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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all just looking for a rb25de head for a rb30 twin cam conversion thanks Message on 0407808777 I'm from ulladulla Nsw so the closer the better for pickup or I'll pay shipping if your willing to package and organize a courier.
  2. Hi, I have a VL Commodore with a naturally aspirated RB30, done near 300,000KM and it's screwed. How tricky is it to go to an RB25DET and what mods will have I have to do to the engine bay? Is it worth doing this or would it be cheaper to rebuild the RB30 to take a 35-40 Garrett turbo which will set me back roughly $12-15K? Also where do I get a good RB25DET from? I live 3 hours from Brisbane. Thanks heaps
  3. WTB A.S.A.P, R32 Skyline Crossmember, must be R32 Crossmember in good condition! do not need anything else on it, Cash waiting, Brisbane, Cal/Text 0481109712
  4. Wanting to buy some fenders for my stagea to convert the front end to a R34 hopefully around the Brisbane area, if anyone has any or could get me in touch with someone would be great
  5. Up for grabs is a COMPLETE automatic conversion kit to suit a R33 skyline. Comes with everything required to convert your car from Manual to Automatic (some wiring mods are required to be done on car if converting from manual to auto). All parts came out of a 1996 Model GTST coupe with only 80,000kms. Parts Inc Transmission, Dash (80,000kms), Shifter, Wiring, Computers, Torque Convertor, Pedal Assembly, Tailshafts, Flexplate, etc, etc (there are alot more parts then this but it has been a few months since I have looked at the kit.) I will also consider selling parts separately. All parts are in excellent condition except for one or 2 of the plugs on the transmission wiring which were chewed by my dog but can be easily replaced. Kit was purchased to convert my R33 to automatic so my girlfriend could have the car but the conversion was never started due to purchasing another car. Pick-Up from Alexandra Hills, Brisbane, QLD. Complete kit is $500.00 It cost me alot more then this and was purchased from another Skylines Australia member. I will also swap the kit for a decent HD clutch assembly. I can be contacted on here or 0452 238 234 Cheers, Matt
  6. This is a walk-through for anyone who is attempting to wire a standard RB25DET Neo into an R32 4-Door Non-Turbo Skyline. The car that I have done the conversion on is a Skyline GTE - (Manual RB20E). This walk-through will work to a tee with this car but I cannot guarantee it will work with any others. Although I would not be surprised if it worked on other cars with an RB20E or RB20DE - if someone could confirm this it would be good. It is also assumed you have already removed the previous engine and wiring loom and have installed the complete engine, standard loom, and sensors from the RB25DET Neo. This is primarily a wiring guide as there are plenty of other tutorials floating around for engine and accessories installation. It will be broken into several different stages as I am still working on a couple of things. Also, if there are questions you have regarding anything else please don't hesitate to ask because I am going from memory on this one.
  7. Hi Guys, So I thought I'd start a build thread on the 2J conversion into my skyline incase any of you are interested. Im a fourth year apprentice mechanic at Toyota so sourcing genuine toyota parts for under trade price is handy. History: Bought a 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 Gtst in Christmas 2011 which already had an engine converson for a RB25. Was done a bit on the dodgy side so i spent the time and money fixing it all up to get it roadworthy and running the way it should. After having it registered for only a month I decided to take it to a drift track day up in Mackay to try it out. Had a ball the first few laps but then started smoking everywhere. Popped the bonnet and oil was spewing out of the PCV pipe fittings. Undid the oil cap with it running and the blow-by was rediclous... Took it home and compression tested it the next day to find cylinder 5 only had about 100 psi. Yet to pull the head off the engine to see what went wrong exactly but i suspect a cracked piston or chipped ring land. I looked into rebuilding the 25 or building up a 25/30 but they just werent quite what I wanted. I have always admired supras and the reliability and the power potential of the 2JZ. So I decided im going to put a 2J into my 32 In the end I want a streetable daily that I can drive to work and back but will also take the abuse of weekend drifting events and constant limiter love during late night skids. So first I went off researching what I want in the engine part of the build. Wanting to make over 500hp, not to concerned about power figures cause every dyno is different, etc. As long as it is responsive enough for drifting and fun and games on the street. Being daily driven I want to leave it on pump gas BP98. But in order to make the most of the new GTX range of turbo chargers I want to give the tuner the potenial to tune for reasonably high boost. So I am looking at a meth injection kit to add too the setup down the track. Heres what I came up with: Some of this has already been put into play other parts have yet to be decided on and purchased. Head: Mildly ported head GSC S1 cams Titan Motorsports Adjustable Cam Pulleys Brian Crower Valve Springs and Retainers Genuine Valve Stem Seals - (Genuine Toyota full engine gasket kit including headgasket etc) Ferrea Valve Guides Ferrea 6000 Competion Valves - Std Size Block: Genuine Toyota Headgasket Genuine Toyota Oil Pump ARP Headstud Kit ARP Rod Bolt Kit ARP Mainstud Kit ACL Race Series Main Bearings ACL Race Series Rod Bearings ACL thrust washer set Hastings Piston Rings - Std Size Hot side: Yet to decide between a Garrett GTX3582R or a GTX3076R - either way it will get a T4 Twin Scroll 1.06 rear housing. MXP Custom T4 Twin Scroll manifold - Ceramic coated in black Aeroflow or DEI Titanium Turbo Blanket Turbosmart 50mm Pro-Gate wastegate Custom turbo oil and water lines. Custom Exhaust system - Thinking a Magnaflow cat and muffler Intake: Standard intake manifold Standard throttle body modified to delete