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Top 5 Weapons In Games


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OUt of all the games you have played, what 5 weapons, were your favorite?

5. Flare Gun (Blood)

4. Redeemer (UT)

3. Silverballers (Hitman)

2. .357 Magnum (Half-Life)

1. Chainsaw (Doom)

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1 Golf club (GTA Vice City & San Andreas) he has a better swing than me

2 M1 Garand (Any WW2 FPS)

3 Farsight XR-20 (Perfect Dark) Shoots through walls

4 Springfield 1903 Sniper Rifle (Any WW2 FPS) Get to be pvt Jackson from Saving Private Ryan

5 Shock Paddles (Battlefield 2)

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no particular order

.357magnum GTA:VC

ak47 GTA:SA

artic warfare magnum CS

desert eagle CS

m1 garand BF1942 (matter o fact - a lot of rifles in BF1942 in many of the mods, they all seem to be aright)

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Rise of triads was good, but i would have to say

Steyr- CS

Twin Enforcers- UT

Ion Cannon- C&C

Seeking Rockets- Halo 2

Petrol can and matches- Postal

And many others deserve to be here, so many cool weapons have been invented over the years, now for real life to catch up, bring on the mechwarriors

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Shaft (lightning gun) from quakeworld

RL (rocket launcher) from quakeworld

thats all.


qw.. haha those were the days... hmm i still have it here 2 but dont play TF anymore :)

1. proximity mines (goldeneye)

2. proximity mines (goldeneye)

3. proximity mines (goldeneye)

4. proximity mines (goldeneye)

5. proximity mines (goldeneye)

twas z best :pirate:

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5. Pipebombs and Laser mines - Duke Nukem 3D (just for the fact you could litter a room and destroy everything on entry LOL)

4. Redeemer - UT

3. Freeze Ray and Shrinker - Duke Nukem 3D

2. Railgun - Quake 2

1. Cerebal Bore - Turok 2

and if you haven't seen it have a look at this...the top 10 weapons in games..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q17oeFtLvvQ

Edited by hobzta
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Yeah the rail gun in Quake 2 was quite a difficult beast to master.

It's shot travelled a lot slower than the one in the original quake.

Quake 3's railgun was awesome though.

There was no railgun in the original quake

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