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End Of Some Apexi Powerfc Models


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This was originally listed as an "End of Sale" notice but it appears Apexi are dropping some of the least popular models. There also appears to been some supply issues with some of the processor used in some of the models (NEC chip for the Skyline units)

After about 1 to 2 years of rumors that the PowerFC would be discontinued this time more rumours have surfaced.

The are more rumours found here on the rx7club. http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=596718

Some more discussion on the topic here on the gtrcanada club. http://forums.gtrcanada.com/viewtopic.php?t=11147

PowerFC AP Engineering versions - All models discontinued

PowerFC Pro versions - All models discontinued

# AE86 discontinued model

# BG5 discontinued model

# ECR33 discontinued model

# EG6 discontinued model

# EG9 discontinued model

# EK9 discontinued model

# EP82 discontinued model

# EP91 discontinued model

# ER34 discontinued model

# FC3S discontinued model

# GC8 discontinued model

# HCR32 discontinued model

# JZA70 discontinued model

# JZA80 discontinued model

# JZX90 discontinued model

# JZZ30 discontinued model

# RNN14 discontinued model

# ST205 discontinued model

# SW20 discontinued model

Some models have been discontinued as they weren't popular, some removed as the FCON dominated that model (toyota supra) and some were removed as they have run out of NEC processors (Skyline R33/R34). We are unsure at this stage if any more models will be cancelled or removed, or if its just a reshuffle of the crap models, and clear out some old unpopular models. AP Engineering no longer exists as a company, so the AP Eng versions have gone. There are of course many many units in the public market so there should be plently for sale second hand it just means these models aren't sold as new anymore.

We have no news of a replacement unit (if in fact one is coming??), specs, feautres, name etc so if you have any information on unit, or details please post them up

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There is a few ECU components that have been discontinued so this maybe the reason.Wolf V400 used some of these parts that are no longer avalible but the new stuff is light years ahead as used in the V500 so id say a new PFC will come out with the same new generation parts also.

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Its the first I've noticed but the R33 and R34 PFC's are no longer available from Nengun with a in bold writing stating they are discontinued. The R32's aren't even listed any more.

So I'd say its definitely looking as if the pfc for the GTST at least has reached the end of the road.

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Its the first I've noticed but the R33 and R34 PFC's are no longer available from Nengun with a in bold writing stating they are discontinued. The R32's aren't even listed any more.

So I'd say its definitely looking as if the pfc for the GTST at least has reached the end of the road.

Shit, I was on Nenguns site today and didnt notice.

BRB, buying bulk Power FC's :P

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