traction control butteryfly Fuel system: Standard fuel rail with 6AN fitting tapped into fuel pressure reg port 8AN braided stainlesss steel fuel feed lines 6AN braided stainless steel return lines Nippon Denso 800cc Injectors Aeromotive A1000 FPR Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Custom alloy under car surge tank - or just an in boot setup seeing as you cant buy an off the shelf under car tank for an r32 that I know of Walbro intank lift pump Driveline: R154 gearbox - remote shifter type Custom tailshaft NPC 5 puk sprung center carbotic button twin plate clutch NPC hydraulic throw out bearing Light weight billet steel flywheel As part of this conversion I will be prettying up the engine bay by doing a wire tuck, moving the battery to the boot, moving the washer bottle to the boot, hiden coolant bottle, respray the engine bay and removing alot of unneccessary brackets off the vehicle. Looking at using a Haltech PS2000 ECU with fully terminated harness, boost solenoid, Wideband sensor, and EGT sensor. Standard coil packs are looking at bit sad so they will most likely get replaced with either genuine standard items again or MOJO LS2 2JZ coil packs. List of mods the car already has: Crossmember cut and shut to move steering rack forward, R33 front brakes, Steering rack-end spacers, Hardrace adjustable rear camber arms, Rear subframe collars, Modified bumps stops - ground to near nothing. Other bit and bobs I would like to get as part of the build: 52mm Koyo or PWR alloy radiator, AU falcon thermo fans or Spal fans or similar (will be controlled by the Haltech), Tein super street coilovers, Cusco front strut brace, Ultraracing one peice rear strut brace, Slotted rotors and some decent brake pads all round. Would like to get the knuckles modified to make use of the steering rack being moved forward. Will track down a S13 Non Hicas or R32 GTR rear swaybar. Considering removing rear seats and adding a half cage. Wheels currently on the car are Lenso D1R's Fronts - 18 x 9 +32 wrapped in a 225/40R18 Federal 595 SS. Looking to go up to a +15 offset in these wheels due to currently touching chassis rails at full lock. Rears - 18 x 10 +22 wrapped in a 235/40R18 of the cheapest tyre I could buy at the time cause they just dont last however with this new found power I wont be cheaping out. Will spend the money on a decent set of tyres. Probably semi slicks. Here is a photo of the 32 and the aristo half cut side by side on a typical sunday. Had the fuel tank out of the 32 cause I was using it to run the half cut to make sure it was all good before pulling it apart. Will upload more photos within the next few days
  8. Hey guys, just want some advice and tips, I know this has probably been asked "ALOT", but I'm getting different answers from people and wanted to go to SAU to find out, so two friends and myself plan to turn his N/A R33 4 stud to a 5 stud, and since my "other" friend wants to go from a 5 stud to 4 stud (Both wanting to swap it over). Is it possible the process bolt off and bolt off? -Thanks for having a looking!
  9. Hi Everyone, New to this forum I decided to sign up as I coud'nt find the answer I was after and after searching many pages of forumns aswell as not being halfshitted going through 247 pages I came to this result. Right now on topic. As most of you know and from what I've seen theres a heap of R34 Manual conversions topics on here and not many of them are very informative. I'm new to skylines but Ive got a background with cars so I dont really suffer the costs of labour charges. Now I've got myself a repariable write off with minor damage. It's an R34 Gtt auto with most parts included except the engine & auto trans. I currently have a RB25det Neo motor on the way and am hoping to convert it to a manual. The question is whats the best manual gearbox to run on one of these motors that can handle the torque with out shitting itself? I currently have a N/A Rb25de Neo 5 speed manual box and am curious if theres much difference between that and the manual the origionally comes with the R34 GTT and if that can handle the turbo'd engine? If not then whats the best recommeneded Manual box to use? I also believe the diff ratio is different between the GTT autos and manuals? If so will it hurt to use the auto diff if i go ahead with this conversion? Otherwise I'll replace it if the anyone knows the ratio. I picked up this car cheap as so I don't mind spending some dollars for a unreal car. Appreciate any answers guys, Thanks very much.
  10. I have a rb30 series 1 engine and I'm wanting to do a twin cam conversion. Is this possible with a series 1 block? I hear that the difference is the series 1 has no oil or water inlet/outlets but can't I just tap some in? Any tips or help is much appreciated thanks guys!
  11. I had a quick read of the conversion guide and seen that everyone was using GTR box keeping it AWD, I was wondering if u follow the same line, can u do the manual conversion with a RWD gearbox and by simply disconnecting the front driveshaft??? Any input would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi all I'm selling a full R34 altia kit frond end. The kit will include altia front bar, bonnet left and right fenders, front bar reo and brackets, hood hinges, front bar bonnet stay and also inner gaurd plastics. This should be all the body panels required to do a full r34 front end conversion. All parts are genuine nissan in black. I'm chasing $1200 for everything (negotiable). I can also include a LHS xenon headlight, altia rear bar and/ or switch out the bonnet and front bar for genuine GTR items for an additional cost. Pics will be up tomorrow. Feel free to contact David on 0450929080 for any further info.
  13. Hi Guys, So I'm currently converting my R34 Nissan Skyline 25GT to manual. My issue as of now is, I've got an R32 RB25DE (according to tag on gearbox at time of purchase) gearbox and I was just wondering what needs to be done with wiring on the gearbox for the reverse lights to work correctly. Is there any other wiring related issues I need to sort out besides reverse lights? I attached one of the pics I found on my pc, hopefully it helps. Thanks!
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