owner buy it with the TE37s??
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