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After Buddy Club P1 Racing


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Is that site for real??

thought they closed down ages ago??

N i thought the offical website was some jap one, not an aus site??

Edit: Hmmm seems legit to me now!! Wow even has dealers which sell it here.

I had some p1s on my car for a while. Love them so much!! Hot rims indeed!!!!!!

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I'll do yo a deal.

Buy me a set of 18" P1 Racing II Forged 18s

I'll GIVE you my P1 Racing in hyper gold.



You might be disappointed to find out then that the P1 Racing II Plus wheels are not forged. They are a cast rim....

Look so good though! Thinking about them for my s15 but can't decide between black and grey spokes.

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Mmm..P1 Racing wheels good.. :D

//edit: Plenty of places can get them for you, dunno where you are though.

WA: Try C-Red

NSW: Check with Buddyclub.com.au for a retailer near you

Vic: Slidewize I think?

or most of the traders should be able to get them.

Buddy Club Japan ceased trading in 2005, but it was only a subsidiary of the parent company (based in Taiwan), but was the arm responsible for most of the wheel production, which was largely why they stopped being available. They kept making the crappy non-forged wheels for the US market though. But now they're producing again, and opened up a local distribution outlet.

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www.buddyclub.com.au are only wholesalers and do not sell to the public. They use distributors in your local area for retail sales.

And for the record, there are 2 versions of the P1 Racing II.

1. P1 Racing II - Cast, cheaper wheel (limited sizing and offsets)

2. P1 Racing II Plus - Forged, more expensive wheel (alos available in better sizes and offsets)

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